Oct 22 2020 41 mins 32.7k

The past is never past. Every headline has a history. Join us every week as we go back in time to understand the present. These are stories you can feel and sounds you can see from the moments that shaped our world.

4.9 • 14 Ratings

burdiman Oct 18 2020
Great explanation of how the electoral college came to be and it's ramifications for the history of the U.S

Carlos F Oct 15 2020
Awesome! Timely perspectives on politics and history.

doctordrabine Oct 08 2020
Public Radio has been out doing itself forever. NPR has so many great shows/podcasts that it is hard to pick which is best. Throughline is so right for THIS time, but has it's place in ALL time. Journalism and Humanity are on full display.

Bauble Oct 05 2020
5 stars

Stable Genius Sep 01 2020
This is a really interesting podcast that compares prior events in history with current issues.

jiximbeta Aug 22 2020
Uncover unknown sides of history

Nan Aug 10 2020
As a French listener living in Pakistan, I used to absolutely love Throughline for its international scope. The episodes on the siege of Mecca, on the Iran-USA history, on the Soleimani story were amongst the very best podcast episodes I have ever listened to! I would tell anyone who would listen to subscribe to Throughline because it's the best lodcast show out there. Sadly, the show has now become very USA-centered, like most of the other shows... less interesting now...

Andrés Rodríguez Jun 14 2020
Insightful, super interesting and well researched. Their stories are not only fascinating in themselves but also help you put the present time in context in so many ways. Love this show.

impat Jun 11 2020
Throughline is the best of all the NPR podcasts

DeeIbdulJackson May 28 2020
Throughline is great. I love there approach to history and its analysis. I always learn something new and insightful. Such a informative podcast.

ae May 16 2020
What a great history podcast - keep up the good work!

jjosh_h May 15 2020
I really enjoyed this. It was well done. However, I would have liked a deeper dice into the reasons and ways people decieve themselves. Granted, this is a history podcast not a science one but still...

Jehuda Blumensch May 09 2020
Always interesting, always relevant.

wzr6np May 02 2020
You have to know what happened in the past to not repeate the mistakes made