The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness

Feb 24 2021 38 mins 9

This show is a safe space filled with discussions of all sorts about the real life, nitty gritty stuff living with a chronic illness. From interviews with naturopathic doctors, to offering guidance and resources, to body image issues, food fear and guilt, to the challenges of intimacy and the fun of intimacy… we talk about it all, to normalize chronic illness, and encourage you and your loved ones to live your best life!

All Things Essential Oils with Shannon and Katie
Feb 17 2021 69 mins  
On this episode of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, we have two wonderful guests joining us today; Shannon Le and Katie Madill. Shannon was a trained exercise science fitness expert but longed for a farm girl, self-sustainable, homesteading future for herself and her family, free of toxins and processed foods. Shannon dives into her decision behind moving from the suburbs to a 2 acre farm outside the city with her husband and two kids, and all that goes on at her farm. She explains how essential oils and a focus on healthy, natural foods turned her life around and how she optimizes other peoples' health as a wellness coach. Shannon has suffered from hemiplegic migraines since she was 16 years old, but has since found a way of getting those under control, too. We also got to talk with Katie, who founded Wellness Roots in 2016 as a platform to advocate for sustainability and holistic wellness. She is passionate about using and spreading the word of essential oils for emotional and physical wellness. For 5 years, Katie has coached clients with a wide variety of chronic illnesses by helping them incorporate lifestyle changes to support their body's own innate ability to heal. These lovely ladies both share their open and honest experiences using essential oils, and how they could possibly help you feel better. Mulberry Seed Homestead Website: Mulberry Seed Homestead Facebook Page: Shannon's Etsy Shop - Honey Bee Gatherings: Wellness Roots Facebook Page: Mulberry Seed Homestead Instagram: Katie's doTerra Page: Social Media: E-book: MyWellnessHub: Merch: Workbook: Email: [email protected]

Healing Sjögren’s with Divya Dhawan
Feb 10 2021 44 mins  
On today's episode of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, we chat with Divya Dhawan, who is a certified integrative holistic nutritional health coach. She specializes in helping people with Sjögren's Syndrome restore their vitality. Her passion is to help Sjögren's Syndrome patients heal themselves naturally with lifestyle changes she teaches them. Divya suffered from Sjögren's Syndrome 7 years ago, but has since been in full remission and symptom free. She uses her experiences to coach other's with the same disorder. Divya is our first guest with Sjögren's Syndrome, and goes on to explain what the disorder is. She gives us and our listeners some flare up and stress management tips as well. Divya provides us with some resources for our listeners throughout the show that we have linked below! Divya's website: Divya's Instagram: Sjögren’s/Autoimmune Holistic Healing Facebook Group: Divya's LinkedIn: Social Media: E-book: MyWellnessHub: Merch: Workbook: Email: [email protected]

Finding Your Light with Chronic James
Feb 03 2021 66 mins  
Today we have the wonderful James on this weeks episode of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness. James’ chronic pain and chronic illness journey began about four years ago when he injured his back and herniated two discs in his spine. As a result, he developed sciatica and shortly after saw a spine surgeon who did some scans that showed that one of the herniated discs was completely cutting off one of his nerves. James dives into the unforeseen stress that came after the success of the surgery. James had no idea what a chronic illness was, or that his life was going in that direction at all. James describes his worsening symptoms and the many tests he did and specialists he saw to get the answers and relief he so desperately needed. Eventually James found out he had Fibromyalgia. He explains in great detail all that he learned about the disorder and what he’s doing now on social media to advocate for himself and others. This was a wild ride of an episode with lots of real life moments like earthquakes, dogs, and other fun tangents! James' Instagram: Social Media: E-book: MyWellnessHub: Merch: Workbook: Email: [email protected]

Bringing Awareness to Invisible Disabilities and Illnesses with Effie Koliopoulos
Jan 27 2021 54 mins  
Our interview today on The Real Life Show: Living With A Chronic Illness, was with the multi-talented writer, creator, leader, and advocate, Effie Koliopoulos. Effie goes on to eloquently describe how a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis in her teens and a knee replacement in 2016 was the catalyst she needed to find the courage she has now to write her blog and share her journey and her struggles. Effie broadens our minds and vocabularies to think of a flare as the "disease activity" rather than with the guilt that is sometimes associated with it, even though we know it's usually out of our control. We also discuss the videos Effie made to bring awareness to invisible disabilities and illnesses. So for context and to learn more, watch the videos that are linked below! Rising Above Rheumatoid Arthritis Blog: Effie's Instagram: Effie's Twitter: Effie's YouTube Channel: Keep It Real with Arthritis: I Am Invisible No More: Shining a Light on Invisible Disabilities and Illnesses Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Social Media: E-book: MyWellnessHub: Merch: Workbook: Email: [email protected]

Finding Your "Why" with Nathan Ohlson
Dec 12 2020 56 mins  
On today's bonus podcast of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, we interviewed Nathan Ohlson. Nathan was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 17 years old, and was given the grim news that he would probably always be on medication. However, Nate has been in the best shape of his life for the past three years, and has even been medication and flare-free. Although he was doing everything right for so long after his diagnosis, Nate still felt stuck and depressed. So he finally found something that pulled him out to where he could use his experiences to inspire and help others. Nathan looked to typically healthy people for example and implemented those positive and healthy things into his life. We loved talking to another health and fitness expert. Nate is now a personal trainer as well. We go into his medical journey and how he got together with his girlfriend. Nathan is launching the Chronic Warriors Mastermind on January 2nd, 2021! "This mastermind will help you to regain your health while simultaneously Inspiring you to thrive in every area of your life" "The Chronic Warriors Mastermind is for those people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. It's for those who are ready to drop the excuses, put in the work, have a blast, and take their lives to the next level." You can check out Nathan's podcast below; The Chronic Warrior Show, and as one of our experts on The Spoonie Hub. The Chronic Warrior Mastermind website: Nathan's Instagram: Nathan's website: The Chronic Warrior Show on iTunes: The Chronic Warrior Show's Facebook page: Nathan's YouTube channel: Social Media: E-book: MyWellnessHub: Merch: Workbook: Email: [email protected]

From Athlete to Entrepreneur with a Brain Condition: An Interview with Jordan Ray
Dec 09 2020 51 mins  
Today on The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, we talk with the multi-talented entrepreneur, Jordan Ray. Jordan shares her journey as a prospective D1 college athlete, now serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, aspiring author, and brain surgery survivor. She had been a competitive softball player for nine years when an incident on the field led to a neurosurgeon's visit, several brain scans, and a diagnosis of a Chiari Malformation. Unfortunately Jordan was unable to continue playing the sport she devoted her whole life to. She took this adversity at such a young age and turned into actively helping and advocating for herself and others on her college campus by bringing awareness to students with chronic illnesses. Jordan goes on to talk about her biggest project brought about by her medical journey, which is her Limitless Medical Logs. This is a physical tool in the form of a small, portable journal with sections unique to a chronic patient; like appointment notes, the human body chart, and areas to mark your specific pain points. Link to the medical journal below! Digital app coming soon: Digital version of the journal Appointment reminders Jordan's Instagram: Limitless Medical Logs Instagram: Social Media: E-book: MyWellnessHub: Merch: Workbook: Email: [email protected]

Bringing Hope to Chronic Pain Patients: an Interview with Dr Traci Patterson
Oct 21 2020 56 mins  
In today’s episode of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, we talk to Dr. Traci Patterson who was diagnosed with Type 2 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after a foot/ankle surgery. However, she has been in remission and pain free for 7 years now! Dr. Traci elaborates on how she achieved this and how she brings hope to her chronic pain patients with a comprehensive, non-invasive, drug free protocol she developed called the Holistic Centered Treatment (HCT). She tried so many treatments used by traditional medicine that just didn't work for her for so long. It wasn't until she focused on the mind/body connection did she finally find relief. Dr. Traci uses many different modalities on her patients that she knows works to relieve all types of chronic pain because she was once the patient as well. The ones referenced on her website (linked below) are, hypnosis, light/sound therapy, neuroplasticity training, cell memory, and more. Stepping Outside the Box: A Journey from Invisible Pain to Invincible Living, is available in paperback and as an e-book: Traci's Website: Traci's Instagram: [email protected]

All The Things Nutrition from an IBD Gal Herself: an Interview with Brittany Roman-Green
Sep 16 2020 58 mins  
All The Things Nutrition from an IBD Gal Herself: an Interview with Brittany Roman-Green In today’s episode of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, we talk all things nutrition with the very knowledgeable Brittany Roman-Green. This is her journey to becoming a registered dietician through her diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis (UC), IBS and the rare Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). Don’t worry though, Brittany goes into describing the difference between IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and IBD (inflammatory Bowel Disease); for which she has both. At the time of her UC diagnosis in High School, Brittany got interested in how her diet could effect her symptoms through the Nutrition class offered at her school. This carried over to wanting to learn more through her college classes as well. Throughout college, Brittany changed up her diet, experimenting with fruits and veggies to see what her triggers were. Although diet is a huge part of managing her chronic Illnesses, and what she eventually made a career out of, Brittany explains how caring for her mental health in recent years has made the biggest impact. Listen to this uplifting episode to hear how Brittany implemented these daily stress management tools, like mediation and diaphragmatic breathing. Brittany's Instagram: Brittany's Website: [email protected] SpooniesUnite AD:

Patients Getting Paid with Kathy Reagan Young
Aug 26 2020 52 mins  
In today's episode of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, we're interviewing the fabulous Kathy Reagan Young of F-U-M-S, Patients Getting Paid, and much more! Kathy Reagan Young was a seemingly healthy 43-year-old stay-at-home-mom with two little girls, 4 & 6, when she woke up one day with double vision, extreme fatigue, and Bell’s Palsy. She was shocked to learn that she had Multiple Sclerosis. The diagnosing doctor told her he was glad she stayed home and she shouldn’t ever work again - just rest. That was the wrong thing to say to Kathy. When the kids were in school full time 2 years later, she went back to work full-time. She loved it - right up until the day she couldn’t distinguish between the brake and gas pedal, or which side of the road she should drive on. She knew it was time to leave work. Her paychecks quit coming but her bills didn’t so - she determined to find a way to work from home that would allow her to rest and take care of herself while still making money. That involved learning and failing and trying again until she monetized her MS patient advocacy website and podcast Once she figured it out - she was determined to share it with the chronic conditions community so she created a membership community where she shares all of her experiences and resources called Patients Getting Paid. [email protected]

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