Year of APing Dangerously

Jun 25 2020 31 mins

Welcome to the source of information, questions answers and stories from North Carolina Assistant Principal of the Year, Kathy Walker. Join me on the journey, as I lead, learn and laugh in the crazy world of the Assistant Principalship. Are you an aspiring AP? This podcast is for you. Are you a seasoned veteran? This podcast is for you. Are you just ready to be a principal already? This podcast is for you. Let's explore and learn together!

012 Reflections on Covid-19
Jun 25 2020 33 mins  
Episode 12:This episode marks the return of the podcast with some thoughts on the current crisis that exists in the United States and the world as schools go virtual, and I struggle to adjust and understand my role as a building leader and what it will...

011 Talking PD with Sherrard Martin
Nov 07 2019 58 mins  
I talk with Sherrard Martin, Director of Secondary Curriculum Support to talk all things PD

010 Live PD Remote
Oct 31 2019 30 mins  
Chatting live from PD with Monica Williams and Rebecca McClain

009 PLN Connection: Jody Ratti
Oct 03 2019 37 mins  
AP Jody Ratti shares his origin story and some great insights on making the right moves and following his mission.

008 New AP Spotlight: Aisha Santos
Sep 26 2019 36 mins  
New AP Spotlight: Aisha Santos

007 Starting the School Year
Sep 12 2019 29 mins  
What to keep top of mind at the top of the school year.

006 Instructional Coaches
Aug 29 2019 28 mins  
A chat with content Instructional Coaches

005 Our Kids and Other Books
Aug 15 2019 23 mins  
A look on the AP Book Shelf with recommendation from David Taylor

004 Upcoming Topics
Aug 08 2019 25 mins  
Exploring some of the upcoming topics that will be featured on the podcast. Like, Subscribe and Share your AP experience.

002 Heather Dollevoet
Jul 25 2019 24 mins  
Summer AP Reads: Talk to Me by Kim Bearden

003 Michael Culbreth
Jul 25 2019 25 mins  
Talking transitions to new school and grade level with AP Michael Culbreth

001 Premiere Episode
Jul 23 2019 29 mins  
The premiere episode invites you to meet your host, Kathy Walker, as she details how she began in education and what she plans to do to strengthen her PLN as the 2019 North Carolina Assistant Principal of the Year.

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