Sep 10 2020 112 mins

An Underground music podcast featuring interviews and guest mixes from all around the world from the Best underground DJs in Techno, Hardcore, Drum & Bass and Trance! I also play all types of music in the first hour followed by the guest mix! If you like MUSIC then tune in!!

Geecast 4!!! Im too old! (and sexy!)
Sep 10 2020 63 mins  
WELCOME BACK FOLKS!!!After a short Hiatus and a while chilling & spreading corona all over the UK & Europe im pleased to be back with you miserable bastards back home!!And what a sight you are!! You sexy Bastids!As im too sexy for my shirt (so sexy it hurts) I was just too sexy to share this months Geecast with anyone ELSE!!Selfish? too fucking damn right!!So whats in store for you this month? ( My birthday month!!)WELLLLLLLLL!!Listen & find out! Press play or click download & listen whilst you work it on the catwalk!!And if you think you are sexy enough to appear on a GEECAST episode then drop me an Email @ [email protected] or message via Facebook!PS - No dicks pics. Although bobs and vagene is ok. PPS If you are one of those rich people that can afford Apple products then you can subscribe to my podcast just by searching for "Geecast!" in the podcast section! And each new episode will download automatically!! How cool is that!?!Tracklist below!!1 - End.User - Storm2 - Technical Itch - Paradox3 - Splinter Cell - Apocolypse4 - Shadow Sect & Lucy Furr - In The Shadows5 - Deathmachine - Perimeter6 - Lowroller - My Style7 - Densha Crisis & Tymon - Garlic8 - Jake Nicholls - Excessium (White Pasta Remix) 9 - Ophidian - Demimonde10 - Savage & Hallucinator - Savages11 - Ophidian - The Pheonix 12 - End.User & Aaron Bianchi - One Of The Brightest Stars In The Sky13 - Hellfish - Deck Fuel (2019 Remaster)14 - Dj Producer - Underground Funk (Xaturate Revision)15 - Micron A.T.I.P16 - Xaturate & Miss Hysteria - Rotten17 - Savage - Simple Evil

Geecast Episode 3 Featuring Rampage!!
Jun 21 2020 119 mins  
Welcome back folks!! Its time for some more motherfucking Geecast Ya'll!!And what a monster of a 2 hour mix we have for you today!! Featuring the sounds of Barnsleys hardest (thats music kids) DJ! And of course we have ME for the first hour playing some more storming sounds that you wont be hearing in a covid infested night club anytime soon! But enough of me!!Lets chew some PHAT beats and whilst listening to it, you can read up on what makes this lad tick!!So mr Rampage!!Welcome to GEECAST!!!Thanks for having me :) I remember the original shows you used to run way back when, they always stuck out as what even is this stuff, never did i know that one day id be down the same path. Remember sat there with laptop listening t a live stream was some serious time ago maybe 1314 years ago and you did a shout out to gabberdeen, what a stupid thing to remember hahahahaha Hows you feeling today?Im feeling great today, ok im lying it was a pretty rough start to the day, yesterday was the first BBQ with guests we have had this year and fair to say i had a few, then a few more, and a few more than that hahahaha ended up live playing hardcore techno and some old 90s harder edge hardcore till about 2 this morning. How times change that this is now a heavy night hahahaha what happened to the good old days of weekend parties :( but yeah paid for it this morning.So why did you name yourself after an old videogame?! Its a classic by the way!!Its a pretty long story but i never had a DJ name, i then started playing out and at first i was called DJ Stevros, that is a story within its self. Me and a couple of lads decided to run a little night in a boozer a friends mum worked in and we called it hardcore rampage. We only did a few but the name rampage kind of fitted the lifestyle i was living, it was always very hectic and i was always on the rampage so it just stuck. So tell us about yourself! Were did things start for you in the filthy world of rave?Growing up i was into skater punk music, i moved to Barnsley and one of the first lads i met over here (MC Winston B) was mcing and well networked and he introduced me to it. I was only really into Gabber and some Hardstyle stuff, i frist attended a proper rave in 2005 halloween at adelphi and that was it, all down hill from there When did you first get interested in DJing? With Winston and Jinx been only a few friends that i knew i kind of wanted to fit in? deano had left his decks and vinyl at mine and i started to have a play around, i asked him to teach me and he said it was something that couldnt be taught and im glad as it gave me even more reason to learn. It was on some numark belt drives turn tables about 16 years ago i think. Ok so, everyone knows that every DJ starts off with shitty equipment... What was your first set up?i had some kam belt drives that when you touched them they stopped hahahaha and a numark mixer that had a built in kaos pad sampler, i always found it funny sampling mcs and then dropping random lyrics when they put mic down and watch peoples heads fall off hahahahaha When did you feel brave enough to start sending demos out?I cant fully remember when but i do remember that i sent my very first demo to rasper, i found a copy years later and cried myself to sleep.What was your first gig and were was it? i honeslty cant remember my first booking at some one elses event, whe i moved to barnsley town centre i met up with a new set of lads and one of them siad he could get a venue, i was quite well connected and said i had equipment and knew alot of djs ect and that is how Hardcore Holics first started around 2005/6 Do you still have the flyer? most djs collect flyers of thingselves the egomaniac wankers!No mate i havent kept anything its all been lost over the years. So Hardcore... What styles do you play?I didnt make my name for hardcore funny enough it was with Reverse Bass Hardstle, i did really well with it to be honest got to the semi finals of the bionic dj comp but i dropped out as i wasnt too happy about the way the final was going to be ran and then i entered the zodiac DJ comp and got to the semis with them, i ended up as a resident of sorts there anyways as did alot of other djs that entered and between us and other event organizers we started a new breed of djs and mcs.I have always been into millennial Hardcore, but now im more of a fan of 90s 909 kick hardcore and industrial, its hard to really explain the stuff i like its like a massive cross between frenchcore, gabber, uptempo and drum and bass, it falls under the category if you want to be anal about sub genres of "crossbreed" but do find myself playing lots of different genres now. Admit it... you just wanted to dj to look cool for the birds didnt ya?!It all started as i just wanted to fit in, and suppose i did, i have good friends from all over the place now and that is more important than the music the scene anything.How would you describe your djing style?I like to think its smooth i love long mixes and transitions, im not a fan of choppy choppy or scratchy scratch, i like to mix over every drop cut for samples but nice and smooth and steady usually, but then again thats all out the window when your 10 beers in.Youve been djing for some time now, so what tips would you give to a young DJ just starting out?If you wanting to make money, your in the wrong game, if you dont like politics dont bother, i kind of wish id stayed a raver as everything changes when you start hunting for bookings. Then if hou still want to carry on just enjoy it, its rough at first the nerves the jitters, learn to channel that to positive enery and youll have a blast :) ooow and always try to do bookings sober you might think you sound absolutely amazing 3 bags deep, chances are you wont be booked again hahahahaha What are you thoughts on MCs? Alot of DJs seem very marmite to them tbh?!Before i answer this it is my opinion as i hard head, i find that if you into uk hardcore or makina then your going to love 125 mcs screaming down the mic over every vocal and want to be 15x louder than the music, or you could just save some money and not have a dj and just 783 mcs a night??? Yeah im not an mc fan, i like hosts space is my favorite in all honestly then ribbz shocker ect ect What Equipment do you use nowadays?ive had all sorts over the years and its funny how things go around so i had kam belts, then a few pairs fo 1210s then none for a bit then sold my vinyl and bought some ndx800s to keep up with the digital era, then pioneer 100s then 1000s then 900s then 2000s then a pioneer rb and now im back to my 1210 fully customised with an allen and grief i mean heath 43c with timecode to serato Do you collect vinyl still? how big is your collection?I am addicted to vinyl, i dont even know how i have a roof or family left, im worse now than i have every been and i think its because there has been so much ive wanted over the years that now i have a little more spare cash im buying them now. As i write this the misses has asked me to put that you cant message me asking if i want to buy your vinyls, i just have too many to buy and the list is huge and ill run out of paper and money Ok so your guest mix is a classic millenium Hardcore mix.... Ophidian - Butterfly is a sure fire banger isnt it?! talk us through the mix abit? Why did you choose these tracks?This is a mad one, when you asked me if i would like to put up a mix it wasnt going to be this genre at all, i very rarely play this stuff anymore, but it goes back to when i came away from reverse bass this is the style i went to before finding crossbreed, The opening tune butterfly vip is one of my all times favorites, i remember DJ Kel-Y playing this and that was it i still to this day can not get it out of my head, the kicks the piano riffs are just insane! There is a reason Ophidian is god and its because of tracks like this!Whats your GO TO track? that you know will get the crowd going?Thats a tough one as i dont DJ out anymore i hung up the gig headphones a while ago, i have a toough family life and with work and everything i just dont fins the time anymore so i just DJ for me, it my own space and place where i can disappear and just leave the world and propblems behind, for that little amount of time i have no worries, no problems nothing just me and the wax. Now if you asked what my favourite tunes to play are it would probably be ophidian - monster - crossbreedjimmy the sound - blown up - hardstylehyperact - best friend bouncy technoTalk us through how you plan a dj set? Do you play off the cuff? Or do you have an idea going in what to spin?if i do live sets thats very rare these days i like to plan the first section its is usually the lighter and happier stuff then goes deep and dirty from there, at home i dont care i play what i want becasue its just for me :)Whats your thoughts on the future of Hardcore? Were do you see it going in the next few years?I hope that we go back a little in time i dont like the way hardcore or hardstyle has progressed at all, it is all very samey mainstream stuff that have short intros and outros, i do like this festival hardstyle with silly vocals and crowd interactions. I would love to see bouncy techno make a come back its awesome 90s hardcore (not happy) was amazingThanks for your mix mate! I really enjoyed listening to it!!Cheers dude its not the cleanest, it was done on vinyl (serato) but it has some of my favorites from that era moving on to some harder stuff at the end :)Shout out time!! - Who do you want to say thanks to?I want to shout to a few scene related people Winston B and Deano - for showing me a whole new scene and planting the seed that has cost me so much money it is unbelievable, on to mista devlin for letting me come help at audio hallucination and then we really pushed that wide open hitting near on capacity every event and showing the local scene that you dont need the same old yorkshire line ups to fill venues, to James Lee (Jim) for well just being a legend to Johny Humpries for saving my life (a story for another time) Bucky for pushing my name and believing in me with zodiac and then the misses that puts up with my gear everywhere all the weekends i went out and she stayed at home looking after the kids and more recently for letting me spend every spare penny i have on vinyl - Wax addiction is real!!Cheers kev and next time you will get the rougher crossbreed that i did plan on doing for you this timeSteve - Rampage Kev Gee - 175+ Or Go Home!! (tracklist) 1 - Kenji Kawai - Making Of Cyborg (Remix)2 - Technical Itch Vs The Panacea - Semisation 3 - Deathmachine - Magnestism4 - Somniac One - Thunderbones Revenge5 - Splinter Cell - Mechanical Mindz6 - Vein - Defilers Note7 - The Outside Agency - The Opposites8 - Max Shade - 6669 - Broken Code - Subconcious Mind10 - Splinter Cell - Apocolyse ?11 - The Outside Agency - Opposites12 - Vein & Gancher & Ruin - Evil Breed13 - The Satan - Destroy Everything14 - Syndrome - The Hand Of God15 - Hellfish - Fuck Em Up!16 - Akira - Pute17 - Striker - make it clap Rampage - Millenium Hardcore Mix!!(Tracklisting to follow!)

Geecast Episode 2 Featuring Dan Dryant- The Classics!!
May 10 2020 131 mins  
Hello Geecasters! Its time for Mays installment! And what an episode it is!! This month we feature the sounds of Midlands DJ Dan Bryant! And of course the sounds of ME!! Kev Gee for the first hour! This month im playing some stuff from the 90s!!I hope you all enjoy it!Please comment and share!! and download!!Dan has been quietly building up his considerable deck skills over many years and with a pretty solid and record collection of various HARDcore sounds!! You want Trancecore? You got it!! You want some Dutch Fucking Gabber? Well here have a slice... You like that? You want some American Industrial Strength shit? Choke on it BEEATCH!!In Geecast style we had a word with Mr Bryant to see what makes him tick (in a not very Tourrettes way) Although that would be cool!!Hello Mr Bryant!! Hows you doing? Thanks for putting forward this Geecast mix!So can you tell us were your love for Hardcore began? were did it all start off for you?Alright Mr Gee, thanks for having me on. I'm well thanks, hope your good also. Crazy times at the moment!I'd say my love of hardcore started with growing up in the 90s surrounded by all the rave sounds, I first bought a prodigy tape (out of space) at the age of 8 from hmv, thought I was the bees knees haha.Can you remember the first rave you went to? were was it and how old were you?My first taster of raving came after everything closed in town on nights out.. Off to the warehouse. Many many moons ago, 18 haha.I guess that started off the bug right?! The gabber bug really started for me when I attended a total bedlam night with a couple friends that were djing.. Some great times around that era.So Djing. Did you always want to get into that side of things?The djing side of things came as a proggresion really, I was quite deck shy to start with. Maaaany hours locked in my deck room with supplies and a piss bucket sorted that though haha.Can you tell us abit about your mix? Why did you pick those tracks?Yeah sure, its a reflection of my preferred style to play and to listen/rave to. I like to play progressive aswel, as I feel this is what I would want if I was on the dancefloor.Do you get to play out anywere (pre covid?)Thankfully I got to play at Rehabs birthday event in feb . played b2b with DJ Dstroy which was an absolute honor. Great set and loved every minute.Can you tell us what equipment you use? (DJing and if so production wise.)The setup I'm using at the moment is quite cheep and cheerful really, ive got a trusty djm 600 mixer and a pair of Gemini mdj 900's.. Does the job for me. Looking forward to replacing my old 1210s asap though.What are you favourite labels and why?I'd say over all my favorite labels are mokum, ruffneck, Rotterdam records, ruffbeats ect. I love those old dutch sounds. Depending on mood or wherever my sets progress I love the harder stuff aswel, industrial strength, bloody fist, strike, beast, Deathchant and such.Who is your favourite producer of all time?My favorite all time producer has to be Lenny Dee. I think Ophidian stands out above the rest for me also but Lenny Dee spans such a massive timeframe with his work and so many great releases!Who is your favourite DJ of all time?My favorite DJ is Bass D but that's a close call with DJ Panic and DJ producer. Producer always impresses me with his cut and scratch style, but unfortunately I prefer his days of playing events like big nasty dragon, tearing the old dutch stuff a new one. Bass D and panic are always a go too for me if I want to listen to a quality early dutch hardcore set.Finally do you have any shout outs?!I like to give a shout to all of the Rehab crew, especially Jonjon and Sami. A great little event going from strength to strength, giving a brilliant platform for myself and others to play the music we love. Cheers guys.And thank you Mr Gee for having me on, take care and catch you soon mate.Thanks for submitting the mix!Kev Gee Tracklistings:-Kev Gee - Technodrome, North & Tomorrows World Classics1 Syphax - At War2 Dj Fuckface, Dj Chrizz - Suffer3 Monty & Jay Pressott - R U On Drugs ( Jake & Jays Remix)4 The Brutalist - The Voice Of Your Conscious5 Omar Santana - Bone Bastik6 Men In Black - Guitar Man7 Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Buzz Fuzz Mix)8 Leviathan - We'll Tear Your Soul Apart10 Mastervibe - Power Of The Herb11 Wargroover - British Nightmare12 Robert Wagner - Listen Carefully13 Don Diablo Vs The Raven - The Arrival (1 & 2)14 Technological Terror Crew - Purity Of Oblivion 15 The Speedfreak - Freak Tonight16 Tieum - Destruction (Radium Remix)17 Tieum - Funky Shit18 Tieum - Turn The Key & Go19 Hellfish - The Crippler (Filters Of Fury Remix)20 Syndicate - Appetite For Destruction Dan Bryants Mix:-1. Bardot viva le revolution2.De jongens van zuid rotjeknor3.Lunatic asylum chaos effect4.Pralizer bizarcore5.Technohead Mary Jane6.Duo pennotti the beat goes7.Technohead passion 38. Lenny Dee and DJ edge silence of eternity10. Chosen few the break11. Buzz fuzz d leria12. Skorp and Pila mindcontroller13. Project x Mary go hard14. Dano and nico master machine15. Negative burn gates of hell16. Ectomorph mindblower17. Ceasefire who's afraid of noise18. Lenny Dee forgotten moments19. Short circuit get a little deeper20. Critical mass psychotic break19. Riot squad nonshlen tustokken21. Somebody from Rotterdam god damn Rotterdam22. Mc drokz and count negative death of a zombie23. Jeremy throw24. Nasenbluten blows t the nose25. Short circuit take me to the top26. Clarkee I am god here27. Mutoid fucking mind

Geecast2.0 Episode 1 Featuring Jake Nicholls!
Apr 18 2020 133 mins  
To listen to the mix please scroll to the bottom & hit the play or download button!And why not read through the interview whilst your listening?1st hour I play what ever the fuck I want! The second hour is the guest mix from Mr Jake Nicholls!On todays Geecast we are delighted to welcome Jake Nicholls & his unique blend of Trance & Techno. For those that dont know Jake is from the UK & has played all over Europe. He has a growing discography of productions & remixes for labels including Joyride, Hard Trance Europe & High Fish. As well as his Trance & Techno. Jake also djs under an alter ego as 'The Riddler.' Where he plays hard but uplifting Hardcore & Gabber.He is also a long running resident of legendary UK Rave night Uprising which is based in Sheffield, which has been hosting events since 1995.So Jake, thanks for your mix!! Can you tell us. How did you start out on your Underground music journey?No worries mate, thanks for asking me, I really enjoyed it! Its hard to pinpoint, but it must be some time around hearing the early Prodigy & Messiah tracks, the Experience album and hearing Fantasy FM (Blame, Music takes you always stood out for me, timeless) One of my good friends, Simon Shillito (r.i.p) was an amazing source of good music right from second school, we always swapped tapes & went to events when we were youngSo when you first started out. Was there any intention of getting into the djing & production side of things?I didn’t have intention of playing out, just wanting to learn more about the music, absorbing dj sets & understanding how it all worked, mixing tracks etc.. the whole scene was truly captivating back then. No internet or social media made the search for good events and tunes 100 times more rewarding.When you first started producing. Did you find it easy? Or did you slowly learn things as you went along. What was your first track that saw a release? And when did you start making it?Frustratingly Ive never found it easy, the ideas come to me quite quickly but transferring them all into a track is something else. Sketching out in the daw can be rewarding, but the arrangement is always a hard slog I find. Im grateful to know many talented engineers who I’ve worked with over the years, who have helped breathe life into my ideas.Are there any artists that you like to work with on production? Co-producers that you find easy to create great music with?Nick Coles (Nick the kid) is awesome in the studio, a really fast workflow & we gel really well on ideas, top bloke. Wayne (Triple XL) is another force in the studio. Extremely versatile but I think that’s due to his appreciation of so many banging styles. And of course could never forget Dave Devastate, studio genius & a joy to make tunes with.What is the process involved in creating a track? Example - is it just going in the studio & playing at stuff until something sticks? Or is it that something just pops in your head whilst watching TV and you just have to get it down before it leaves you?!Ideas can come from anywhere, elements of a track I already like, a soundtrack, samples from films etc.. getting them to work within a track is another. I write down and save what I can as & when. I remember having the same idea in my head each time I woke for a week with Impossible Dream (2003) that was a positive sign & all the ideas/elements came together so well.What equipment do you use for DJing & Production?For dj’ing these days its the industry standard Pioneer all the way. Everything is considered & the quality is there, such fun to use. For production its cubase.Do you have any upcoming releases that we should know about?There are few concepts in progress that will hopefully see the light of day.Can you remember your first DJ gig? were was it & did you get a recording?I helped a friend in one of town centre pubs, playing eurobeat, pop/house & club tracks etc.. and slipping in bits of rave when he went outside for a tab. The proper booking was at a smaller club in Doncaster, where I had a proper playlist of then trance. Sadly no recordings were made.You’ve played abroad at events & including Ibiza. How does the European crowd compare to the UK?Im grateful to have played outside the UK, the crowds have always been really up for it and enthusiastic Ive found. In the UK I predominantly play at rave events where its a case of the harder the better, outside the UK has been mainly clubs & club nights, a different trance/techy sound.You’ve been dj’ing and producing for well over a decade now & built up quite a following. Did you ever think looking back that you would end up dji’ng all over the world & producing records for some of the best hard trance labels?Not at all mate, it’s been such a wild ride, a dream come true in many ways & the most fun. Ive met some amazing people along the way, my wife included, and many others of which are now dear friends.Are there any djs that you like to play B2B with? I would imagine that trance isnt really a genre that lends itself well to B2B sets. Thats true, it doesn’t always work that well but Topgroove is always a winner for a good B2B, as is Nick the kid for some wicked sets in England and Ibiza, Louk, and Bobby Hardgroover too. All on the money for coming up with the goods, and knowing what and when.Your blend of trance & techno is certainly unique. Do you have to wade through lots of websites to find that track which hits the right spot?Cheers mate, it can be time consuming to locate the right track that work well & tick the right boxes, but rewarding and worthwhile though.What are your opinions on digital vs vinyl. nothing beats crate digging right?!It doesn’t at all, some of my happiest days have been spent in record shops. Playing out a new release was always amazing, they had such longevity whereas now nothing is sacred for long before its been remixed time & again before the month is out, which is a good and bad thing I guess. On the flip side having digital media is a godsend when playing abroad, taking all your best tunes in the hand luggage is fantastic.And expanding on that. What are you thoughts on losing record shops?! Half the fun used to be going down to your local record shop every week & meeting like minded people whilst finding that "tune" that no-one else had. What record did you find whilst digging that is your most prized possession?!It’s the saddest result of the digital age, knowing that they’ve mostly all gone leaves an empty feeling. I guess with the transfer of new music to streaming, mp3 sales etc.. it was in the pipeline but still, the reality is a shame. Any Jam & Spoon record was always a happy find. Hands On Yello was a special find at the time, seeing it on MTV then finding it at Rhythm Nation on Saturday morning. Good times.There are some great producers & djs around in your scene. who do you rate the most?There are many, but those that standout are Louk with his Hidden Agenda techno guise, Jamie Trax is making good waves, he’s really established his sound & come so far, it’s great to see. For sounds that I play, Im a massive fan of Chris Menzi (Switzerland) ConnecteD (Sweden) Nostic (The Netherland) Dizmaster (Denmark) Roby Rage (Italy) S.H.O.K.K (Switzerland) C.O.L.D (Germany)there are so many really good producers out there right now. I would be great to see a resurgence of this sound back in the raves (once all the chaos has subsided)Are there any young producers & djs who you really rate?Chris Grabowski aka C.O.L.D and Greg (Dark Sector) are both under-rated producers who create fantastically fresh quality music.To producers & djs just starting out. What advice would you give them?Stay true to your sound and persevere, anything worthwhile takes time.Social media is now playing a bigger slice of things these days with people "buying" likes & having slick photos & ads. Do you ever wish things could go back to just being how good you were at mixing & tune selection? How do you think things will change in the next 5 & 10 years?In many ways I do. Back in the day a dj was a dj & wasn’t expected to be any more. It was and still is a task in itself sourcing tracks and considering everything that goes into making a good set (John 00 Fleming has touched on this a lot in his videos and live chats/posts) These days a constant feed of updates through a strong social media presence is expected, whilst many event flyers are hard to absorb without great scrutiny through a barrage of artist logos, in most cases overshadowing the branding of the event itself. Im unsure what the future will hold, but it all looks set to continue.Finally moving onto the mix you have submitted. Can you talk us through the process of how you selected those tracks & what do you look for in your selections when your building a set?I wanted to work through some favourites that have always stood out for me, and that still sound fresh into some more upfront trance/techno, and a few current pay/harder psytrance elements towards the end. Strong rhythms and emotions are important, and an interesting set structure, something I’d like to dance to myself.Do you have a fav track off the mix that you like more than most? why is that?That would be Delta Lady ‘Anything you want’, I’ve loved that since I first heard it in 1993. A wonderful hypnotic groove & good feelings all the way, still sounds so fresh to me.When you dj, do you try & put as many tracks as possible in? or do you like to blend & ramp up the BPMs slowly?It depends on the crowd, the set Im booked for, so many factors. Its always nice to be in the zone & work through a good few sounds/genres during a set.And finally thanks for submitting your mix!! Would you like to give some shout outs!!Shouts to all my good friends for the years of support, the amazing events & great labels Ive been involved with, you all know who you are ;)Thanks!! Kev Gee!!

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