Run Hard Mom Hard

Oct 23 2020 74 mins 4

Presented by Treeline Journal. We're looking at the ins and outs of what it takes to be a mother who runs ultra marathons. We'll dive into the challenges mothers face while training and racing ultras. We hope to be an encouragement to women who are balancing life with kids and allll the miles. It's no easy task, but women keep showing up again and again to run, take care of themselves, and show this sport new levels of strength and grit.

29: Stef's Story on Miscarriages
Oct 23 2020 54 mins  
This week our episode is a little different. It’s a hard one but a topic we believe is important to talk about because it often gets left in the dark even though so many mothers have struggled through this. Stef recently found out she was pregnant but in this past week and a half she has gone through her fourth miscarriage. Our hearts are heavy. Stef bravely shares what her experiences have been like, the grief and guilt that she has carried, the physical trauma she’s endured and she shares resources and an ear and virtual shoulder to lean on for anyone else who might be experiencing similar situations. Nothing can “fix” the sadness that comes with such loss, but we at least hope others might feel less alone with this episode. Give it a listen and please share with any mamas who need to hear it. Thank you! Resource Links: Sentiments for you or someone you know who has gone through a miscarriage: Made By Mary: Rainbow Collection Seeded Hope Jewelry  Self Care tips from Stef:  Draw a bath, add in stress relief oil, watch Netflix or Leighannsays Youtube Page Get Outside in Nature Try to see the world through your children's eyes for a little bit - there's still good in the world! Write down what you're grateful for --- Send in a voice message:

28: Amy Leedham on Competitive Racing, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum
Oct 16 2020 85 mins  
This week we talk with Amy Leedham - a Salomon athlete, sustainability consultant and new mom to an 11 week old little girl. We get to hear about her evolution into ultra running, how she became a sponsored athlete and many fun stories about big races overseas (OCC, IAU World Championships and CCC). She had a tough 2019 with a hip injury that prevented her from competing in most of her goal races and soon after found out she was pregnant! Amy shares what her pregnancy was like, the birth of her daughter, Aila, and her return to running postpartum. She talks on how she had to readjust a lot of her expectations of running while pregnant and she shares a bit of her fast birth story (she puts it into terms of showing up ready to run a 50 miler but instead the race was an 800 m sprint). Amy honestly talks about the hard times of early postpartum days and how she is slowly starting to build her fitness back up. She is focusing on strength, protecting her hip to prevent more flair ups as she gets back into running and is mindful of her energy balance in these early postpartum days, always asking herself if certain exercises will fill her tank or drain it. It was a blast chatting with Amy and hearing her stories. And we were so inspired by the running she’s done and the big goals she still has and will no doubt achieve once her body is ready and the world opens back up. Like her instagram handle implies (@amy_the_punisher) she has a knack for pushing hard and punishing herself and friends in the best way when it comes to moving down the trail, so I think she’s going to use this newfound mom strength to keep punishing and doing great things in the mountains! Give this episode a listen via the link below or search “Run Hard Mom Hard” wherever you get your podcasts. Don’t forget to subscribe and share this one with your mom tribe! Thank you!! ***A huge thank you to this week’s sponsor: GIRL GET AFTER IT! Girl Get After It is a wellness community that brings womxn together through sweatworking events and gear that gives back. They are all about womxn supporting womxn, creating diverse and inclusive community, fostering connection and getting after what it means to be healthy. Go check out their CUTE apparel and be a part of this amazing girl squad movement! Plus, 10% of all profits are donated to a nonprofit that helps make a difference in women and girls lives all around the country! Use code “RUNHARD15” for 15% off your order and follow them on instagram @girlgetafterit Show Notes: Find Amy on Instagram Amy’s Blog Her Sponsors: Salomon, Inside Tracker, Equator Coffees Amy’s Favorite Race: North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco 50 Miler Amy’s Favorite Meal: Burmese Chicken Soup --- Send in a voice message:

26: Brigid Pickett on Training Through Pregnancy and Running Her First 100 Miler
Sep 25 2020 66 mins  
This week we talk with Brigid Pickett, an ultra running mom of 2, a running-through-pregnancy inspiration and the FIRST pregnant cover model for Runners World Magazine. She also just tackled her first 100 mile race this past July so we get to hear all about that! She recently moved to Boston from the southern Arizona Huachuca mountains and tells us about big city life and the adjustments she’s had to make being a trail runner and all. We learn about her ultra race buildup, how she trains for big races, the hard but empowering parts of her 100 mile race and how she and her husband pace each other in many big races! Even when Brigid was 31 WEEKS PREGNANT she paced her husband during the last 10 miles of IMTUF 100 (a very difficult race) off of little sleep because she was also crewing him through the night!! Mind blown. That's a pretty cool supportive partnership right there! We also hear about her experiences running while pregnant, positive mindsets that help overcome the challenges of pregnancy and about her time with Runner's World (see the online link below for some stunning pictures of Brigid running with her bump)! We loved our time with Brigid, she brought such a light and calming presence to us and tons of inspiration and wisdom. This Episode is brought to you by XOSKIN! Check out their awesome and technologically advanced running apparel! Use code “treeline” for 20% off your purchase! Show Notes: Find Brigid on Instagram Check out Brigid’s Jewelry business – Plume Handmades! Brigid on the Cover of Runner’s World Brigid’s Favorite Race: Palisades Ultra Trail Series 100 Miler Brigid’s Favorite Meal: Sushi Salad! Cook brown rice & let chill Start with spinach or romaine as base Add salmon (smoked, grilled, or whatever you choose) Add fresh veggies: edamame, avocado, shredded carrot, sliced cucumber, chopped green onion Top with nori cut into strips Add soy sauce, sriracha, or make your own dressing --- Send in a voice message:

25. Elisa Laverty on The Grand Loop FKT
Sep 18 2020 100 mins  
In this week’s episode we get to know Elisa Laverty a little bit - a multifaceted woman who is a partner, mother, runner, cyclist, climber, food lover and baker and soon-to-be yoga instructor. She recently completed an FKT on The Grand Loop in Olympic National Park, which was a 43 mile loop with over 13,000 ft of elevation gain. She did this unsupported and alone in remote wilderness. We get to hear about all the factors that went into an effort like that from anxieties the day before, to helpful mindsets that got her through, to her hopes of inspiring women to keep going after big goals. We talk about being adaptable in COVID times, Elisa's postpartum running journey (impressive!), avoiding burnout with running, the behind-the-scenes emotions before and during her FKT and the logistics of that big day out on the trail. What Elisa wanted out of this experience was to go out and set a high bar for other women. And she did just that. So ladies, who’s next?! We hear such inspiring perspectives, there's so many golden nuggets to take away from this convo! Enjoy! Show Notes: Find Elisa on Instagram The brands that support her: Spring Energy Picky Bars Lilly Trotters Branwyn Elisa’s Favorite Race: Gorge Waterfalls 50k Elisa’s Favorite Meal: Bowls with: -Brown rice cooked with Turmeric (for inflammation as well as taste) -Roasted veggies like red cabbage (turns out to be so good) - chopped into bite size chunks, tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted at 425/450 to get it crispy. Roasted sweet potato with salt, pepper, garlic powder and spicy chili flakes. And anything else like broccoli and mushrooms. -Might add ground turkey or crispy chickpeas for protein - (chickpeas rinsed, drained, tossed with olive oil and spices and roasted) -For sauce Elisa makes tahini dressing (tip - add sweetener if you’re struggling with a recipe) or green dressing - pureed salad greens with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. Or taco bowls! --- Send in a voice message:

24. Jonnah Perkins - A Mother, Runner, Farmer, Food Activist & Writer
Sep 11 2020 116 mins  
This week we have the privilege of talking with Jonnah Perkins - an ultra runner for La Sportiva, a farmer, food activist, writer and mother. She is doing all the things! She’s one of those people where you can immediately feel her passion for the different pieces of her life and how she has intertwined them into a meaningful existence. She’s an advocate for the local food movement and shares with us how she got into farming, what it’s like living closely in-tune with the seasons and how she has intentionally shaped her life to hold all her roles, pursuits and values. Jonnah resides in the Driftless region of Wisconsin that provides her trails for running and a fertile valley for her family’s organic seed producing farm.  We talk about training while farming, what it was like to train while nursing, upcoming races, the current food system in the U.S. and how to be part of the solution, being close emotionally and physically to our food and caring about where it comes from, how Jonnah fuels her body for training, some very exciting writing and film producing projects she has coming up in the future and SO much more! You're going to want to give this one a listen!    Show Notes We have our first podcast sponsorship!! Go to and check out their running apparel! We love their 4.0 Mid Compression Mid Rise shorts and toe socks! Use code “treeline” at checkout for 20% off! Find Jonnah on Instagram Highly encourage you to look at Jonnah’s website to read the incredible articles she’s written Jonnah is sponsored by La Sportiva Jonnah's coach is David Roche Jonnah’s Favorite Race: Sean O-Brien 50 mile Jonnah’s Favorite Meal: A delicious sounding blended potato soup she created and wrote the recipe for on La Sportiva’s website --- Send in a voice message:

23: Stef's Virtual 50k Recap!
Sep 04 2020 41 mins  
This week we hear about Stef’s virtual self-supported 50k! She was going to run the Fire Tower 50k in St. Croix State Park in Northern Minnesota. It became a virtual event for 2020 but Stef and her family are up North camping with friends right near where her race was going to take place so she ran the course anyways. She had to navigate her way through an unmarked state park and her friend, Mary Jo, biked the 31 miles with her. They spent many miles tromping through bogs and shuffling over slow terrain, but were able to make up a bunch of time later in the race. They suffered together, worked off each other’s positivity and got it done! We heard Mary Jo’s perspective for a couple minutes and it was so fun to witness this first experience for her with an endurance endeavor! She’s never biked that far, let alone on tough, muddy trails and we were so impressed with how she handled it, pushed past her comfort zone and remained cheerful. Ultras are always a grand adventure - they are big efforts and unique experiences happen to you when you’re outside on your feet for so long. It’s part of the charm we all thrive off of. I was so happy that Stef got this long, hard run in, with a good friend by her side and her sweet, proud girls at the finish. What is better than that?! And I’d wager that this won’t be the last time Mary Jo dabbles in the ultra scene. Stef is going to hook her for sure! Show Notes: Fire Tower Trail Races Stef's Shoes: Brooks Glycerin Stef's Nutrition: Salt Caps Plus Honey Stinger Waffles Untapped Waffles --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

22: Renee Jacobs with the First Female FKT for The Sierra High Route
Aug 28 2020 81 mins  
We have our first returning guest this week! In Episode 8 we talked with Renee Jacobs back in May about her Fastest Known Time on the California’s 14ers last year and now she’s gone out and done it again! Different route, different challenges, but same endeavor of going after a fast time on a hard, multi-day adventure. Renee, just last week, got the first female time for The Sierra High Route in 4 days 23 hours and 53 minutes. Many women have attempted it, but none have finished it. It sounds like the kind of route that can chew you up and spit you out. About half of the route is on trail… which means half of it is off trail! Renee describes scrambling up boulders bigger than her sprinter van - using hands and feet to make for a “full body experience” to finish this kind of journey. Luckily for Renee, she is a great navigator and is knowledgeable with tools like CALTOPO (a backcountry mapping system created by her husband) and she was able to plan this out, prepare in her regular engineering fashion and complete this huge accomplishment! Plus, even though she’s the ONLY woman that has a time on this route, her time is impressively close to the fastest male time of 4 days 3 hours and 36 minutes held by David Ayala (as of August 7th, 2020).  I loved the extra motivation Renee had of thinking, “There should be a woman on this (FKT) page” and she really wanted her time to start with the number FOUR, signifying a time under 5 days like the leading men. She sprinted her heart out down thousands of feet of trail to make sure that happened. An FKT for Renee is a really big goal that is an excuse to be better and pursue incremental improvements in yourself and with your performance. It’s a chance to learn and grow. We loved hearing about this adventure and no one but Stef and I can see her smile as she laughs, but it’s so contagious. And the fact that she is still out there inspiring other women and particularly moms to keep doing their thing, keep setting goals and embracing challenges is amazing. She says to all moms, “Don’t give up! It’s hard but it’s possible!” And she reminds us that not all FKTs are this involved - there are other routes, many short and doable, so go find your own challenge to undertake!! Show Notes: Find Renee’s FKT on Renee's Race Recap CALTOPO InReach Device We mention the book “Roar” by Stacy Sims --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

20. Erika Litzer on Collegiate Swimming, River Guiding, Ski Patrolling and Ultrarunning
Aug 14 2020 105 mins  
This week we talk with fellow Bendite, Erika Litzer, about being a collegiate swimmer, river guide, ski patroller, having major injuries, ultrarunning and the real and raw mom life. Her evolution to ultrarunning begins in the pool, swimming from when she was young and through a full ride athletic scholarship to Oregon State University. She has a difficult relationship with her swimming career largely because of how her education and life passions were affected by how much time and energy were consumed by swimming. She has a great way of putting into words what it was like to have so many people pulling at her to swim -- coaches, teammates, teachers, parents -- that it no longer felt like her choice to compete but a call to duty to keep going. By the time she graduated and swam in her last PAC-10 meet she was so burnt out that she got out of the pool and threw her cap and goggles in the trash. We move on to her life as a river guide and ski patroller, what those communities mean to her, and how she transitioned into ultrarunning after a shoulder injury. And of course, we get into some real life, raw motherhood ranting and talking from the trenches. Erika notes how she’s done all these things in her life (all the badass things I’ve written above) and yet parenting is hands down the hardest, most challenging and rewarding thing she’s done to date.  Enjoy! Show Notes Erika’s Favorite Race: Elkhorn Crest 50k Fave meal: Turkey Trot meatballs and Marathon Lasagna from Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow cookbook --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

19: SPORTS BRAS with Molly Hanks from Title Nine
Aug 07 2020 75 mins  
This week we have a special episode dedicated entirely to SPORTS BRAS!! We talk with Molly Hanks, an expert in the field and the head Bravangelist at Title Nine. A good sports bra is perhaps the most essential piece of equipment for women runners - it has life changing capabilities and allows us women to keep showing up in our sports with the comfort, support and confidence that we need. We need to be free to run and frolic along our favorite trails without unnecessary bounce or discomfort from a bra that just isn’t serving us well. So in this episode we have the opportunity to pick Molly’s brain about all things sports bras - like how to measure correctly, what are common signs that a bra isn’t working, how to care for our bras, how to find the right support levels, how to minimize chafing issues which I’m sure we’ve all experienced and what to do in those awkward phases of pregnancy and nursing when our sizes are all over the place and “it’s like the Wild West” as Molly so accurately puts it. A huge thanks to Title Nine and Molly Hanks for all this useful information! Stef and I will also be posting a future episode about some specific bras we are trying out in the hopes that a product review could point you to your future bra love! Stay tuned! See Our write up on Treeline Journal for more notes on this episode. Title Nine Title Nine's Fit Calculator Title Nine's Barbell Rating System for finding your support level needs Molly's pic for a Nursing Bra - 3-Reasons Sports Bra Molly's favorite for Post-Nursing: Booby Trap Sports Bra Molly's favorite race: The Double Dipsea Molly's Fave Chicken Marbella Recipe:  "I don't have it written down so these are approximate levels. It's impossible to screw up and it's one of those things that my daughter has loved from 12 months ( or whenever I introduced meat ??) until now. It's salty and sweet and can be thrown together in like 5 min, and it cooks for an hour so you can go get a little run in." 2 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 cup of white wine 2-3 table spoons of capers 1 cup kalamata olives 1 cup of dried apricots a little olive oil Throw it all in a covered casserole dish and bake for 50-60 min at 350.  Serve over brown rice and with a green salad. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

17: Ashley Nordell on Training and Racing Postpartum
Jul 24 2020 94 mins  
This week we get to chat with Ashley Nordell - a mother to two girls, a preschool teacher, a coach, and a very accomplished Central Oregon ultra runner with many race wins and FKTs behind her name. We hear about how Ashley grew up in a running family (her dad still runs ultras) and how her love for the sport grew out of a dislike but blossomed into a lifetime passion once she chose it for herself. Her running has evolved over time and she shares how ultimately, having kids helped the longevity of this sport for her because her pregnancies forced her into resting more than she would normally as a runner. She had to find out the hard way that running postpartum requires more patience than many of us would like to admit and after doing too much too fast in the first year after her first child, she learned to focus on quality training vs. quantity mileage. (Her first year postpartum included a ton of running and races - namely a 3 month postpartum pacing experience, a 10 month postpartum 50 miler, Western States (13 months), and Leadville (15 months). It was an amazing year but it caught up to her! We also talk about mom guilt, creative long run hacks, training mileage for a 100 miler (it's less than you think!), FKT experiences, coaching, teaching, getting kids outside, etc! So many great takeaways in this episode! Show Notes: Stef’s Favorite Thing this week: Infinite Cold Brew Performance Coffee from The Feed Nikki’s Fave: The Gym / Heavy lifting strength work Sponsored by Rabbit Coaches with Team RunRun Ashley’s favorite race: Three Days of Syllamo Ashley’s favorite recipe: Homemade Pizza Kid’s cookbooks - America's Test Kitchen Kids Cookbook Global Feast Kids Cookbook --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

16: Stef & Nikki Chat About Life Updates, Family Adventures, and Running While Traveling
Jul 17 2020 56 mins  
This week on Run Hard Mom Hard it’s just Stef and I! We share life updates, recent family adventures and discuss how to keep running while traveling for said adventures. As a parent, I am fully aware of the unique challenges of family travel. Routines are off, alone time/quiet time is significantly decreased, our bodies feel the effects of long drives or airplane rides and suspect food choices. And of course, all of that comes into play when trying to stay consistent with training! Stef and I share a little about what we do to run consistently while on the road; it takes extra planning (finding and mapping out trails), being flexible (always being ready to run when a window opens up and being creative so you don’t have to have FOMO about missing family memory making time), being aware of your surroundings (paying attention to gut feelings and making mental notes of where you are to decrease the risk of getting lost), and being prepared (bringing extra items you might need while in a new place where you don’t know what to expect). Lastly, we talk about navigating new places and how we deal with fear in unfamiliar places when running alone. The world is still weird right now and a lot of summer travel plans have been nixed. But I also know a lot of people are OVER staying put and are needing at least some local escapes this summer, so this episode is intended to help keep you prepared and motivated to run even when you're out roaming new places with your kids in tow. Show Notes: Brave Breakfasts (Enter Treeline20 for 20% off your first order!) Use Strava or AllTrails for finding trails at your vacation destination Gaia App (This article will tell you all you need to know) Spot Tracker (Read more about this nifty device here) Scratch Labs Sport Recovery Drink Mix in Single Serving box Colorado Brewing Running Series Virtual Race The Outer Banks 100M Virtual Race - thank you listener for sharing! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

14: Amy Clark - Mom of Twins, Western States Finisher & Editor of Ultrarunning Magazine
Jun 26 2020 91 mins  
This week we had the opportunity to spend some time with Amy Clark – a local Bendite, a mom of twins, an ultrarunner, and the editor for Ultrarunning Magazine! We discuss all kinds of things ranging from IVF and pregnancy to her progression into ultras and her experience running Western States to what it’s really like to be an editor of a magazine. You will learn a lot in this episode, but maybe more importantly you will feel a lot from the stories Amy tells. Nikki’s Favorite Thing this week: Skratch Labs Recovery Drink Mix Stef’s Fave: Virtual Races: – 100 Miles to Auburn (raced!) - Beast Pacing (pick a distance to accomplish each month) - UTMB For the Planet - Virtual Races (July 20-Aug 30 – pick your distance and elevation to complete! Free Entry, Donations go towards trail running and environmental impact projects) Find Amy on Instagram Editor for Ultrarunning Magazine – Subscribe here! Favorite Race: Western States Favorite Meal: A Chili Recipe from Eat & Run by Scott Jurek: Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil; 2 garlic cloves; 1 cup onion; finely chopped; 1 cup red bell pepper; finely chopped 1 cup frozen corn  1 teaspoon ground cumin; 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander; 2 tablespoon chili powder; 2 tsp sea salt or according to taste; 1/2 teaspoon black pepper; 1 28oz can diced tomatoes; 1 6oz can tomato puree; 1 15oz can kidney beans; 1 15oz can black beans; 1 15oz can ointo beans; 2-1/2 cups water, depending on how much liquid from the beans you're using; hot sauce or cayenne pepper to taste fresh cilantro; minced- for garnish. Step 1: Add the oil to a large pot. Saute the vegetables and spices in the oil over medium to medium-low heat for 10 minutes or until tender. Add a few tablespoons of water if the veggies begin sticking to the pot. Step 2: Add the remaining ingredients except the cilantro and simmer over medium-low heat, covered, for 30 minutes. Stir and simmer for an additional 20-30 minutes until the vegetables are cooked through. Season with salt and, if more spice is desired, hot sauce or cayenne pepper to taste. Serve, sprinkled with the cilantro. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

13: Beth Hoeck on Personal Training, Running & Mothering During Hard Times
Jun 19 2020 76 mins  
This week we chat with Beth Hoeck – a personal trainer with almost 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, an ultrarunner, and a mom to a 15 month old. We hear about what it’s like to be a one-on-one fitness coach for women, how she incorporates holistic health into her personal training, and how she’s woven motherhood into her work life (AKA she does it beautifully). Beth is also a great resource for busy moms. She shares life hacks on how to meal plan and prep, how she balances running with mom life, and what her return to running looked like after having her son.  She also shares her family’s recent struggles with us. Her husband has been battling testicular cancer since the fall of last year. In February he started intense chemo. Beth describes how hard it was and what it was like to become a single parent in a way as she tried to carry her family through it all. She compared the ups and downs of chemo to the peaks and valleys one experiences in ultramarathons. Luckily Beth had running through it all - she would squeeze it whenever she could and it helped her handle this immensely heavy time. And now, thankfully, her family is on the other side! Show Notes: Stef’s Favorite Podcasts (besides RHMH!) – Ultrarunner Podcast Trailrunner Nation Mom Brain Unruffled The Fresh Start Family Myths and Legends Nikki’s Favorite Podcasts – Unlocking Us Simple Families Work Play Love Find Beth’s Work: Whole Movement Beth’s Favorite Race: The Freedom 5K Beth’s Favorite Meal: Tabbouleh with flatbread and hummus Banana Egg Pancake: 1 banana 2 eggs 1 splash of vanilla extract Sprinkle of cinnamon (Any other fillers: flaxseed, oatmeal, pumpkin puree, spinach puree, crushed nuts, berries, etc) In a bowl mash the banana and then add in all the other ingredients. Grease the pan and pour batter into the pan.  Fry under low-med heat until golden brown on both sides. Top it with nut butters. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

10: Emmie Hiersche on The Power of Positivity & Running While Pregnant
May 22 2020 70 mins  
This week we have on Emmie Hiersche, an ultra running mom of one and 28 weeks pregnant with baby number two. In this episode we chat about running through pregnancy, running after becoming a mom and the power of positivity in daily life. Emmie shares valuable perspectives, tips on how to practice happiness and mantras that help pull her out of funks or hard parts of a race. Show Notes: Nikki’s favorite thing this week: Vuori Sweatpants Stef’s fave thing: Croozer 535 Double Stroller Find Emmie on Instagram Emmie is also cofounder of Run NorthBest, who puts on a summer evening race series in Portland each year. Emmie’s Favorite Race: All the ones she’s ever done. But one of the most beautiful she’s done was the NUT 50k (Stands for North Umpqua Trail) Emmie’s favorite meal (Read Below):  Needed: 10 + Roma tomatos Pinch of salt & pepper Basil Garlic Box of penne pasta Parmesan cheese Olive oil 1 sweet onion Steps: Bring water to a boil to blanch roma tomatoes to start making homemade sauce.  In separate skillet, put roughly 5-6 tablespoons of olive oil to medium heat. Add cut up sweet onion and let simmer.  Add garlic and pinch of salt to sweet onions and olive oil (your preference based on how much you like garlic) Take blanched roma tomatoes and start dicing them into small cubes to add to skillet.  Add spices as needed, more salt & pepper. Add box of penne pasta to boiling water that roma tomatoes cooked in on high heat. Add pinch of salt to water. Let noodles boil on high heat for 10ish minutes and continue to stir sauce. Once sauce is 90% ready, add cut up basil and stir into mixture. Let marinate for 5+ minutes. Once noodles and sauce are ready, strain noodles and pour sauce over them. Stir and dish out. Add Parmesan cheese on top AND READY! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

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