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May 13 2019 73 mins

A podcast about all things film and television from the guys and girls at Ranting Media. Biting commentary and debates are afoot--you'll enjoy it for sure!

Tom Cruise Sucks – Reel Reporters Episode 9
Jul 28 2017 69 mins  
The guys chat about how big names really can’t carry movies anymore, the state of the DCCU vs Marvel, and more. Have suggestions for new topics or want to comment on an episode? Shoot an email our way at [email protected] or talk to our producer, Todd, at [email protected]! REEL REPORTERS EPISODE 9 HOSTED BY Geoff Stevens, David Feldman, Michael Fritz PRODUCED BY Todd Hardin NEWS Director of Wonder Woman confirmed to be working on Wonder Woman 2 Pacific Rim 2: Uprising is scheduled for February 23, 2018, Steven S. DeKnight, that guy who made Daredevil Season 1 awesome, directs. Del Toro still is involved as producer. Han solo loses directors, some guy takes the helm. TOPICS Are Big names no longer carrying movie franchises? Discussion on the failures of Baywatch – The Rock Mummy – Tommy Runs Cruise Jumanji – The Rock again? Retconning and How it Affects Continuity throughout Movies and TV The direction of DCCU With the every category that matters, success of Wonder Woman will Justice League continue the trend, or muck it up. MCU holds a tight reign on the cinematic universe but DC owns the animated world. Can DC just make live versions of the animated movies, i’d be ok with that.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | RR Ep. 2
Dec 02 2016 61 mins  
Our roundtable discussion for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is here! A special guest joins us to discuss JK Rowling’s new…epic? REEL REPORTERS EPISODE 2 HOSTED BY Geoff Stevens, David Feldman, Michael Fritz SPECIAL GUEST Ed Ball of Are We Not Entertained PRODUCED BY Todd Hardin NEWS * Alpha 5 Revealed and it looks horrible * * Netflix offline downloads now possible * SHOW NOTES *,0,1094,547&dpr=2&auto=format,compress&q=75 (Alpha comparison) * (Voltron Vs Power Rangers) * (Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa) * * (Harry Potter Universe Timeline) * * (David Yates Box office) * * * (Jared Harris responds to rumours taking over His fathers Role)

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