Oct 29 2020 25 mins 10k

From creator Jon Grilz, a collection of the most famous and disturbing creepypastas and urban legends in the world. Listener discretion is advised. Stories requests can be made on twitter @creepypod or via email at [email protected]

4.6 • 10 Ratings

DtD01 Oct 13 2020
I really tried to like this podcast. I listened to around a hundred episodes. This podcast takes itself so seriously for something with such cheesey production. Take my advice and skip it.

ShesAZombie Oct 08 2020
Consistently great production quality.

Sam Hain Sep 29 2020
This is my favourite so far for 2020.

Jack Dare Aug 14 2020
High quality productions of some of the best creepypasta/short horror stories found anywhere! I never miss an episode :)

Lindee Aug 10 2020
I love the stories and the narration. This is one of my favorite horror podcasts.

taryn0330 Jul 31 2020
Addicted since episode 1, I love the stories and the shoutouts to patrons.

serinaluna Jul 18 2020
I love this podcast. Creepy has some of the best narrators and picks the best stories for each episode. Highly recommend.

Megs_got_the_cre Jun 11 2020
I listen to podcasts all day, every day while I do life, and Creepy is one of my two most beloved, most cherished, and certainly most necessary to my sanity, favorite podcasts (along with The Nosleep Podcast, obviously). The bonus content that comes with a patreon pledge is worth every penny, and then some. And if you love Jon (you will, if you don't already) Small Town Horror is a wonderful listen, and I'm still heartbroken that it's over.

pod addict May 14 2020
Wicked story

Tiny May 01 2020
Love it! Most of the stories are really creepy. Some to the point of disturbing. Great for listening to at night, all alone, with the lights off. And the hosts voice is very fitting.