Strange Arrivals

Jun 30 2020 33 mins 2.8k

On a September night in 1961, in the mountains of New Hampshire, Betty and Barney Hill encountered something they could not explain. What really happened that autumn night? Welcome to Strange Arrivals, where host Toby Ball will unravel one of history's most famous cases of alien abduction. Learn more at

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[email protected] Sep 09 2020
A load of absolute rubbish... For those who don't believe no evidence is enough. For those who do believe no evidence is necessary.... I do find it strange that their memory of the event has improved & expanded over time. While most people's memory diminishes over the years... Great camp fire story though, I'll give it that & as they say. "Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn"... LIVE LONG & PROSPER MY REPTILIAN REPLICANT CHANGLINGS...!!!👽🤖👻

strong decaf Aug 20 2020
Starts out interesting, but midway dissolves into repetitive snarky experts poking fun at the subject matter. It should be advertised accurately, and not pretend to be a balanced take.

rtm Jul 22 2020
Dismissive,myopic, and unimaginative, even when it came to pentagon released materials.

greenteapotqueen Jul 18 2020
Interesting content