UNleash Your Story

Apr 16 2020 4 mins

Every episode is a masterclass in storytelling, confidence, self-expression, and overcoming Comparanoia®. Join Davide Di Giorgio in conversations with expert and celebrity authors, writers, speakers, directors, producers, performers, actors, and more! Now, more than any other time in history, kids and young people have the unique opportunity to not only share their stories for the benefit of others, but to broadcast to a global audience. "When you UNleash your story, you dare to inspire the world!”—Davide Di Giorgio For more: BeingUNapologetic.com

Episode 000: Welcome to Season 1
Apr 16 2020 4 mins  
UNleash Your Story, hosted by Davide Di Giorgio, is the only podcast for kids and young people who want to make a difference in the world using the power of story. In each episode, Davide interviews experts across different industries to UNcover the secrets of storytelling and self-expression. A podcast for Generation Z (and those who support and champion Gen Z).Guests include: directors, producers, singers, dancers, musicians, teachers, authors, experts from the page, the stage, television, and film. Each episode is a masterclass in one aspect of storytelling or self-expression.As the show grows, Davide will show you how to use the power of story to reach people you’d never think you’d get a chance to reach while UNlocking the secrets of great storytelling in every form.Learn more about Davide, his TED talk, youth advocacy, speaking, and how he helps young people (and the young at heart) develop and deliver world changing stories at beingUNapologetic.com

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