Predicting The Turn w/ Dave Knox

Oct 13 2020 25 mins 7

Predicting the Turn is a podcast dedicated to equipping business leaders with the tools they need to navigate today’s ever-changing business landscape. Our host, Dave Knox, is a global thought leader in digital transformation, an, international public speaker, and an award-winning author with experience in the worlds of both Fortune 500 companies and startups. Through this podcast, you will learn how to meet your industry's inevitable disruption head-on.

Why You Should Listen to Predicting The Turn w/ Dave Knox
Jan 17 2019 7 mins  
Everyone’s trying to predict disruption. Big brands, venture, and startups. How do each of these perspectives think differently about the issue? More importantly, how can a show with these 3 perspectives help listeners predict the turns in their industries? Dave Knox’s background is at the intersection of the worlds of big brands and startups. He started his career at Proctor and Gamble as the Founder of Corporate Digital Strategy right around the time where web2.0 was emerging. Dave then spent the last seven years as the Chief Marketing Officer for a fast-growing digital innovation agency called Rockfish which he helped sell to WPP. On the nights and weekends, he spent his time as an advisor to a few different venture capital funds and also was the Cofounder of Brandery, one of the top 15 startup accelerators in the country. Predicting the Turn is based on Dave’s experience spending time with companies like P and G, Kroger, and Ford, but then working on nights and weekends with startups that were challenging the very industries that those big companies were working in. This podcast is meant to be a discussion about that. It's not aimed only at the world of big business or only at the world of startups and venture, but at the intersection between those worlds. Listeners can expect to hear great conversations with the leaders of some the biggest brands in the world, the venture capitalists funding the hottest startups, and founders and entrepreneurs who were crazy enough to change their industries.

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