A Portrait of Souls

Sep 28 2020

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The Ground of Being
Sep 13 2020
How can a person reconnect with the light in their soul when his or her heart is overcome with the madness and noise of the world? How does a person free themselves from the uncertainties of life and root out the weeds that crowd and contaminate their inner path?The conflicts, the negativity, the brutish behavior and the many small sorrows we witness every day, every hour, disrupt and warp the focus of the seeker, but perhaps therein lies the work.It is difficult, I know, to be at peace in this rocky, tarnished, upturned world where reckless claims and incessant outrages bellow out from the screens of the world.But peace is at hand. Peace is always at hand. There is a way to reclaim what is lost. A calm heart is always within reach, if it is sought in earnest.Think on this:Each leaf and stone, each ocean and star, each soul and mind has its place in this wondrous universe.The lion lives on the savanna. The chimp explores the heights of the tree, while the leaf flutters on its branch. The rose sways in the breeze, as does the poppy, the sunflower, and fields of wheat. A fish breathes within the ocean wave, a tide created by the pull of the moon. The flag tussles in the wind, while the bird lifts and dances upon its current. Our dear planet sweeps through its orbit, beckoned by the intimate force of our sun. So, too, do the stars, ad infinitum, sail along their own special circuit through the cosmos. But people are different. You and I are different. We can choose to rest our minds upon any plane we wish. Each person, whether he or she lives in a village, a town, in a city, in a large family or lives quite alone, each is far more than they appear on the outside. On the inside, each person, that is, you and I, and everyone we have ever known, everyone who has ever existed, being simple or complex, innocent or blemished in numerous ways, can exist in full awareness, on other levels, on higher planes. There is not a man or woman alive that has not the breath of love to sustain him or her through their brief trip to Earth, and each of us may know that love as a real and permanent force. You and I are of *Spirit*. Though our bodies die, we are each immortal, and we may realize this truth while we struggle through the noise, through the chaos and commotion that seeks to upturn us.To experience the ground of our true being requires work; it requires trust, virtue, and ambition, but the experience can be had within the space of a single breath. It can mine, just as it can be yours. It rests within each moment, even this moment. With only a slight turn of the mind, a person may lift into the land of love, into the plane of purity, onto a level of limitless belonging. Allow the planes to merge and for reality to expand. So begins the prayer:I exist in spirit, and spirit exists in me.I exist in love, and love resides in me.  I exist in light, and light shines through me.I exist in truth, and truth rests in me.I exist in God, and God exists in me.Let it be so.

Anatomy of the Word
Aug 23 2020
Words have power, and yet a word read in a strange language is meaningless; in of itself, it has no significance. It is little more than an odd collection of syllables—tones in tempo. Though the cadence of an unfamiliar word can be turned and tuned on the mind's tongue, it has form but no weight; it lacks meaning in the reader's mental and emotional world. But as soon as the sound is clothed with substance, a context, an emotion, no matter how slight or simple or tangential the effort to do so, the word clarifies and comes to life. It begins to breathe, born eternal into the inner life of the person thinking.Calm. Integrity. Presence. Trust.Without a point of reference, without, say, a physical gesture or a raised voice, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs exist in a void, but when a meaning is given to a name or expression, it populates the imagination with all manner of colors, flavors and wide associations. Suddenly the word perches in a person's reality. No matter how subjective or fanciful, it blossoms and becomes useful, and a new point of reference is born. Compassion. Hope. Tolerance. Beauty.But often, the true spirit of a word can remain elusive. *God* is one such word. *Love* is another. A seeker must ask what these words truly mean. We can define an apple or a tree by pointing to it. We can compare it to something nearby as a point of reference, but the sublime and heavenly cannot be grasped in absolute terms the way a concrete object can. Gratitude. Reverence. Harmony. Eternity. If we look carefully at the contour of a word, we find it consists of much more than a dry, definition. Below the surface, a word carries emotion, motivation, and oftentimes, far-reaching associations. Each name is embedded with feeling and memory.Respect. Happiness . Serenity. Patience.Each word possesses an essence all its own, a quality that distinguishes it from any other concept, a feeling, a context in which the reader can perceive and relate to it meaningfully in his or her own life. Though intangible and often impossible to measure, these feelings give the language its depth, character, and utility.Temperance. Forgiveness. Altruism. Justice.Speech, in its many forms, is a creative act, no matter how mundane or commonplace its intent. The body of each word has limbs of sound: definition, image, and a unique feeling. Even a cold number can excite the mind of a mathematician. Diligence. Authenticity. Confidence. Integrity. The word *apple* means something different to each person since the experience of eating an apple is unique to the person eating it. The word *child* might evoke happiness in one person and sadness in another. It might conjure a smiling infant or a talkative toddler, or memories of their childhood. And since an experience can't be shared, only related, it is the thinker's task and natural inclination to place a word within the palette of their own experience. The thinker must color the concept with his or her own mark, even when the word describes *another* person's experience. And so, each word suggests a doorway into a complex labyrinth of ideas and images, feelings, motives, and memories that a personality is built upon; perhaps even an ancient memory of God. This is how an individual's thoughts are organized and how an interior life can flourish.By understanding the nature of language and how it works in the mind and in the heart, that a word is both form and feeling captured in time, we can attempt to understand the true meaning of a word by gathering as many of its threads as we can. This simple reversal can provide a pathway toward Inner Light. First comes the feeling, then grows an understanding.Love. Purity. Virtue. Goodness.As we practice the art of virtue, as we practice kindness, authenticity, and humility, we lift not only into a concept of God but into an experience of pure spirit.Kindness. Patience. Forgiveness. Love.Instead of starting with knowledge and attempting to approach its reality, it is possible to embodying virtue and lift into the ground of omnipresence, of omniscience, of a union, an eternal state of being. May each of us find our way along the path toward Inner Light, with...Goodness. Acceptance. Tenderness, and Grace.

Looking Up
Mar 30 2020
The many little eyes of Earth look up and search, and open up to the great lights of outer space, perhaps with joy, but certainly with great resolve. With every fiber of their being, each stem strains to trace the sky for light, and for life. The flower gathers the Sunlight, just as a bee collects the stamen’s pollen, and surely held within this simple, sublime exchange is held the arc of Earth’s desire to express itself in hues of love, ever reaching, ever receiving. While the theologian and the scientist attempt to paint our little lives into corners of comparison and conformity, let us allow the example of the natural world to offer a hint to what natural possibility is ours, for we too are drawn to light, though of a higher caliber: the light of spiritual dimension; the inner space of light; the light of the soul. One person might call it love, another, beauty, and another might call its essence Divine, but beyond all words and all thought this Light exists at the fount of a kindly Being. It is here among us, just as surely as your eyes blink, but it exists upon a higher plane, above and within, before and after all worldly sense and experience. Thus it requires the subtle self to seek it out. The world is full of metaphor for the seeking soul, where it may try to equate itself to this theory or that, but eventually it must admit to itself the equivalence that speaks quietly, directly and beautifully in the many folds of life. Just as the flower looks up in earnest to the star, so may the soul align itself to the abundance that awaits, ready to flow and heal and make whole the accepting soul. Is this not the final act of love, to open to Love’s very own Light? Let it be so.

A Meditation on Forgiveness
Jan 23 2020
This is a meditation about forgiveness. The act of forgiveness can be both powerful and liberating, for the forgiven and for the forgiver. Bound in the wisdom of kindness, forgiveness has the potential to free us from the lingering pain of the past, while helping us to live more fully in the present. By choosing to lessen or remove the burden of uncomfortable memories, strained relationships or guilt for our own shortcomings, we may become more able to develop and sustain a greater harmony in ourselves. Through a simple, sincere act of forgiveness, we may take a step forward in life and nurture a positive insight in how to live more fully and more freely. Let us begin this meditation by adjusting our poise and breathing. Straighten your back and rest your hands in your lap, and take a few moments to settle yourself. Take in a slow breath and allow your body to relax. Close your eyes or, if you prefer, look at a point in front of you and soften your focus. Take another slow breath and encourage the air you breathe to reach deep into your body. Hold the breath for a moment and then release it, allowing all tension and anxiety to fall away. Take another deep breath and imagine the air as if it were a wave of light illuminating every cell of your being. Encourage each new breath to flow into every part of you, deep into your lungs, into your heart, into your arms, hands, torso, legs, and feet. In learning about the power of forgiveness, let us first learn how to forgive ourselves. Whatever burdens you carry, use this time to gently acknowledge them. If you have hurt yourself, betrayed your conscience, or have other causes of regret, gently place the situation before you. Try not to analyze it or pass judgment on yourself, just acknowledge the sorrow it has produced, or the anxiety it has caused, but in doing so also acknowledge that it is in the past, whether that be by years or by mere moments. Notice that there is a space between you and the fault you perceive. It is there and you are here. Inhale deeply and feel your chest expand. Now, exhale this breath from the center of your heart, as if it were a beam of light shining out from within. With forgiveness in your heart, direct this light to the problem that you’ve placed before you. Say to yourself: I forgive you. I forgive you. I now release you. Again, send a wave of forgiveness out from the center of your heart toward whatever has caused you pain. It is there and you are here. It is there and you are strong and safe at your center. I forgive you. I forgive you. I now release you. Try to let all guilt and resentment fall away and allow yourself to experience the strength and freedom that comes with an expression of forgiveness. Acknowledge whatever peace and inner strength it brings into your field. I forgive you. I forgive you. I now release you. Feel the freedom that is born from a sincere act of forgiveness. Now place before you an image of someone who you feel has wronged you, someone that has caused you pain, or made you feel unworthy or angry. If you have difficulty holding their image, or if their image makes you feel uncomfortable, just imagine their outline at a safe distance from you. Again, try not to analyze or replay past events, just acknowledge the sorrow and anxiety this person has caused you, and prepare to forgive them. Take a deep breath and feel your chest expand. As you exhale, make a firm decision to release the bonds of pain that have bound you, and send a breath of forgiveness from your heart to the person placed before you. Quietly in your mind, say to the person: I forgive you. I forgive you. I now release you. Know that you are safe and strong, projecting goodness from the pure center of your heart: I forgive you. I forgive you. I now release you. Relax for a moment. Now take another breath and encourage the air to reach deep into your body. Send out a second wave of positive, pure energy to the person before you. Look for the goodness in yourself and send it out from your heart. Decide to make this positive energy, this light of forgiveness, strong, stronger than the negative, stronger than the hurt. The power to forgive is yours; send it out into the world with joy. Again, quietly in your mind, say to the image before you: I forgive you. I forgive you. I now release you. As you send this wave of goodwill, this ray of kindness, see if you can sense the injustice or grievance begin to fade. Releasing all control and all expectation, send a third wave of forgiveness from your heart to the person before you. Whether they accept it or not, is not your concern; it is enough that you recognize the goodness in yourself and that you give it freely. Again, say to the person: I forgive you. I forgive you. I now release you. Now let the image melt away. Notice how you feel right now – perhaps you feel a little freer, a little lighter, happier, and at peace. Recognize that you can enter into this safe space at any time you wish. Now offer this benevolence, this feeling of goodwill to the entire world. Inhale deeply and again send the light of your breath out from your heart, gently, lovingly into the space around you. Let it again fill your heart and then saturate the world. Let it bring you peace. You are unique in the life of the Universe, a needed and most important part of the whole. Instead of holding onto the pain of resentment, bitterness or anger, toward others or yourself, know that you have the power to forgive. Let yourself be free. Rest awhile in this thought. Now it is time to return to your physical space. Take a slow, deep breath and gently tune yourself back into the room. Slowly become aware of your surroundings. Take another breath. Gradually stretch your arms and legs, gently twist your neck back and forth, and when you are ready, open your eyes. Have a wonderful and peaceful day.

Invisible Forces Abound
Dec 14 2019
We move in a world where gravity, magnetism, electrical force and sunlight hold our lives together. Vast, unseen powers sustain the ability of each earthling to live and move, work and play. These universal forces are fundamental to our existence yet are so steady that we are unable to separate them from our ordinary awareness.Just think about what immense, transparent forces course through us while we read, shop, eat and talk. Beyond the reach of our senses we are saturated with radio waves, x-rays, infrared, and radiation from billions of stars that dance and decay across the Cosmos. Vast levels of influence are all around us; invisible forces abound.In a similar way, could it be that we are unable to discern the Source of all life, that most basic fabric of ourselves, until we are quiet and centered in pure thought?It is natural for us to want to know more, and since wisdom and knowledge is the result of life and its experience, we can say with confidence that each of us is guided to unfold this awareness. Indeed, the more we contemplate what vast forces play around us, the more we may become amazed at how our own marvelous insignificance is encouraged to advance.Let us rest our eyes upon the wide expanse of twilight sky and breathing calmly, try to capture in the mind the beginnings of immensity. This is how awe is born and how the note of reverence is nurtured.Let us remember that each of us here is experiencing a unique and particular viewpoint of time in space. By being a conscious part of life we share awareness with the Source, and that is perhaps our greatest responsibility and the pathway to the deepest joy.

Nov 01 2019
Today, I have seen with my own eyes that a thought of love has substance. What a strange force this is, that by pressing goodness from the invisible layers of ourselves, we may lift the spirit of life around us! From the purity of the Soul, a thought of love ripples out as a force through space. Perhaps a loving thought is no less a thing than starlight, which is destined to search forever until met and absorbed. Yet, it must be more, for on the breath of a pure prayer, on the wings of a gentle voice, within a soft, sympathetic smile, or the boundless dance of a happy child, Love may also lift and disarm a thought of anger into a gesture of simple tenderness. Maybe in this way, the whole of life is lifted just enough to make a difference, just enough to change an outcome of being forever. Not even the greatest star can do such a thing. I have seen today how a breath of love given freely neutralizes, calms, elevates, and offers respite from troubled thoughts and feelings. Is this not what we have been trying to discover all along, that the purest principal of character is expressed in a clear thought of kindness? Through an act of silent love, we may express the reality of our Soul and, like a source of light, be a nurturing force in the Cosmos. From the freedom of the inner life, we may love outwardly, silently, fearlessly, for unconditional love is not attached to worldly thoughts or feelings. Its simple, soundless voice is satisfied in the humility and delight of itself. It requires no acknowledgement or explanation, and makes no claim upon a person or situation. By silently expressing the pure possibility of our highest, finest ideal, our goodness reveals theirs. And so it is that we are then able to float upward to a sublime plane of joy.

Dawn's Mercy
Sep 27 2019
Dawn spills midnight blue across the Oneness of this sky, as sunlight again creates the shadows of Earth, in hues of gold, now red.Life does not often demand that a lesson be learnt in a single moment, with force or violence, but gently, with mercy, in the procession of days, weeks, and even years; almost imperceptibly in the small choices placed within the turn of each day, in an elegant cycle of light and dark, work and rest, trial and reflection.Waking from the sweet dullness of sleep, each new day we are beckoned by the tides of light to again continue along our path; to again resolve the frictions of hardship, ambition, and relation; to solve in ourselves the same scene a hundred, perhaps a thousand times, realizing that we have the free will to corrupt, stabilize, and finally purify who we are, by reading in the world the reflections of ourselves.But then occasionally, unexpectedly, there comes that moment of pure light where an aperture allows pure insight to shine upon the Soul’s method. The mind flies into the sky, high above the world, far past the orbit of the moon, and sees the Earth to its left and the Sun to its right and at last it is understood that night and day is a point of view. The Sun has never stopped shining for us. It is the spinning Earth that has given us our experiment, allowing the troubles of life to pull us this way and that, in struggle and rest, in action and contemplation. And yet each of us may rise beyond the circle of time and settle as a witness, the observer, calm in the understanding that life happens not to us, but for us. We are here to change in a place of Change through the expression of each precious moment of living.

Crown of Petals
Sep 20 2019
If, while looking upon a flower, someone knelt beside you and whispered in your ear, “Therein sits God,” would you continue to call the flower, a flower? Would not the stem become a scepter and the ring of petals become a crown? If you looked upon a tree and were told that the Divine saturated every leaf, would you continue to use the word tree, or would you call it Heavenly? Would you call a rock, a simple rock, if the whisperer explained that the stone hums along with the entire universe? Would a mountain become a throne? Would not a blade of grass become an ornament of light, a glorious undulation of the whole? What if you could grasp, even for an instant, the marvel of this Unity? How would life change?If you knew the Divine was in the air, how differently would you breathe? If you knew the Divine was under your feet, how more carefully would you tread? If you knew that the Divine were in every drop of water, how differently would you bathe each limb of your body? If you knew such things, would you partition one thing sacred and the other not?Would you continue to restrict Divinity to a temple, or a book, or to the Heavens? Would you keep parceling and partitioning yourself and the world, or would you seek out the Presence in all places? Would you at last accept your identity as a precious jewel in the fabric of the whole?Yet, there is a separation. You are here and the flower is there. But, the whisperer explains: the flower helps us to forget our wholeness for a while, to help us understand that we delve and dance with a will of our own, even as we play within the wonder of creation, within the unity that Is, in the Oneness that will always hold us.

A Work of Art
Aug 09 2019
In life, a Soul must choose a disguise: city dweller, farmer, soldier, artist, and so on. The costumes we wear have been lived and exchanged over the course of millennia and are so ingrained that a fleeting identity is usually mistaken for the soul that personifies it. Indeed, thought has power and can create a sense of permanence where only flux exists, and yet this is the way we learn and thereby choose who we are and what we wish to become. Over time, each point of light may discover how to release itself from pain and enter into love, and then, leaving behind the weight of injustice and self-pity, venture into fresher fields and finer awareness. This thing that we seek to master and mature in ourselves—the clay of conscience—is it not character? And what is the great possibility held in deciding the color and contour of that character? Is it not to develop and refine what we are through the disciplines of sincere living? How many of us recognize that by evolving the personality we begin to control the levels of ourselves, the energies of what we are, and therein is the reason for choosing carefully. Each life may choose to become one with the crowd, with the forest, with our memories, or even with kindness itself. At any time, you and I can withdraw and exist elsewhere, just as an actor might decide to enter or exit a scene. Just think, when we do something as simple as opening a door for a stranger or offering a gentle word to a friend, we express within that politeness a kindness in body, emotion and thought that lifts the elements of both Souls. By developing our character, we align ourselves with the idea we have adopted as truth, evolving it until we open to the greater Truth. Perhaps then, having come to the end of all philosophy, we will stop measuring life, and in that moment, finally understand. Let us then grasp the longer view, that we are the eternal artists of ourselves, displaying in the mirror of the world what wisdom we have gathered through the tone and beauty of our actions. Truly, the greatest work of art in this world is that of an unfolding human character: a sculpture of intent and imagination held in an ever-increasing love. This great work of art is perfected in the kiln of worldly experience, in the heartache and joy of life’s expression. This being so, surely all life will eventually choose to live as an expression of what is constant, of what rings true, and use its wisdom as a key to the door of perennial love. Perhaps that is why the masters explain that the password to eternal life is spoken with tenderness.

A Lapse of Time
Jun 10 2019
As each of us move though space, from this stage to that, and from that hope to this, let us ask, who is steering us through the maze of life? Who is watching? Who is seeing? Who is it that seeks and ponders upon the complexities of life? Are we separate from what we see or are we a product of it; a creator playing with ideas, or a plaything of an insensible universe? Whatever we might say, we can understand well enough that time itself is not chaotic or random: it has the discipline of eternity and cannot fail us. What would happen if we were able to step out of the stream of space and with a lapse of time, lift into an eternal place of being? Perhaps then on our return to home, we would recognize the importance of our time on Earth.Just think: if in Heaven there were no conflict, no adversity, only a life of perfect peace and certainty, would we not stagnate? Is it even possible to contemplate a change in one’s Self while living in the eternal. After all, what would compel us to grow? Down here on Earth—this place of duality, of right and wrong, of darkness and light—here is where we may decide, rushing through tunnels of experience toward wisdom, a wisdom we must earn and then choose to demonstrate. In duality, on the byways of human life we are given grand choices, for here on Earth is the place to change the essence of who we are, not in the Light, for surely we will carry our earthly choices into Permanence, into timelessness itself.This being so, could it be then that the Infinite has shrunk our experience into little moments, each just small enough for us to grasp and inspect the deeper reality, but at a distance, there to hold in our minds the wonder, the miracle of what we are? And since we gain wisdom from the trials of life, can we not infer that we are from beyond the bounds of time, not here to merely suffer through our obligations, to reap and suffer as we sow? Then are we not all undying, perpetual points of light, destined to search and create forever? Let us then ask, from where have we come and to where are we going in this great mystery of Light? Let us keep pushing at the edge of mystery and demand to know: Where are we? Where have we been? Where are we going? What is our place in the grand scheme of Light, and what of its energies create the road we're on?Wherever and whatever we are doing in our lives, surely it has always been our precious work, our own heart's special labor to create and perfect ourselves. Is not each of us, you and I, and everyone we will ever know, unique: expressing, planning, anticipating and reacting, each in our own way? You and I are not products of a cosmic machine; we are creators who are able to build upon our ability to dream and desire. Though we travel along the difficult roads of life, we are and always will be.

A Vision of Night
Apr 04 2019
Seldom is true goodness ambiguous, so we might wonder why a Soul chooses to blind itself with emotion and desire, to delve into the darkness of distraction and to walk through life neglectful of the beauty that sustains it. Could it be that once it has realized the freedom of individuality, a young Soul, a child of Light such as yourself set free in the firmament, must first fulfill some irresistible urge to express itself aloud in the darkness and thereby know what it truly is and what power is its own? Here on this Earth we see how everyone talks and argues their truth, for the world is a Soul’s mirror, where it may create and recreate itself in its own light as often as it wishes, to thereby entertain its vanity or test its understanding of love. As the Soul advances, it receives many suggestions on how to behave and who to become, and as the embodied light walks forward through the darkness, it must test the contour of its heart with each footfall. It will stumble at first, and long after, but eventually it will right itself and find wisdom in its expression. In the beginning and at the end of this night, it is the solitary Soul in the loneliness of his own mind who must decide what ideas he will express and what design his heart will demonstrate—not his neighbor, nor his hero, or his culture. Understanding this responsibility precedes any lasting freedom. Within this night is our grand experiment, where we, you and I, run this way and that, up and down the avenues of the absurd, sleeping, crying, laughing and dreaming. But above the heaviness of night an idea, like the sunlit moon, looks patiently, placidly, even longingly upon us. It’s light contains the key to our own, a way back that is so simple and so pure, for high up within each Soul resides the perfect idea, the Word, perhaps, and we are here to find it and even emulate its flawless expression of love. As the Soul treks through darkness with no memory of where it came from, and often having no idea where it is going, there remains that particular knowledge, stirring and agitating the young Soul to move forward and create itself anew. Herein rests the true vision of night.

The Leap
Mar 19 2019
Imagine this: When in moments of Love when we are able to lift out of ourselves, think of how one day the body will fall away, just as the chrysalis or the seashell releases its hold on the life placed within it. We have become so used to the idea of our human self, so used to its body, appearance, language, and expectation that we have placed our entirety into it. But one day, we will know these things are not truly ours; that they must be returned to the sole sovereignty of Earth. Could it be that all things in nature have an interior presence, returning to this life and that in order to animate a form and thereby learn of Love? Does not each of us know secretly within that deep Love and its awareness cannot die, but only adapt and turn along a spiral of longing? What a relief it must be to breathe in the perfumed rays of light after the heaviness of Earth. There! What an extraordinary thought, that we, you and I, infinitesimal persons in the vastness of space, have a life beyond, one that is before and after this worldly place. Let us take a leap of mind and know that we are but visitors here, like divers who put on a suit to walk upon the bed of the ocean, to rise to the surface when the work is complete and the lesson learned. It is not outside that we will discover from where we have come and where we are going, but from behind closed eyes and within an open heart. Let us understand then that all we take with us when we leave this place is whatever depth of Love we have claimed as our own. Everything else passes away, and how real can something be if it does not last?

A Doorway Awaits
Mar 11 2019
Off in the distance, a doorway awaits. Built into the fabric of every soul, it is often indistinct under the dulled light of a busy mind, yet it offers itself as a gateway to a finer dimension, where a forest or an ocean may be leapt across just easily as a searching heart may absorb a thought of light. All that is required to set the door ajar is a single, definite wish to explore. Indeed, there is no other key than a desire to leap. Its threshold marks the beginning of Infinity and the end of darkness, and more. But a voice says, “It is only the imagination.” Yes, it begins that way, but we may, if we wish, explore a reality beyond it, a solid reality, a reality for which we have been preparing ourselves all this time; a reality that each of us nurtures in our precious days on Earth. Belief is the currency of a creator, whereby what is hoped for is conjured in the fire of the will, in the temple of the imagination. In the room beyond the door exists this great treasure. Within it we may resist the pull of memory, of blame, of avoidance and self-pity and recreate ourselves in an image of pure delight, without the weight of Earth and all its troubles. Once we have stepped across the threshold we may reinvent ourselves in any and all ways we desire, and prepare to lift into a reality that corresponds to that same desire. Whatever a person believes he becomes. This is the first secret of the inner life, and the marvel of the Soul’s eternal arc. By imagining, a person may fashion himself anew and adjust the foundation of his entire being. The door that links these worlds awaits the single push of a focused heart whereupon we may step from this place to all places and thereby be free.

In Wondrous Company
Mar 07 2019
I walk this dream in the wondrous company of children and mothers, presidents, professors, gardeners and engineers. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of brothers and artists, students, librarians, grocers and psychics. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of dancers and cooks, lifeguards, violinists, seamstresses and florists. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of nurses and firemen, composers, miners, equestrians and welders. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of soldiers and secretaries, farmers, waitresses, street sweepers and sages. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of doctors and poets, sailors, fisherman, journalists and judges. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of priests and scientists, ballerinas, stewards, merchants and bus drivers. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of fathers and daughters, filmmakers, bakers, tailors and healers. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of cleaners and parking attendants, builders, accountants, hoteliers and salesmen. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of writers and painters, building managers, barristers, actors and chemists. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of electricians and photographers, athletes, surveyors, psychologists and lawyers. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of historians and designers, carpenters, architects, mechanics and plumbers. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of maids and surgeons, models, paramedics, astronomers and school teachers. I walk this dream in the wondrous company of angels and guides, the Elohim, the Pure Light, the Divine, and you. In your wondrous company, I dream.

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