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The podcast for stand up paddle inspiration whether you're a SUPracer , stand-up paddleboard surfer or SUP adventurer. We talk with guests about fitness, paddle technique and subjects geared to help and inspire across all skill and experience levels and give you what you need to get the most out of your stand-up paddleboard. We cover all disciplines from SUP foiling and whitewater SUP to downwinding and we discuss issues affecting standup paddlers globally. Our mission is to help you to get on your board more, move your paddling onto the next level and increase the physical and mental health benefits for everyone who has embraced the sport world-wide. If you have a story to tell, or would like to share your stoke then DM us on Instagram @supfmpodcast

How to paddle SAFELY!
Oct 12 2020 36 mins  
Welcome back as we kick off Season 3 of the SUPfm podcast! We're both really excited to get back after a short break and we've got a load of new and great guests to share with you over the weeks to come, so don't miss out and make sure you've subscribed on your preferred pod-catcher to get each episode as they are released! In this episode we catch up with Nick Ayers, a regional water-safety lead for the RNLI. The RNLI is a UK based charity whose brave volunteers rescue countless people across the UK and Ireland every year and he talks about the work of the RNLI to keep SUP boarders safe and the rise in paddle-board incidents post lock-down. This episode ties in nicely with something that we've been working REALLY hard on, over the summer and which we've recently released : an exclusive and brand new online course called : "Stand Up Paddleboard Safety - Becoming Self Sufficient On The Water". It is designed for leisure paddlers and will give you a deep understanding of conditions, hazards to avoid, and best practices. WE don't believe that there is a better course available online anywhere and this fully comprehensive 47 module video course helps you study at your own pace... and your paddle sessions will be WAY more rewarding and interesting after you've finished it. Get £10 off here --> ( Do you have any water safety stories and lessons to share? We'd love to hear them, sign up to our newsletter and hit reply on any of the emails we send you: ( ) alternatively you can tell us your story by leaving us a voice message at (

The SUPfm Book Club
Jul 25 2020 36 mins  
As we reach the mid point (ish) of Season Two we take a departure from our usual interview format with a episode we've wanted to do for a while...our favourite SUP and water books. Whether it's getting some holiday reading or something to keep you satisfied if you're not able to get out onto the water, in this episode we discuss our favourites : if you want to be inspired by adventure and a mammoth trip, find some great paddle spots, building your skills by interpreting water better or just to find out why we have such a connection getting onto the water. We've also got a couple of Laird Hamilton's greatest hits. If we've missed any then please let us know ! Check out the list and (affiliate) links below.   Matt Crofton: Mighty () Laird Hamilton: Force of Nature () Laird Hamilton: Liferider () Lizzie Carr: Paddleboarding Britain () Fiona Quinn: Ignore the Fear () Tristan Gooley: How To Read Water: Clues & Patterns from Puddles to the Sea () Wallace J Nichols: Blue Mind ()   Simon's article about SUP and the benefits for the brain is :

Using Stand Up Paddle to Push Back The Plastic Tide
Jul 17 2020 48 mins  
Originally from New York, Christian Shaw paddles out of Santa Cruz, California and is a water-man with a huge focus on stand up paddling. He's a SUP Surfer, whitewater paddler and a competitor at races including the 11 cities...he certainly rolls up his sleeves and gets involved. After a conference in 2014, Christian and fellow environmentalists were inspired to set up (Plastic Tides) , an organisation with the goal "to inspire action toward a plastic-free future, through adventure, education and youth empowerment". It's a noble goal and one that they've been doing extremely effectively. We discuss how he mixed his anti-plastic ambitions with stand up paddle and how well the sport has served as a platform to deliver the message. Plastic has some frightening statistics. In 2015 381 million tonnes of plastic was created worldwide, 19.5% of which was recycled, 25.5% incinerated and 55% discarded. 8 million tonnes of plastic finds its way into the ocean every year and there are a ton more statistics here: ( Watch the film of Christian's SUP circumnavigation of Bermuda back in 2014 ( The study results from his trip are posted on this study map ( Since Bermuda, there have been many other trips and there are many more to come. We really hope that you enjoyed this podcast. As a thank you, grab a free list of our 14 favourite and most useful paddle apps by signing up at Mahalo!

How to choose a stand up paddle board with Blue Planet Sup
Jun 19 2020 41 mins  
Robert Stehlik started Blue Planet Surf back in the early 90's and it became Blue Planet SUP as he realized the implications of the booming stand up paddle industry. Based in Hawaii a stone's throw away from Waikiki Beach and Ala Moana Beach Park in Honululu, his brand has become one of the foundations of the industry. Renowned for their thriving Youtube channel, Blue Planet SUP has put out hundreds of extremely helpful how to videos and informational small films that have undoubtedly assisted many paddlers in their journeys. It's an honour to be able to tap into Robert Stehlik's extensive experience and knowledge in this episode. If you're looking to buy your first board or upgrade your trusty plank, then this episode is for you. Vital links that can help you make a choice and understand the physics of stand up paddle boards: Choosing a stand up paddle board: ( Choosing a paddle ( Choosing fins: ( Blue Planet Surf YouTube channel: ( Thanks for listening and please share this episode with your friends!

Fiona Wylde chats about her life as a stand up paddle professional
May 18 2020 49 mins  
Fiona Wylde grew up in Hood River with a large portion of her childhood spent down in Mexico. The only child of what seems like super cool parents, she kicked off her water sports career with windsurfing and jumped on a SUP at the age of 12. When she was 18 and really kicking off her career she was suddenly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She pursued professional paddle boarding in the face of a radical change of her lifestyle, including multiple "selfie injections" per day and a whole new blood sugar monitoring programme. She talks about Diabetes for what it is, just another hurdle to overcome and she inspired me with her genuine zest for life and fun character. We talk about the APP World Tour, is it sustainable to be a pro, all her accolades (actually these definitely are not ALL of them): 3rd Place 2019 ICF World Distance Race 2019 Euro Tour Champion 2019 APP World Tour Sunset Beach Pro Champion 2018 PPG Distance Champion 2016 SUP Race World Champion 4x Gorge Paddle Challenge Champion It was a fun conversation and we look forward to keep in touch with Fiona in the future. Follow her Instagram ( Thanks for listening as always and please share this with your SUP friends if you enjoyed it? Even an email link to your sister will help. It's our mission to help you get on the water more. Let us know how we can help you on (

Dave Cornthwaite paddle boarding the Mississippi River
Apr 10 2020 31 mins  
In a new and unreleased episode that was recorded way back in 2015, Nick chats to Dave Cornthwaite about his Guinness World Record breaking stand up paddle trip down the Mississippi River in the United States of America. It's a fascinating journey down the river that Dave relates. He chats about how it feels to do something that no one else has ever done. Great BooksWe also talked about some books: (Mighty )by Matt Crofton Dave's book: (Date) Dave's book: (Life in the Slow Lane) Show notesObservations on his adventurous life Yestival (the YES Festival) 25 non motorized 1000 mile trips. Abraham Path in the Middle East Mississippi River trip Dave's Martinique sup trip We talk about Origin paddle boards Alastair Humphries and Dave on a paddle adventure in the UK. Dave Cornthwaite links ( (

Get fit with Jodelle Fitzwater
Jul 17 2015 39 mins  
This week Nick chats with real-life mermaid Jodelle who is based in the mid west, USA. Addicted to water since a young age, Jodelle had an instant connection to stand up paddling from the second that she first stepped onto a board. Jodelle was a personal trainer and into nutrition and exercise as a way to optimise health and quickly recognised stand up paddle as the perfect vehicle to provide ”vitamin P” for people’s lives. Jodelle is sponsored by BIC after being talent spotted by the company and is known for developing the Stand Up Paddle TV video series on Youtube. In this interview Jodelle chats about: “vitamin P” adventure paddle, Paddlefit, yoga, the SUP industry and for good measure gives us some bonus recipes for some great snacks to take on a SUP trip Jodelle’s Energy BallsMacadamia, almond or coconut butter Half cup of oats Scoop of whey protein powder cacao nibs or raisins Melt the butter & mix with the oats. Mix in the protein powder and finish off with cacao nibs or raisins. Mix thoroughly and mould into balls and keep in a baggie to pop in your mouth when you need an energy boost. Jodelle’s Recovery DrinkYou don’t have to buy a specialist sports drink, instead make your own. Take a bottle of water, add a teaspoon of baking soda, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and sweeten with stevia or honey. Check out Jodelle’s planking video with BicSUP Check out her website: (here)

Kai Lenny, Stand Up Paddle SUPer Hero
Jul 10 2015 29 mins  
This week Nick chats with three time World Champion stand up paddler Kai Lenny. Kai is a down to earth guy despite growing up at the centre of the surfing world at his home in Hawaii. All the greats, Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and Robby Naish would stop by his house on a Friday for a barbecue with his dad. One day (when he was 16 years old) they invited him to foil surf at Jaws. He’s paddled Molokai seven times, won three stand up paddle world titles, surfed Jaws when it’s huge. He is right up there with the best, at whatever water sport he is taking part in. Kai talks about his training, his mentors and the attention given to his confrontation with Connor Baxter at the BOP 2014 The wonderful thing about talking with Kai Lenny is that he is clearly grateful for what he has achieved and is proud to share the love of his sport with whoever he meets. It’s also great to see him taking time out to meet and inspire the local kids wherever he paddles. Kai Lenny has created the Positively Kai Foundation which promotes ocean safety and youth development education. It’s a great commitment to the community with an objective to set up training clinics to introduce kids to water sports wherever they are. The chat ended early due to some Skype problems, but we hope you’ll enjoy listening to one of the sport’s top talents, because we really enjoyed talking to him. We talked briefly about his time surfing Jaws. This video takes you with him as he glides down the face of one of the world’s most powerful forces.

Stand Up Paddle Board Innovation with John Hibbard of Red Paddle Co
Jun 12 2015 28 mins  
John Hibbard – Co Founder of Red Paddle Co John Hibbard talks SUP innovation. This week Nick geeks out on innovation and technology in his chat with John Hibbard, the co- founder and brand director of worldwide inflatable stand up paddle board specialists – Red Paddle Co. Over seven years John and his team have taken Red Paddle Co from a standing start, to a company which arguably has the biggest worldwide coverage and presence (selling in over 50 countries). They have a core focus to develop top quality inflatable SUPs through product innovation and development. John was one of the first in to see the future potential of S.U.P. He was thoroughly marinated in salt water with a successful career as a professional windsurfer before he established himself across all SUP disciplines John Hibbard shares his insight into the life of a developing paddle board brand, with a glimpse into the cycle of product development and what he loves about the sport, together with his views on the future development and direction of the industry. John Hibbards’s Notes and ResourcesRed Paddle Co Website UK Red Paddle Co Website US Dave Kalama’s open letter about inflatable boards here SIPA’ s self inflatable paddle board’s kick starter page For the purposes of transparancy : SUPfm have no commercial or reciprocal relationship with Red Paddle Co or any other company and have received no monetary or other recompense for this episode. RED Paddle Co

Charlie Howden's Costa Rican stand up paddle board adventure
May 29 2015 39 mins  
The word ‘inspirational’ is an overused one…but you would be hard pressed to think of a more appropriate word to describe Charlie Howden. That’s what we both felt after we spoke to him. Charlie made a huge impression on us. We were in awe of his larger than life personality and his courage and determination, which you can probably hear from our jaws dropping frequently in this episode. There aren’t many families that have been untouched by cancer, most of us have lost people we love to that disease and Charlie was no exception. It was only when he was planning a SUP trip down the length of Costa Rica to raise money for the William Guy Forbeck Foundation, a cancer research charity, that he discovered that he was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of the disease, but this British born, Fort Lauderdale resident had the treatment and against all the odds responded to it and was in remission, before he was told that it had come back. Charlie Howden was receiving treatment including chemo, however, he decided that ‘come hell or high water’ he would still make the trip and raise money for the foundation by travelling the length of the Costa Rican Coast by stand up paddleboard. So on the 17th May 15 that’s exactly what he did. Supported by his fiance, family and friends, he covered the distance over a period of two weeks, with time freed up by combining his week of recovery time from chemo, with an additional doctor sanctioned week’s holiday from his treatment. --- The aim of his trip was to raise money for cancer research Rest in peace Charlie.

Tati Coco SUP- Ambassador, Instructor and International SUP rock star
Apr 24 2015 36 mins  
In this session Nick chats with the inspirational Tati Coco about her SUP life, from her phobia of the ocean and first discovering the sport in New Caledonia in the Pacific Islands, through to her adventures around the world, including a 600km paddle around the Island of Sardinia, a journey which tested her body and mind to the extreme. Tati is an ex teacher who has turned her hobby into her job and is currently living and working in Ireland as SUP Manager at (Pure Magic SUP and Kite surf school) In this episode we cover Tati’s Abu Dhabi and ‘around the world’ trip Planning & the reality of the Sardinia Adventure Tati’s distinctive approach to racing Tips for adventure / dealing with wind First SUP experience Conquering her fear of the ocean Inflatable Boards & Red Paddle Co Sri Lanka – SUP and Environmental Awareness Ireland & Pure Magic Future Adventure Plans Land paddling Links & Resources Tati Coco SUP on (Facebook) (Tati’s video of her surfing for the first time on the wadi natural wave). (Pure Magic) (Red Paddle Co) (Wind Guru) (Kahuna Land Paddle) (Algarve SUP) (Hutch SUP Wear)

Welcome to SUPfm
Apr 03 2015 28 mins  
In the first ever session, Nick and Simon chat about who they are, their background, their passion for stand up paddle boarding and their podcast mission. Nick has spent much of his career in front of a keyboard, but threw it all in to run a (SUP school) in the Algarve, Portugal. SUP has reconnected Nick with his old self, who was a river guide and a ranger in South Africa. Simon was a dry land sportsman desperately looking for a replacement for his first sporting passion of rugby. Leaving the London rat race for the south coast of the UK he first discovered the water and then SUP. Now his hunt is over. Correction : Since recording this session we have come across two great podcasts for the SUP community which we would like to recognize. First Leslie Kolovich’s long standing and excellent (SUP Radio Show) and another being (Stoke Radio SUP) with Darian & the very funny Paddle Guy, we recommend both of them. The SUPfm podcastThis podcast is focused on spreading the value of SUP across the globe and providing inspiration and advice to all levels of paddle boarders, from those about to take it up, to experienced racers and adventurers. We welcome any comments and suggestions for topics for future episodes. Please drop us an email at [email protected] Links and resourcesNick’s SUP school (Algarve SUP) Simon’s range of clothing (Hutch SUP Wear)

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