Hailey's Podcast

Oct 22 2020 13 mins

This podcast explores the many benefits of meditation. Your acquaintance links to meditation, your whispers of insight may be different from mine. That is the beauty in the practice, it is unique and individual for everyone. The podcast topics are often connected and related to my book, My Six Degrees of Meditation. My pedals of awareness are what I am calling my six degrees of meditation. My meditation practice has heightened my awareness and connections to everything. Being present and engaged in the moment, increases my awareness to the things around me. My six degrees are my life lessons, my reminders of what is important and why I need to keep coming back to my practice. They are my anchors and my support structure. When I am grounded in Leadership, Resilience, Present Moment Awareness, Courage, Creativity and Gratitude, I feel most alive, authentic and well. This has been my journey of learning and awareness and growth.Check out my book 'My Six Degrees of Meditation' on the Kobo app

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