The Fine Art of Adulting

Jun 20 2020 16 mins

Juggling the responsibilities of adult life without support is difficult for most of us. My goal is to bring resources, education, and empowerment to people of all walks of life. We should have a lot more information about mental health, physical health, credit, insurance, banking, taxes, the ins and outs of home buying, and all the other good stuff that one needs to know about adulting. I was tired of seeing people struggle, so I decided to bridge the gap that I saw in the system. Adulting is overwhelming enough, so I’d like to make the transition easier by being the hub for all these amazing resources! I have some really great interviews along with tips and tricks that are coming your way. The goal of this podcast is simple: bring information and resources to the public for FREE. Yes, completely free. My mission has always been about serving others the best way I know how: through passage of applicable knowledge. After all, knowledge is power. With new podcasts heading your way every Wednesday and Thursday, you don’t want to miss all this FREE info! Make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss anything! As your host, I am SO grateful for the time you’ve spent both reading and listening to me. Your time is the greatest gift, so thank you!

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