Blocked and Reported

Aug 03 2020 47 mins 1.6k

Journalists Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal scour the internet for its craziest, silliest, most sociopathic content, part of an obsessive and ill-conceived attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires. (And sometimes they talk about other stuff, too.) For more content, including premium episodes, check out the Blocked and Reported Patreon page:

Welcome To Portland, Where [Indistinct But Horrific Coughs And Screams]
Aug 03 2020 45 mins  
Things are not going so great in Portland, where months of rowdy and sometimes destructive protests have been met with a federal response that has understandably scared and infuriated residents. But what's really going on there? Have we reached a point where it's basically impossible to find credible, contextualized accounts of complicated situations like this one? Will the Wall of Moms be undone by jackbooted government thugs and/or its own alleged racism? As one of America's whitest cities speeds down the road to Crazyville, there's a lot to unpack. Show notes/Links: The New York Times: The Showdown in Portland (from The Daily) - The New York Times: Times Videos Show How Federal Officers Escalated Violence in Portland (video) - Reason: What It's Like To Work in the Portland Jail During the George Floyd Protests - Michael Tracey: Two months since the riots, and still no “National Conversation” - The New York Times: Federal Officers Deployed in Portland Didn’t Have Proper Training, D.H.S. Memo Said - ACLU: The Constitution in the 100-Mile Border Zone - On the Media: What We Know About the Border -

Online Harassment Is Bad But Also People Are Extremely Disingenuous About It, And Other Observations
Jul 13 2020 52 mins  
After Jesse bravely expresses an opinion that is likely to get him cancelled by Cancel Culture, and to potentially destroy the podcast entirely, the hosts, who are clearly hated by God Himself (of maybe... HERself??), devote almost the entire episode to Letter Discourse and Counter-Letter Discourse. The discussion mostly concerns the harassment of a Vox staffer, which Jesse contributed to and feels bad about, even as he is aggrieved at the unhinged-in-light-of-the-evidence Jesse Did It narrative that took over bluecheck Twitter earlier this week. What are individuals' responsibilities during online pileons? Will journalists ever stop being full of shit with regard to which acts -- screencapping, quote-retweeting, mocking -- are and aren't considered harassment? In the closing segment, the hosts briefly discuss President Trump's interesting strategy of fighting for free speech and open academic inquiry by unleashing the federal government to investigate universities, as one does. Show Notes/Links: The Harper's Letter: The Counter-Letter: Rough week for Jesse on Twitter: (We said we would include links to the right-wing pieces and tweets bashing the Vox staffer mentioned in the podcast, but whoever wrote this summary began feeling guilty about doing so. If you search for her name and the name of the outlets mentioned, you will find it all -- we promise.)

The Pod Gets Into Its First Beef, Shitty Media Men List Developments, And Stop Lying About Your Online Enemies
Jul 06 2020 48 mins  
The gang celebrates July 4th by barely mentioning it. Instead, Jesse and Katie talk about Blocked and Reported's arguably FIRST EVER beef, which involves a very sensitive staffer at The New Republic. Then they relay two real corrections and one fake one from previous episodes, talk about the increasing possibility, in light of a new court decision, that at least one contributor to the Shitty Media Men list will be 'unmasked,' and discuss a thoughtful essay on what it feels like to be at the bottom of a Twitter pileon. Plus: Jesse finally addresses the rumors that have been haunting him about his relationship with certain New England horses. Soundcloud: The offending clip from our segment on Online Validiy Discourse - Blocked and Reported: Episode 5 - Katie And Jesse Decide Who Is Valid - Snopes: Did Merriam-Webster Update Its Definition of ‘Racism’ To Say Only White People Are Racist? - The Volokh Conspiracy: “Shitty Media Men” List Libel Lawsuit Can Go Forward - The Stranger: Anonymous UW Students Publish Rape Accusations Online. What Could Go Wrong? - Quillette: How An Anonymous Accusation Derailed My Life - Medium: Hi, I’m on the Shitty Media Men list, but maybe you already knew that - Medium: Katelyn Burns Fabricated Several Exchanges With Me That Never Occurred (archived version) - (current version, without screenshot-proof for reasons explained at the top, here: Medium: A (Hopefully) Final Update On This Katelyn Burns Thing (Updated) - Singal-Minded: Nicole Cliffe Is A Poor Choice Of #MeToo Moral Guardian - The Critic: The eye of the storm:

A Reckoning Is Afoot, A Rattled Rationalist, A False Karening, And A Troubled Liberal Enclave
Jun 29 2020 47 mins  
A reckoning is afoot, as Jesse finally confronts Katie over her abusive managerial style. After the hosts get that out of the way, they proceed into a discussion about The New York Times' decision to publish the famed rationalist blogger Scott Alexander's full name -- and the rather effective-seeming countermeasure Alexander pulled in response. Then they move onto a broader conversation about journalistic ethics with regard to naming subjects against their will, and Katie talks about the time she was publicly shamed for trying to defend someone against a public shaming. In the second segment, the hosts discuss a New York Times story about a Minneapolis neighborhood's difficulties living up to its stated values, and, by working through about their own views about when to call the police, establish the podcast's formal Cop Policy. Show notes/Links: Amazon: The AI Does Not Hate You: Superintelligence, Rationality and the Race to Save the World by Tom Chivers - Slate Star Codex: NYT Is Threatening My Safety By Revealing My Real Name, So I Am Deleting The Blog - Slate Star Codex (archive): I Can Tolerate Anything Except For The Outgroup - Slate Star Codex (archive): Sort by Controversial - Twitter: @keikoinboston on Karlos Dillard's scam: The New York Times: A Minneapolis Neighborhood Vowed to Check Its Privilege. It’s Already Being Tested. - The Stranger: A Slur, a Suicide Attempt, and Guns Akimbo - Amazon: Self-Care: A Novel by Leigh Stein - Eventbrite: EXTREMELY ONLINE conversation for Self-Care -

"White Fragility" Is A Completely Bizarre And Pernicious Book And It's A Terrible Sign That So Many Americans Love It
Jun 22 2020 53 mins  
In the intro, Katie regales Jesse with tales from the CHAZ, Seattle's newly established anarchist-friendly autonomous zone. Then, in part because Jesse is obsessed and desperately needs to get a lot of vitriol surrounding this subject out of his system, the deeply masochistic hosts devote the entire rest of the episode to a dissection of one of the strangest books you will ever read about race, Robin DiAngelo's "White Fragility." Does Robin DiAngelo know any black people who aren't antiracist educators? Or any other humans in general? What are the details of her segregated-crying policy? Are there better explanations than "white fragility" for why someone dragged into a mandatory training at work and called racist by a weird lady might respond negatively to such an experience? So many questions! (CORRECTION: In this episode we wrongly state that a definition of 'racism' favored by DiAngelo was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. As Snopes explains, this is not the case: Show notes/Links: -If you like what we do, please consider supporting us on Patreon, which will unlock bonus content and give you early access to free episodes: Blocked and Reported: "What a stupid f_cking way to have a really important conversation": Reflections On A Yearlong White Fragility Training - New Yorker: The Fight To Redefine Racism - Chapo Trap House: No Crying In Raceball -

Bari Weiss Is Right
Jun 08 2020 55 mins  
Bari Weiss did some tweets about how there is a generational divide at The New York Times that is, in her view, hampering the paper's ability to publish quality commentary and journalism. In response, a sizable cohort of her colleagues LITERALLY devoured her (metaphorically, on Twitter). In their most frustrated episode yet, Katie and Jesse explain why Bari was fundamentally right. That doesn't mean her framing was perfect ('safetyism' isn't exactly the problem here), but, as the hosts argue, the fact that so many journalists think Bari is making this up is pretty insane given the rampant evidence for it. The problem is that the people who don't think there's a problem are the same people no one affected by these dynamics would ever, ever confide in. Along the way the hosts talk about their own experiences with an issue that is getting worse by the day: the most hysterical and dishonest journalists on Twitter effectively dictating editors' decisions about what stories to assign and what subjects to cover. Also, Katie talks about her struggle session at a Seattle rooftop bar and Jesse makes the case for converting Blocked and Reported into a full-blown scammy cult. JOIN US ON THE ONE TRUE PATH TO LIGHT, THE ONLY ENTRYWAY TO HEAVEN: Bari Weiss's tweetstorm - Katie's article "The Detransitioners: They Were Transgender, Until They Weren't" - Jesse's article "When Children Say They're Transgender" -

The Best Podcast Of All New York Times
Jun 05 2020 57 mins  
In today's episode, the hosts zero in on an obscure, under-covered newspaper known as "The New York Times." Specifically, they discuss an explosion of employee anger over the paper's decision to publish a column by Sen. Tom Cotton, and what it reveals about internal dynamics in some media companies at the moment. Then, they shift gears to a Times article about a nonbinary 7-year-old and discuss the ways in which a certain subgenre of storytelling could be obscuring the nature of gender-identity development. In the show's final, patrons-only segment, Katie tells Jesse about an Instagram controversy involving white liberals trying to show how much they care about racial injustice, but digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole as a result. Show notes and links (* denotes stuff that happened after our episode went up): "Tom Cotton: Send In the Troops" - "Senator’s ‘Send In the Troops’ Op-Ed in The Times Draws Online Ire" - "New York Times Says Senator’s Op-Ed Did Not Meet Standards" - "The Inside Story of the Tom Cotton Op-Ed that Rocked the New York Times" - (An article in which Cotton's camp strongly denies the idea of an unusual editorial process) "Yesterday two dozen of us who make @nytimes publishing tools called out sick in solidarity with our Black colleagues & in protest of the Cotton op-ed. I was harassed on Twitter all day for it." - "The civil war inside The New York Times between the (mostly young) wokes the (mostly 40+) liberals is the same one raging inside other publications and companies across the country. The dynamic is always the same. (Thread.)" - "Tom Cotton’s Fascist Op-Ed" - "The Hardest Part of Having a Nonbinary Kid Is Other People" - "Attention white people: Your #BLM memes are not enough" - "Blackout Tuesday posts are drowning out vital information shared under the BLM hashtag" -

Ronan Farrow, Jia Tolentino, And An International Network Of Powerful Lesbians
May 25 2020 57 mins  
Before jumping into a truly brutal week for media news involving journalists who are younger and more attractive and successful than they are, Jesse and Katie are interrupted by their newly installed Alison Roman Controversy Alarm, forcing them to briefly update listeners on the latest twist in that eternal tale. Then they turn their attention to a PinkNews article positing a global conspiracy of lesbians who are sexual abusers and human traffickers and explain how that ties into the broader, white-hot culture wars involving gender-critical feminists and so-called TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists). In the final two segments, the hosts discuss Ben Smith's claims about Ronan Farrow's lackluster fact-checking and Jia Tolentino's blog post about her parents' guilty plea in a human-trafficking case, as well as the telling and arguably disingenuous responses from major media figures to both stories. Show notes/links: -Alison Roman’s NY Times Column ‘On Temporary Leave’ After Chrissy Teigen Feud (The Daily Beast) -The ‘gender critical’ feminist movement is a cult that grooms, controls and abuses, according to a lesbian who managed to escape (PinkNews[!]) -Is Ronan Farrow Too Good to Be True? (New York Times) -Ronan Farrow admits he ‘misspoke’ about his Weinstein reporting. How many times? (Washington Post) -Is Ben Smith’s Column About Ronan Farrow Too Good to Be True? (Slate) -Jia Tolentino's blog post and tweet about the controversy

Episode 5: Katie And Jesse Decide Who Is Valid
Apr 20 2020 59 mins  
In a shocking moment that definitely wasn't scripted, Katie almost singlehandedly immolates the podcast by dropping a horrific slur just seconds into the episode. After the cohosts recover their composure, they discuss an outrage story about Canadian military pronouns, Alex Berenson's coronavirus contrarianism, and the fairly nonsensical process people follow to decide what they believe. Jesse then tries to unpack Online Validity Discourse, leading the cohosts to discuss fascinating and provocative questions like "What does it even mean to be valid?," "How many people can you have sex with before you're not asexual anymore?," and "Would Jesse dress better if he were gay?" The cohosts close out the show with a brief chat about Blocked and Reported's possible Patreon future, and a request for listeners to email in to let them know what sorts of perks they'd be interested in. Show notes: -EXCLUSIVE: Canadian Armed Forces requires all personnel to stop using gendered pronouns (The Post Millennial) -Alex Berenson's Twitter account -Here Are the Questions the Right's Favorite Coronavirus Truther Isn't Willing to Answer (Vice) -Does the King of the COVID-19 Contrarians Have a Case? (Vanity Fair) -We feel too bad spotlighting any specific tweets about people "being valid" so here just click this link to take you to a search for that phrase instead -When A Child Says She's Trans (Jesse's article in The Atlantic) -Slate, Pete Buttigieg, And The Limited Market For Left-Wing Identitarianism (Singal-Minded) -The Weirdly Enduring Appeal of Weird Al Yankovic (The New York Times Magazine) (and the audio version from The Daily) -The Family Featured in the NYT Article About Queer Families Looks Awfully Straight (The Stranger) -If you have questions, comments, or -- especially -- opinions about what our Patreon efforts should look like, please email us: [email protected]

Episode 3: Nice White Ladies Pay To Get Called Racist Over Dinner
Apr 06 2020 46 mins  
Jesse has a bad cough. Is it coronavirus, or just Jewishness? Katie, meanwhile, isn't quite sure what plant she turned into tea last week. Will either cohost outlive April? We'll see soon enough. In the meantime, the hosts debate whether coronavirus will kill the online culture wars, then segue accidentally into a discussion of gender identity and the complicated ways in which attempts to reduce misgendering can lead, as Katie has experienced, to yet more misgendering. Then Jesse complains about the Twitter cops who came at Jill Filipovic for her perfectly accurate tweet about the Spanish Legion (being hot), and both cohosts struggle to wrap their minds around the phenomenon of nice white ladies paying Sairo Rao and Regina Jackson to come to dinner at their houses and call them racist. Show notes: -How This Nonbinary Woman Created the Queerest Cartoon on Television (them) -Rebecca Sugar Opens Up About Being Non-binary (Pride) -"They" Is a Fine Pronoun, But It Ain't Mine (The Stranger) -ContraPoints and the Scandal That Shouldn’t Be (Arc Digital) -Jill Filipovic on the Spanish Legion (Twitter) -Zoé Samudzi on (God help us) Jill Filipovic on the Spanish Legion (Twitter) -Why liberal white women pay a lot of money to learn over dinner how they're racist (The Guardian) -White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo (Amazon) -Race Experts: How Racial Etiquette, Sensitivity Training, and New Age Therapy Hijacked the Civil Rights Revolution by Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn (Amazon)

Episode 2: "You Essentially Stole My Podcast"
Mar 30 2020 57 mins  
Less than a week post-launch, Blocked and Reported faces a profoundly serious threat to its existence: an accusation of Grand Theft Audio from one of the hosts of Blocked Party, an obscure upstart podcast that may have copied Blocked and Reported's name. After reflecting on their transgressions, looking deeply inward, and promising to do better (not really), Katie and Jesse move to on a discussion about Katie's pandemic shotgun wedding. Then they talk about right-wing coronavirus misinformation on social media and debate whether networks should stop airing Donald Trump's press conferences live. During the show's final two segments, they respond to a reader question about Elizabeth Warren fans — are Bernie Bros and Liz Lasses really so different, after all? — and dissect a Washington Post article about some random dude's very offensive tweet, in the process laying out Blocked and Reported's Official Stance on whether old people should be converted to food. Show notes: -As Trump signals readiness to break with experts, his online base assails Fauci (Washington Post) -Seattle NPR Station Says It Will No Longer Carry Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Live Because Of Misinformation (Deadline) -Sexism Didn't Kill the Warren Campaign. The Warren Campaign Killed the Warren Campaign (Herzog in Reason) -He urged saving the economy over protecting those who are ‘not productive’ from the coronavirus. Then he faced America’s wrath. (Washington Post) -It wasn't mentioned in the podcast itself, but Jesse recently wrote an article for 1843 that touches on PTSD and psychologist Nicholas Haslam's idea of concept creep -Questions? Comments? Accusations of podcast theft? Hit us up: [email protected]

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Sean O Jul 30 2020
Have these transphobes just copied the concept & format of the far superior Blocked Party?

king-doofus Jul 09 2020
Remember folks, if you have any criticism or critiques of gender theory or the trans movement at all you are anti-trans and deserve to die.

Cordyone Jul 07 2020
Refreshing, intelligent and much needed voices of reason. Keep it up!

Koobalt Jun 11 2020
Common sense and journalistic integrity in a truly banal time. Only podcast I have actually considered Patreoning for the extra content.

slowshow Apr 03 2020
These two are the worst anti-trans writers out there. Cannot imagine a worse coupling. Are you kidding me?