The AI of Mankind

Apr 27 2018 58 mins

As companies advances with artificial intelligence, how much of this advancement will benefit civilization? How much of this change our current inequality of wealth and of well being? How can we, as individuals benefits from this advancement in AI across all aspect of our lives? By understanding AI from the past, we know how to take advantage of the present and hopefully help ourselves into the future.  This Series explore AI in a couple of ways. First we learn the history of AI in the episode: Art of AI and Automation. Once we understand how AI is developed and why is the modern history of AI too important not to be ignored, then we explore the implications of AI revolution for Human Capital. We explore how Singularity and AI are going to impact the daily aspect of a human being from it’s daily needs to its future needs. Upon understanding the AI revolution for human capital, we explore what is it like to take up a cause and solve a problem using AI in the journey of building a vertical AI startup. Thereafter, we sought to explore the communal benefits of using AI for business and for good. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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