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Oct 09 2020 13 mins

We share the experience gained over 30 years of marketing for world-class organizations PLUS strategies implemented marketing for nonprofits with no budget, and combine the golden nuggets of marketing wisdom I have learned into effective, efficient, easy-to-implement and affordable marketing strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Entrepeneur Interview: Khara Marie, Career Clarity and Confidence Coach
Oct 09 2020 50 mins  
We're interviewing Khara Marie, Career Clarity and Confidence Coach. Khara empowers women to find clarity in their career path and transition to experiencing more passion in their job choice so that they can love what they do or embrace a change. Khara will share the 3 pillars of going from day-job to DREAM job which include 1) Finding your VOICE, 2) Getting clear on your VISION and 3) Raising your VIBRATION so you can wake up feeling inspired each and every day. Get in touch with Khara at or in her Facebook group Visit our website for marketing advice to help grow your business 00:00 Welcome 1:20 Professional women seeking more clarity around their career path 2:11 passionate and purpose-driven women who get to a place where they aren't feeling the passion and excitement in their work 3:30 how I felt that same lack of joy and why 4:40 how the pandemic and people losing their job can awaken what's really inside 5:30 how it ties into planning for retirement 6:50 putting yourself into a b-o-x by getting a new j-o-b 7:15 why Khara didn't take the job she was offered 8:45 you're "supposed" to apply for a job 10:17 Khara's biggest marketing issues when she first started her business 11:12 climbing up the ladder only to find out it was against the wrong wall 11:30 how Khara's marketing needs have changed - she needs more marketing help 12:17 Khara said this piece of marketing should be SO easy but it trips her up every time 13:00 what she knew was wrong with her events, and how she fixed it The biggest takeaway if you hear nothing else: 13:40 should you move forward when everything isn't perfect? 14:25 constant iterations of improvement 15:20 how the pandemic has impacted her business 18:00 the need to pivot in-person events 19:45 what Khara wishes someone had told her about entrepreneurship before she started 22:05 things that don't work are simply data collection 22:20 what Vicky hopes all new entrepreneurs always remember 22:40 "I set up my website a week ago and no one has bought anything yet" 23:30 Khara's three pillars of women seeking career clarity and confidence 24:10 Voice 25:00 Vision 26:05 Vibration 27:55 how you take care of your inner critic 30:10 for new beginning entrepreneurs, what are my top 3 marketing tips that will result in the best bang for their buck SECOND MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAYS from this episode: 30:45 first - the worst marketing advice I've ever heard others give a new entrepreneur, why it's bad advice, and why it's SO important to do it right 35:05 which platform or social media to start your marketing on first 36:10 why it's so important to work on your brand strategy or overall marketing strategy before you go hire a virtual assistant 39:00 if you didn't already do these three things, it's not too late 39:45 what my 3 marketing tips spurred Khara to go do now 41:30 what I regularly check in my own marketing 44:15 how we're not meant to do this alone 45:00 what doing a search on Google feels like 45:30 abundance mentality 46:15 getting in touch with Khara #marketing #entrepreneur #business #marketingadvice #startingabusiness #digitalmarketing #marketingstrategy

[REVIEW] The Social Dilemma Documentary on Netflix - What Did You Learn? Do You Need to Worry?
Sep 25 2020 19 mins  
[REVIEW] The Social Dilemma Documentary on Netflix - What Did You Learn? Do You Need to Worry? A lot of people learned information on this documentary that shocked them. But do you need to worry about using social media? And how would that impact your business? - Nothing is free, so if you have access to a platform like social media for free, there is still an exchange happening, and in this case it's of your data - Why advertisers love PPC - how tightly you can target your audience (and a quick explanation of the different targeting available on a few of the different programs) - The platform isn't the problem and the advertisers aren't the problem - What we need to be considering with our own biases - Simplified overview of how the algorithm keeps you on the site longer - Confirmation bias ... we all have biases, as humans we want to confirm our own biases, and how the algorithm to keep us on the site accidentally plays into this - Conspiracy theories and how the algorithm keeps showing you things related to the biases you already have, pretty soon you're not seeing posts related to the other side of the debate - Social media algorithm isn't the problem; we are - A couple of ways we can all work to combat this - How we can all work together to keep the platforms SOCIAL - What businesses should focus on when using social media #marketing #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #entrepreneur #socialdilemma #entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur Interview: Sarah Lyons, Associate Broker and Top Agent
Aug 06 2020 31 mins  
Sarah Lyons is sharing some of her #realestate wisdom and how she has grown her business so fast. Sarah is the #1 Century 21 Judge Fite Agent, #61 individual agent in Texas (not brokerage specific). She is a National Association of REALTORS 30 under 30 honoree, has closed over 350 transactions. She's also a buys mom of 2 sons, ages 10 and 8, and knows something about work/life balance. You can connect with Sarah here: Cell/text: 817-675-6006 Email: [email protected] Website: 00:00 Welcome! 00:20 Introducing Sarah Lyons, Association Broker, NAR 30 Under 30, Over 350 transactions 01:27 How a new family plan and a Groupon got Sarah started 02:50 How much different Sarah's goals were when she started versus now 04:00 beyond putting goals in writing, this is how Sarah does goals 05:17 Marketing strategy, how you don't know what you don't know 05:38 How Sarah gets most of her clients 06:23 how you have to work when you don't have anything to fall back on 06:50 how Sarah got her first client 07:27 she didn't know what to do when she got her first appointment 08:00 why you don't have to wait until everything is perfect 08:40 it's about authenticity 09:20 how her marketing has pivoted after growth and with Covid-19 10:50 how she has been working remotely with buyers 11:35 putting "top agent" into perspective 12:35 how Sarah ranks in Texas against all the other agents in the state across all real estate companies 13:21 how her listing marketing has changed with the pandemic 14:05 what Sarah wishes someone had told her about business before she started 15:00 the importance of family time and a couple ways Sarah's family makes this time 15:38 when Sarah doesn't say I'm sorry 17:00 even a top agent can take a long vacation if you do this 18:00 her husband is her accountability partner by doing this 18:36 Sarah's favorite tip to simplify your life and some of her favorite apps 20:30 marketing automation and how technology can make your life easier 21:32 when it comes to social media, do you feel Facebook is still the best platform? 22:00 what I noticed on the engagement rate on some Facebook pages with huge followings 22:50 choosing which social media platform to use depends on THIS 23:10 two types of marketing I recommend entrepreneurs focus on 23:35 the bad thing that happened to one of my own Facebook pages #entrepreneur #interview #marketing #business #success 24:11 the current opportunity available on Facebook 24:36 what you're going to have to do to reach your customers on Facebook 25:05 this tip is good on any social media platform 25:28 does a real estate agent need this marketing strategy? 27:01 how can we best maximize Google for marketing without spending a lot of money? 27:45 some of the things you can do on Google My Business to market your business 29:00 one way Sarah used her Google My Business and something she checks regularly 30:17 why I recommend Sarah and how she can help you 30:45 how you can get in touch with Sarah 31:05 why Sarah refers clients to us for marketing #entrepreneur #business #marketing #digitalmarketing #realestate

Marketing Myth: You Need More Marketing Tools - or you need to add the newest shiny tool
Jul 24 2020 7 mins  
⭕ A Marketing Mythbuster - find out why we DO NOT recommend that you always add another software / platform / app! Marketing Myth: More Marketing Tools Always Helps Your Business One of my pet peeves is seeing when a prospect comes to us, and they've had coaches and vendors and marketers over the years have them add more and more software and apps to their processes. Technology is meant to make our lives easier, yet what happens is the client ends up having to duplicate work and enter information into multiple systems. Stop right there! There are only FOUR software platforms that I really need in my business if you get right down to it (and you probably don't need the first one). And anything else better work with these others, or I'm likely saying no. 1. Adobe Creative Cloud - I already had this for years before opening my own business, and it's a requirement for anyone in my field, although you may not need this one. 2. Website - this is the first thing specifically for my new company that I set up. I always recommend you own your website AND your own hosting, and I recommend Bluehost 3. For blast email marketing I always recommend Mailchimp 4. A CRM can be your best friend for automating pieces of the sales process, and my favorite (for unlimited automatic workflows) is Dubsado 5. My one extra? Squirrly Social - allows evergreen posting of recurring content plus other social scheduling As a bonus, we offer our clients our in-house landing page platform. Free trial, then option for inexpensive monthly plans (the least expensive you'll find anywhere): #marketing #entrepreneur #efficiency #business

Entrepreneur Interview: Cyndii Sinex with the Chronic Illness Hotline
Jul 03 2020 47 mins  
Today we are speaking with Cyndii Sinex, found of the Chronic Illness Hotline. The hotline provides a listening ear for those with chronic illness during the current pandemic and beyond. Chronic Illness Hotline gives a safe place to vent negatives, celebrate positives, practice advocating, build a journey story, set goals, help identify resources, and much more. Viewer challenge! Donate via PayPal to [email protected] ... Every amount helps small nonprofits like this continue to provide critical services, and I know personally your donation will be put to good use and be responsibly used. Send the cost of a cup of coffee a week! You can connect with the Chronic Illness Hotline: Text "care" to 202-596-6520 Visit Like the Facebook page Follow on Twitter Follow on Instagram SUBSCRIBE so that you always receive the latest marketing updates. Or visit our website at for a ton of great marketing information! Show notes: 0:20 Introducing Chronic Illness Hotline 1:09 Cyndii's background, and how one small slip and fall took her down a healthcare rabbit hole 2:10 Diagnosis #1 - fibromyalgia 2:45 Prescribed anti-depressant SSRIs, which put serotonin at a toxic level 3:10 Nerve damage, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure caused by medication were attributed to anxiety 3:50 Medical community was aware of serotonin syndrome but it wasn't widespread understanding 4:30 Eight years to diagnose serotonin toxicity, several more for additional diagnoses 4:47 The toll it took on her life 5:27 With other hotlines, callers want to take their life, but Cyndii calls because she's afraid her life is being taken, so she felt like she didn't fit 7:00 It must be in your head 7:45 Just prescribe medicine 8:30 Why another hotline? How CIH is different and why a specific hotline is important 9:45 Why even our most supportive and loving friends and family can't always provide the support we need 10:15 Why would a hotline caller want to celebrate? 11:05 Five of the common reasons people reach out to the hotline 12:00 Why it's hard when someone asks "how are you?" 15:15 Getting the nonprofit started 16:39 What sparked the idea 18:11 Nonprofit work is like 10 full-time jobs (don't I know this!) 18:42 The impact of Covid-19 on their startup plans 26:55 What it takes to recruit 27:46 Your challenge ... even small donations add up - paypal link 30:55 There's two types of people on social media 33:03 Social media fairy, please visit 34:00 The best thing you can do for a friend who has a chronic illness or pain 35:00 One of the best things you can do if you've been diagnosed or are going through trying to be diagnosed 37:00 General mental health tip 39:00 Stages of grief when your body is failing you 39:30 How to connect with the CIH 40:30 Why not to share our social posts by tagging a friend - send a private message instead 41:21 All aspects of your life affect your chronic illness 43:04 Information on how you can support the cause 43:53 Cyndii's question for me about the beast that is SEO

Your Marketing Department: Interview with Entrepreneur Elle Monus
May 15 2020 29 mins  
Elle Monus, Co-Founder of True Image Group. Elle builds businesses and specializes in branding and scaling high-growth startups. Her passion for style and branding started when she had the opportunity to build out the Styling function of a popular clothing subscription box. She how to balance a professional presence and femme fashion in order to wow inside and out of the conference room. Find out more about True Image Group at or Follow us to receive the latest marketing news, or visit our website at Here's some highlights from the interview: 1:40 styling who you are and where you want to be in life 2:15 what got Elle started in this business 3:45 why style needs to also be about your personality and lifestlye 5:40 their six-week course that covers style pain points 6:20 marketing issues when they first started and what questions they asked themselves 7:00 until you have knowledge of what you need to be doing before you can determine the budget 8:30 why businesses need to focus on 9:02 what she wishes someone had told her before becoming an entrepreneur 12:12 how their styling service happens 16:32 her favorite client 18:33 local or virtual services 19:42 how to reach True Image Group 20:28 some of the largest lessons I learned at my last marketing job 21:00 rebranding to no longer be viewed as a small mom and pop shop 22:00 my thought process when considering one of our possible marketing strategies 23:13 becoming official partner of the Dallas Cowboys 24:03 the marketing commitment involved 24:50 considering the philosophy of both organizations before the partnership 26:00 organizational skills and needs 26:49 does the brand need to reflect who the client is, or itself, or a blend of both?

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