Go Get Mom

Oct 28 2020 46 mins

This podcast is intended to be a place parents (or any adults for that matter) can go to get resources and advice on all things mental health, parenting, and realizing a passion. It was created as a branch of the community project The Kid Factory, aimed at finding solutions for the recent rise in anxiety, depression, and suicide in kids and teens. We want parents to find their best selves, because we know the children they care for will in turn reap the benefits. If you are looking for tools to build the future you deserve, listen thoughtfully. We speak with entrepreneurs, experts, doctors, therapists, scientists, moms and so much more about the components to living a truly fulfilled life. This is no generic "lean in" podcast... here you will get the information you can use to grow, heal, and embrace yourself and others. Come with us on a journey to redifine success!

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