Sh**ged Married Annoyed

Oct 23 2020 56 mins 6.1k

The only way Rosie and Chris Ramsey can have a conversation without being interrupted by a toddler or ending up staring at their phones is by doing a podcast. They’ll be chatting all about life, relationships, arguments, annoyances, parenting, growing up and everything in between. Each week they will answer questions from the public and a secret celebrity.

4.8 • 11 Ratings

Jen Oct 23 2020
There you go Chris 😉

hermitsrest Oct 01 2020
This is a fantastic podcast. Beware if you are listening while driving, as my vision was blurred by tears of laughter. Thoroughly enjoyable and definitely picks you up out of a low mood.

Jocko Sep 28 2020
Your own marriage duscussed by two loopers. 🤣

DelOrean_1955 Sep 24 2020
My favourite podcast! Rosie and Chris' honest and open conversation about everyday life is heartwarming and hilarious. My go to when I need a little pick me up

Dougie675 Sep 15 2020

rmk42 Aug 28 2020
Great podcast always makes me laugh brightens up my day

Lynda Jul 22 2020
Chris and Rosie are just so fabulous....a normal couple with a normal life and all that encompasses, but because we all recognise it, it is hysterical to listen to the beefs, for example.....the little annoyances, I mean, Rosie, as opposed to the family..soz....just SO relatable. A couple of stories have made me feel queasy, but more often than not I'm home alone howling out loud. They really have a lovely relationship and it's so nice we get to laugh along with them. Smashing little family.

VickiLou Jul 16 2020
Hysterical! You two are brilliant together, and I regularly guffaw out loud.

Trembot Jun 24 2020
First episode was dynamite. I've always enjoyed Chris on the panel shows, but his wife is hilarious. Sorry Chris.

seanbhoy87 May 26 2020

john29john May 04 2020
Doesn't start until 3'10" now monetised