Fruits of Life

Jan 22 2020 43 mins 1

Breastfeeding mother of three sons, wife, educator, Kemetic Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness and Meditation guide shares space, knowledge, stories, insights and practices regarding how to live in Maat (balance and harmony) and how to show up as your best self. This weekly podcast offers tips to improve one's overall well being, mental health, techniques in stress management and self regulation, and parenting in a collaborative effort through special guests, proverbs, poetry, and readings. New episode published on Wednesdays. Enjoy! Support this podcast:

Epi 16: Postpartum Care for Melanated Families
Dec 11 2019 49 mins  
This episode touches the heart by addressing Postpartum care in the melanated family. Your host, Omega Fruits, discusses the poorly studied and rarely talked about issue of postpartum depression in men. By doing so, a level of sensitivity is offered to Black and Brown fathers for their commitment to their families. The concept of the Superwoman regarding Black women and Marianismo within the Latino culture reinforce the idea that women are the gift that keeps giving and that self care is irrelevant. To identify and deal with postpartum depression and mental health, is to counter cultural norms and speak up about one's needs. Signs of postpartum depression are covered as well as tips on what to include in a postpartum plan. There is no shame in seeking help, instead there is more pain when undiagnosed depression is left untreated and further impacted over years of additional life stressors, creating more serious dis-ease. Your host shares her personal experience and how she has overcome her own battle with postpartum depression after years of self medication. Special shout out to Terica Johnson of @beautifulbynaturellc for the reminder that these stories must be shared and the sister of @a.tribe.called.umi for being such a great support system during pregnancy, birth and throughout our babies' growth and development. Background music Prod by Insanity. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Epi 15: Real Men Do Yoga with Steven Rousseau
Dec 05 2019 47 mins  
Plant-based Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and certified Kemetic Yoga instructor, Steven Rousseau, owner of Brownstone Wellness based in Brooklyn, joins your host to discuss body image, psychological addictions to food, functional movement, alignment, wellness and the evolution of the fitness industry which has moved away from weight and strength training to now incorporate methods that promote longevity. As we dive deep into Steven's personal experiences and evolution, we dispel the idea that yoga is for white women and prove that Real Men Do Yoga. Steven explains how he accidentally got into yoga and how his daily practice led him to Kemetic Yoga. Steven reveals why it is so vital for him serve in wellness and be an example for other men and youths in becoming grounded and living in Ma'at (balance). We discuss the importance of why melanated people must reconnect with our divine selves and reclaim indigenous practices that involve mind - body - soulful connections. The roots of yoga is discussed. Kemetic Yoga is described as a tool to self regulate, tap into one's life force energy, move toward mindfulness and balance off the mat. Background music by Prod by Insanity. Guest Links: IG: @brownstonewellness Twitter: BSWellness Email: [email protected] --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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