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Aug 18 2020 61 mins

Conversations with industry professionals about design, building products, product management, tech, startups, and industry insights. @kingsidharth has been solving design & product problems at startups since over a decade. He's been a part of the story of startups like ClearTax, Instamojo, and (currently) managing product & design at Headout

Behind every successful woman there's a...? » Industry Roundtable 4 — Leadership
Jun 11 2020 86 mins  
What happens when you get three women leaders on a panel to talk about #design, leadership, #culture, hiring, team-building, and better representation? You get an hour and a half of awesome conversation!  In the 4th edition of industry roundtable, we'll listen to — Geetaa Bhatt (Head of Design @ Clevertap), Aastha Gaur (UX Lead @Google), and Karthi (Founder @ Xperian) about their experience of 10+ years, building teams, the leaders that pushed them to become leaders, and how they are investing & growing the next generation of leaders.  Karthi Subbaraman, Founder @ Xperian  Karthi's career spans over 20 years. She started her career as a Software engineer and later became a designer HP. She'd go on to work with many big names in the industry and become a visiting faculty at NID and MIT.  Her recent venture is Xperia, where she teaches Product Design & Product Management to the next generation of designers and product managers.   Geetaa Bhatt, Head of Design @ Clevertap  Geeta got her masters in design from NID and has been in the design industry for over 15 years. In the past, she has worked with brands like Human Factors International, TechMahindra, Network18 and now is a Head of Design at Clevertap.  Aastha Gaur, UX Lead @ Google  Aastha has been in the design industry for over 13 years. She did her bachelors in design from NIFT, and Masters in Fine Arts & Graphic Design from California Institute of Arts.  In the past, she has worked with brands like Distinct, Yahoo!, and now is a Senior Manager UX at Google. Aastha also has a TikTok account you should check out.   Topics we covered:  Why did you choose design as a career?   What & who pushed you to become a leader?   Picking & growing leaders   Women Leaders   Lack of women in the industry   Parental Tax   How do you hire in your team?   Message for the audience   Want to see someone as a guest on the next roundtable? Have a topic in mind we should cover? Let me know on twitter. Do check out the past episodes of the industry roundtable. #leadership #hiring #culture #startupculture #designleaders #womenleaders #womenintech #leadership #hiring #designhiring #parentaltax

Switching fields & the path to Become a Designer — switching career to design, from graphic design & motion to product design, generalist vs specialist designers: Conversation with Abhinav Chhikara
Mar 19 2020 66 mins  
This roundtable turned to a conversation between the two — Abhinav Chhikara & Sidharth, since the other guests couldn't make it. We talked about several topics but mostly covered: *Switching to design career* - Switching from a non-design industry to design or designer roles - Why self-learning is the future of design and why & how you should make your own "path" - A framework by Abhinav on how you can track your progress and what you can expect as you start to self-learn design *Switching from one design specialization to another* - Why may you want to change — what are some good reasons? - Switching from Graphic Design to Product Design - Product Designers learning or moving to Motion Design and vice versa *Generalist vs specialist & multi-disciplinary designers* - Difference and common things between a generalist and a specialist - How requirements and opportunities change as you shift between the two Stories - We frequently share our success — let's talk about one story of failure and what you'd learn from it *Side projects* Abhinav is working on — with a goal to help 10,000 new self-taught designers emerge in the industry with a network of industry experts. His YouTube Channel,,, and many future projects will be under that mother brand. After several failed attempts at building some apps, I have moved back to blog ging, vlogging, speaking at colleges, creating content, & sharing his journey — watching folks from college enter the industry and d o well, over the years, and the possibility of being a part of their story is what keeps me going. --- Abhinav Chhikara is a design educator, digital creator, youtuYouTuberber, and mentor to many designers across the country. Check out his YouTube channel at --- Find the full transcript of the podcast here.

Building a career using the internet — King Sidharth's speech at PSG College Tech, Coimbatore
Mar 07 2020 41 mins  
While each one of us is born naturally curious, the education system & our mental-models, that our society runs on, train it out of us. Owning and honing this curiosity can change our lives — especially in the age of the internet.   With the internet, education yourself and building a career & wealth has become the easiest it has ever been. You can pick-up any soft-skill, learn a language, learn to design, build an app, learn programing, find jobs and freelance gigs across the world, collaborate with folks, or even network and build a brand.  We can either use the internet to stalk our crushes and ex-s or use to our advantage.   My journey with curiosity & internet led me to try out my hands at the business starting at the age of 12, and then being a part of Indian startup ecosystem with Instamojo (2012-2019) and now across the world with Headout. Working startups & building industry-changing products is my calling.    Startups create wealth — and wealth is better than selling time to get money. However, wealth & success both are subjective — for some, it can be owning shares, IPs, or degrees, for others, it can be a stable relationship, living a healthy & natural life. So how do you find and define your criteria of success? How do you #findyourpassion?    The first step is to expose yourself to various ideas until you start getting interested in something. You can use the internet to do this — Wikipedia & YouTube is your friend here. (both free!)    The second step is to try and invest effort into your interest and gain some skill & experience — you can find tutorials & people online to help you with this.   Once we start putting effort and see the results — that's when half the "interest" drop from viable options. Some that stick will turn into a passion as you continue to invest focus & time in it.   In the world where most mundane jobs will be taken over by AI, just a college degree won't be enough.  More and more startups & jobs will revolve around multi-disciplinary people. Don't wait for a sign form the universe — skills & learnings compound over time — startup today.    --- Speech by King Sidharth at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore on 22 Feb 2020.   ---    Sidharth has been part of several startups in the Indian startup ecosystem — from Cleartax & Instamojo to now at Headout solving product & design problems.  He's given talks at 40+ colleges and events talking about future careers, startups, self-learning, and design, including at two TEDx events.   Invite Sidharth to your college: @kingsidharth on Instagram or Google "King Sidharth speaker" -- Check out the video on YouTube  (or search for "King Sidharth internet career" on YouTube)

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