The Pursuit

May 18 2020 49 mins

Welcome to The Pursuit. We hope that this podcast will be a source of inspiration and motivation for you. Your host (Seth McCausland) will visit with a new co-host every episode that will bring a fresh perspective from their own pursuit of what they love. The podcast will highlight each passionate co-host, a music artist, and be a medium where people who are trying to succeed in their craft can be brought to a greater audience. Keep an eye out as our cover art (by Joseph Moffat) changes over time as we pursue new things and grow in our creativity together.

Pursuing Passion with Christina Mellor
Feb 10 2020 53 mins  
Welcome to The Pursuit! This is our very first episode and for this one I've brought @christinascaptures (Christina Mellor) to the podcast for my co-host. We discuss her journey pursuing her passion, photography, and what experiences she has had to bring her to where she is today. Christina has seen great growth and success in her field over the past year and her story is all here in this episode. Be sure to give this one a listen, there is a lot of great insight and stories that I think can apply to almost anyone that's trying to pursue what they love. Be sure to follow Christina on instagram ( and twitter ( The featured song in this episode is "Fool's Gold" by Tessa Kaye. Listen and purchase this debut single here!: Fool's Gold can also be streamed on your favorite major streaming platforms. Be sure to add her to your playlists and support her! Thank you Tessa for allowing us to use your song for this episode. Thank you for listening. As always, if you're someone who is currently pursuing what they love and would like to share your story, OR if you are a musician who would like to feature their song on the podcast, send me a message on instagram: Artwork is by Joseph Moffat ( Seth McCausland is the host of The Pursuit and can be found at: --- Send in a voice message:

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