Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald

Oct 13 2020 88 mins 21.4k

You know what's long, tedious and boring? Surgery. You know what isn't? This new podcast! Join Scrubs co-stars and real-life best friends Zach Braff and Donald Faison for a weekly comedy podcast where they relive the hit TV show, one episode at a time. Each week, these BFFs will discuss an episode of Scrubs, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and reminiscing on some of their favorite memories from filming. They’ll also connect with Scrubs super fans and feature beloved show cast members for exclusive interviews.

4.9 • 88 Ratings

Bsufan4life63 Oct 09 2020
I have been listening since episode 1, and this was one of my favorite episodes. I laughed so hard, especially when Donald blasted the pregnancy news, Zach's reaction was priceless. Zach, go watch Lord of the Rings, definitely the Extended Editions, you will not be disappointed. Of all the podcasts I listen to, this is by far my favorite, I feel like I can relate on so many things with you guys, we are close to the same age, so many things that occurred in your youth, I was experiencing too.

Elizzia Oct 01 2020
"Scrubs re-watch show with Zach and Donald" if it's gonna morph, won't the theme song have to change? Love the show. Wish they'd stay in the show a little more these days.

jesska Sep 28 2020
Light hearted and charming. Exactly why I liked scrubs. Thanks All.

Deadlikeme88 Sep 23 2020
Nostalgic. Hilarious. Brilliant podcast

Jamila Sep 21 2020
This is such an excellent podcast. The chemistry between Zach and Donald is extraordinary and it's wonderful to be a part of it. Any episode featuring Bill Lawrence, though, is EPIC

LizzieD1018 Sep 20 2020
Love you guys!! I just got caught up on the podcast and am so enjoying rewatching Scrubs! I'm looking forward to Season 3!

Dixonknives Sep 18 2020
Love it, highlight of the week

Isaiah Vance Sep 17 2020
Giggly eee

Jaswit1994 Sep 05 2020

rdamon1982 Aug 31 2020

Chris Aug 31 2020
Great chemistry between Zach and Donald. Love the content, the banter and everything in-between. Must-Listen for every Scrubs Fan.

c3168014 Aug 02 2020
Love you guys to bits, but Zach please please stop with all the references and imitations of child sexual abuser. It seems like every episode you venerate that filthy child rapist. Beyond uncool, and infects your joyful show with a sickening vibe.

KnasKnas Aug 31 2020
Commuting has never been a better experience than after I found this podcast! I love this show, and how genuine it feels to listen to these guys. Definitely 5/5

joel simonsson Aug 30 2020
Best podcast ever! I wish I had real friends like this!

lmock005 Aug 26 2020
Love these guys so much. Scrubs is my all-time favorite show. It's so fun and entertaining and heartwarming to hear how much these guys love each other in real life.

Rico Aug 26 2020
Very funny and entertaining

Uncanny Aug 21 2020
Listening to these two always makes me happy

OcbPhil4 Aug 20 2020
Donald and Zach are incredible and why I listen but wayyyyyy too much from Joella (sp?) She is a lovely person I'm sure but cant listen to her.

pcharpentier Aug 20 2020
Love those guys, if you want it to be a show where you talk to each other, remove the review show part. Producers need to rethink this show.

Gaz1858 Aug 19 2020
This is a vrilliant podcast that all fans of Scrubs should listen to and everyone watching for the first time

Parkers 001 Aug 18 2020
Great podcast. Love these idiots.

kham Aug 16 2020
This podcast is saving my mental health while I work at night by myself. So funny, and so heartfelt yet casual that it feels like talking to friends, even though you're just listening.

Ziggy Aug 10 2020
I love listening to Donald and Zach! Scrubs is one of my favorite shows and to hear the background on the episodes gives me a greater appreciation for the show. Also just hearing 2 friends joke around and tell stories about their lives makes me feel like we're all just hanging out.

onebavarian Aug 02 2020
Great Podcast!

Agent xXx Jul 29 2020
Excellent👍 it's fun to hear these two together again.

Notoriouslyd Jul 26 2020
Zach and Donald (But really Bill and Crysta🥰) are the cure for the Coronavirus Blues and 5, 6, 7, 8!!

Alaskan78 Jul 16 2020
Really enjoy podcast. Like how the hosts try thier damndest to keep their political views out of things. A few slip in here or there. I expecially like how they handled the chaos with covid, riots, and senseless deaths around us.

Ash Youdan Jul 13 2020
Finally! More shows should do this. It's like the Audio Commentary for The Simpsons or Seinfeld but more free form. Keep it up!

bcdo Jul 09 2020
I will have to re watch scrubs

Olafsson Jul 08 2020
Favorite podcast

WolfMan Jul 07 2020
Love the podcast you guys are the best

kidpixo Jul 07 2020
Amazing episode, among one of the best until now! Thanks guys!

jazzgod21 Jul 06 2020
Everything a scrubs fan could want. Insights from the stars, support cast, and the creator himself.

Awesomeunclejon Jul 06 2020

TimmosaurusRex Jul 02 2020
Love Scrubs? Love this. Loads of insight, anecdotes, stories and above all, laugh out loud moments. 2 best friends, discussing their lives, with other cast and crew.

evanmcraft Jul 02 2020
Best podcast I listen to

Kraghchamp Jul 02 2020
If youre a scrubs fan, this is a must listen!

Mike Rousselle Jul 01 2020
I love Scrubs, and this is just more of that. Donald and Zach are so fun, and all the guest stars and camera make it great to listen to

ZachBraffsTears Jun 30 2020
It's like a 4 star podcast but even better

IanAlistairMacKe Jun 25 2020
Funny. Charming. Nasty! Wonderful fun!

dav3darav3 Jun 24 2020
I rounded up from 4.5 stars. I Iove the content and extra information they give about the show. It does have a lot of ads for 1.5hr show. Only docking half a star for that.

LinneaJune Jun 24 2020
Love this podcast!! About to download some new audio books!

ndt19 Jun 23 2020

degill Jun 23 2020

Ericsmom2005 Jun 23 2020
Excellent podcast with fun and delightful commentary and guests. I wish it was not as explicit so I could listen with my son who is also a huge Scrubs fan, but oh well. Keeps it real

Lukas J. Jun 21 2020
Großartiger Podcast. Oft kommen sie zwar nicht wirklich zur Sache, aber die persönlichen Geschichten sind auch sehr unterhaltsam. Vor allem die Folgen mit Gästen sind super.

BFulton Jun 20 2020
Amazing podcast love every guest and the hosts, you can tell how much they loved filming scrubs in how many fun stories from filming a must listen for scrubs fans

Robbear Jun 18 2020

Mark H. Jun 17 2020
If you are a fan of Scrubs you will love this podcast! It really should be video too but I don't think we will be that lucky. While I do wish they talked more about the episode, you wouldn't get the candid banter which is what makes this so great. It mixes them talking about the episode and personal stories.

damo89 Jun 13 2020
So glad you guys are doing this love scrubs it is and will be my favourite TV show

EmptyBusSeat Jun 11 2020
I love too hear ol' bambi and turkleton back at it! 100% love this show. Better then Office Ladies. Also the guest are tthe absolute best! And ill end my review with 5,6,7,8! (Que music)

joe Martinez 43 Jun 11 2020
Feels like your with jd and turk great show great listen

Paul Jun 06 2020
Thoroughly entertaining. 5-6-7-8!!!

Cobaltmaverick Jun 06 2020
Zach needs a bidet.

Jehuda Blumensch Jun 05 2020
Great and entertaining!

sgardee May 31 2020
Poor editing has certain sections of the podcast repeating

angrycathux May 28 2020
Hilarious podcast for any scrubs fan

Peter Guillam May 27 2020
Incredible nostalgia!

Eweezy May 23 2020
I think it's great!

BubbiNubbi May 22 2020
Best show ever

jj shearer May 21 2020
Thank u Zack and Donald for getting this podcast off the ground it is a happy reminder of how u guys got me through some hard times when I would battle depression I would binge watch scrubs to bring my self to a happier place love u guys very much

MrsRadfad May 21 2020
Perfect lockdown listening, love hearing the friendship ❤️

SmithsonianDSP May 20 2020
If you enjoyed Scrubs, then you NEED this podcast in your life! It's awesome to hear Zach and Donald's excellent chemistry has continued and is very evident in this podcast, and the guest stars have been very enjoyable. This is podcast gold.

Artyss98 May 20 2020
Too good

RomaTherapy May 14 2020
Great podcast

angelgrl721985 May 13 2020
Great episode

NorimbergaBua May 11 2020
Loooove it.

MeganCureton May 05 2020
Absolutely LOVE this podcast. It's brought me so much light and nostalgia. Turk's "you know what i mean" counter slept through several in Ep109 🤣 but yes, actually, episode 108, i was doing yardwork and said to myself, "are they not hearing this in editing?" 🤣(i honestly hadn't picked up on it in previous episodes.) Hearing the 9/11 story was profound and was so intriguing to go back and watch even after I'd just watched. This show was so amazing. You two have the best dynamic. MORE!!

Holy moly May 05 2020
Love every second of this. Just listening to the back and forth between Zach and Donald is delightful. Bring Sarah back, she's hilarious!

JCrabSap Apr 29 2020
I love Scrubs so glad you made this podcast I look forward to it every week

JRNason Apr 29 2020
Absolutely wonderful. If you love Scrubs, you will love this.

Kornwestheimer Apr 28 2020
Perfect, If you Like Scrubs!

Garmellion Apr 24 2020
This podcast is fun and always hilarious. Love hearing the behind the scenes stories, enjoying the real friendship of Zach & Donald, and having the guests.

Tehula Apr 23 2020
I bj have throughly enjoyed the first 4 episodes. I grew up watching scrubs but never watched all of them. As an adult going back and watching them and then listening to this podcast it's a great behind the scenes with a ton of comedy to hear ads well.

jellybean2948 Apr 21 2020
Absolutely amazing Zach and Donald are brilliant as always

Bigg mech on the Apr 19 2020
Brilliant just brilliant!!!

MrLaCave Apr 16 2020
Best Podcast for Zach Braff or Scrubs fans

James Uk Apr 17 2020
Excellent, fun, nostalgic podcast from these guys, love it!!!

pigletgoals Apr 17 2020
Hay from the UK. This podcast is hilarious. I literally cannot get enough of it.i want some juicy gossip like who dated who behind the scenes. Honestly though these 2 together are pure gold. BRING ON THE NEXT EPISODE!!!

d-force Apr 16 2020
Zach and Donald have created a perfect rewatch podcast. They are genuinely funny. I love how candid they are about their friendship and enthusiasm for this fantastic show.

Erzberger Apr 16 2020
Awesome! Thank you so much for doing this. The perfect opportunity to rewatch Scrubs

Mike Apr 15 2020
Awesome first episode and very funny. If you loved Scrubs this is for you.

toonarmycaptain Apr 09 2020

Kayia Apr 11 2020
Love Scrubs, and the behind the scenes view of the show is awesome. Plus, Zach & Donald xD

Mario A. Apr 11 2020
Loved the show and this podcast helps me relive a bit of watching it

GlenLongwell1 Apr 12 2020
Started re watching scrubs (for the 5th time) just so I could follow this podcast closer. 2 of my favorite actors and characters it makes me unbelievably happy to know that they're friends in real life. Guy Love!

Living Tradition Apr 13 2020
Loving the bts stories. Awesome show too!

Gaitoune Apr 14 2020
Fantastic, mythic