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55: Disney Channel, Nemo, and Last Ride On Test Track!
May 12 2013 34 mins  
**Headphones Recommended** Why hello there dear listeners! Welcome back to the show after our not so brief time between episodes! Well I certainly have had quite a lot going on and as an unfortunate result, this particular episode took a bit longer to finish producing. Even more unfortunatelier, yes that's a word, I just made it a word now, the rest of my May is extremely busy so i don't anticipate there being another episode until sometime in June. If I do run into some time I will certainly try to get a show out. I know I have a two hour flight back to Florida in the middle of the month so I'll try to get through editing some audio during that time, but no guarantee I'll have it all done. Now today's show features the above information and some additional news bits as well as two, yes two, audio pieces. I spent quite a long time going through the audio I have collected and finally decided on these two pieces from my March 2012 trip to WDW. First, join myself and my family as we discuss Disney Channel, Selena Gomez, and make really bad clam puns while we wait in line for The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Of course we then take a ride as well. After that we head on over Test Track, the original GM version, for my final ride ever on the original version of Test Track. That's pretty much it, so thanks so much for listening, and enjoy the show everyone! Love, Jason and the rest of the OMAM Cast and Crew --email us: [email protected] --our website: ofmiceandmenpodcast.blogspot.com --twitter: @micenmenpodcast --tumblr: ofmiceandmenpodcast.tumblr.com

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