Forensic Files

Jul 06 2020 19 mins 3.4k

Forensic Files is a pioneer in the field of fact-based, high-tech, dramatic storytelling. This series of television programs delves into the world of forensic science, profiling intriguing crimes, accidents, and outbreaks of disease from around the world.

Dirty Little Secret
Jul 09 2020 20 mins  
A couple embarks on a holiday but never return. Police suspect drugs are the reason behind their disappearance. Days later a random burglary breaks the case wide open. Police use ballistics and DNA to capture two unusual suspects.

Family Interrupted
Jul 06 2020 20 mins  
A family interrupts a burglary in their suburban home. The gunman kills two and wounds two more. Police suspect the crime is related to a string of thefts in the area, but a closer look at the crime scene reveals the real motive and killer.

Planted Evidence
Jul 02 2020 20 mins  
Denise Johnson was found dead in an Arizona forest with little forensic evidence around her. Could history be made in a courtroom with the utilization of plant DNA as evidence?

Trail Of A Killer
Jun 29 2020 20 mins  
A woman is murdered on a jogging trail in the middle of the day. The leads from cell phone records and search dogs go nowhere. Nine days later, a witness tells police about a chance encounter, and cigarette butts which may contain the killer’s DNA.

Fate Date
Jun 25 2020 20 mins  
Twenty-four hours after her face-to-face meeting with a man she met online, the woman and her soon-to-be ex-husband were shot to death. Only the computer had been taken from her home, and with it, the means to identify the killer.

A Voice From Beyond
Jun 22 2020 20 mins  
Police discover a decomposed body had been stuffed in a barrel 30 years earlier. An address book was found with the body.

The Killing Room
Jun 18 2020 20 mins  
The story of how a routine missing-person case became a murder inquiry involving a love triangle.

Grave Evidence
Jun 15 2020 20 mins  
Forensic scientists provide authorities with evidence that a death deemed accidental 20 years ago was actually murder.

Deadly Formula
Jun 11 2020 20 mins  
A mother was convicted for the death of her four-month-old. An explanation for his death would come from his newborn brother.

No Safe Place
Jun 08 2020 20 mins  
A wealthy man and his wife were attacked by three men outside their luxurious Louisiana home. He was shot dead and she was forced to open their hidden safe. The woman could not describe the men because they wore masks. To solve the case, police would have to find out who knew about the concealed safe, and who would benefit from the crime.

Best Foot Forward
Jun 04 2020 20 mins  
The investigation of an exotic dancer’s disappearance led police to an isolated 75-acre site where someone had been shot and cremated. The destruction of the remains was almost complete... almost, but not quite. Soft tissue attached to a piece of a foot provided enough DNA for a genetic profile, and positive identification of the victim.

Postal Mortem
Jun 01 2020 20 mins  
A man kills two people with bombs in an effort to get investors off his back and is sentenced to life with no chance of parole.

Gone Ballistic
May 28 2020 20 mins  
When a real estate developer is shot to death, his wife becomes the prime suspect. Police have a wealth of evidence against her, but it’s circumstantial. The case will turn on a .25 caliber bullet fired 20 years ago from the now-missing murder weapon.

Sniffing Revenge
May 25 2020 20 mins  
A woman dies suddenly at home. Investigators are unable to determine the cause of death until they receive a call from the ex-wife of the dead woman’s husband. The sensitive nose of a toxicologist ends up sniffing out murder.

Room With A View
May 21 2020 20 mins  
The victim had been stabbed more than a hundred times and her bedroom was soaked with blood. While her body was positioned in a suggestive way, she hadn't been sexually assaulted. Was this a sex crime, or the random act of a man with an intense hatred of women?

Shoein For Murder
May 18 2020 20 mins  
A 12 year-old is the only witness to her mother's death and is unable to provide many details. Little did they know 12 years later, forensic evidence would lead the investigation right back to where it started.

Sealed With A Kiss
May 14 2020 20 mins  
An investigation into threatening letters sent to a popular elementary school teacher.

Needle In A Haystack
May 11 2020 20 mins  
There was no apparent reason for the young, healthy college student to be dead. But when the medical examiner found the tiniest of clues during the autopsy, investigators were able to unravel the mystery of betrayal and revenge.

Dirty Laundry
May 07 2020 20 mins  
The victim was a self-made man who never minced words. Perhaps he was murdered by a disgruntled client or employee. Perhaps the racy photos in his safe held the clue to solving the crime. Or perhaps with the help of the IRS, investigators could follow the money and find the killer.

Textbook Murder
May 04 2020 20 mins  
The victim was brutally murdered. Police learn her fiancé was having affairs with other women, and he becomes the prime suspect... that is until a man comes forward who not only believes he owns the murder weapon, he also knows who used it.

Finger Pane
Apr 30 2020 20 mins  
A serial killer was on the loose and police had to find him before he struck again. Their most promising lead was an unusual one: a bloody fingerprint on the body of one of the victims.

Introducing "The Plot Thickens"
Apr 28 2020 2 mins  
Peter Bogdanovich was a young cinephile who quickly rose to become one of Hollywood's top directors. But he soon found himself a victim of jealousy, hubris, public scorn – and a devastating crime. Now, he looks back on a life of fame and failure, and through it all, an enduring love of the movies. A new seven-part documentary podcast from Turner Classic Movies. Subscribe today!

Seeing Red
Apr 27 2020 20 mins  
The victim was discovered in a landfill, stuffed into a suitcase. She resembled another woman, missing for 18 months. Sure they were dealing with a serial killer, police faced the daunting task of combing through 225,000 tons of trash to find her body.

Weakest Link
Apr 23 2020 20 mins  
The body of a young girl was discovered on isolated farm land near Delano, California. She had no ID, but police found mailbox and house keys in the pocket of her jeans. With no other clues, they checked the mailboxes of every apartment building in Delano… and their persistence paid off.

Sign Of The Crime
Apr 20 2020 20 mins  
In little more than a month, two women who lived in the same apartment complex were brutally murdered. The similarities of the crime scenes led police to conclude they were dealing with a serial killer who harbored an intense hatred of women... and they had to find him before he struck again.

The Talking Skull
Apr 16 2020 20 mins  
A mapmaker was surveying the grounds of a boy scout ranch when he came across a human skull.

Social Circle
Apr 13 2020 20 mins  
Four young adults are brutally murdered in an affluent Texas neighborhood, and the crime scene yields little evidence. The next door neighbors see two young people dressed in black walking nearby, and their descriptions are used to create composite drawings which become a key element in solving the crime.

Palm Saturday
Apr 09 2020 20 mins  
A couple is found dead in their Washington home and all signs point to a professional hit. A palm print and two distinct shoe impressions help police separate fantasy from reality and expose a fatal flaw in one state's inmate release procedures.

Pet Rock
Apr 06 2020 20 mins  
The woman hadn't shown up for work in two days, and her boss reported her missing. When her body was found, the evidence pointed to suspects who claimed they had nothing to do with the crime. The victim, herself, would help police to prove they were lying.

Northern Exposure
Apr 02 2020 20 mins  
Hikers near Anchorage, Alaska discovered a body wrapped in sheets which were edged in orange stitching. Authorities hydrated the fingers and obtained a fingerprint, enabling them to identify the victim. Clinging to the sheet, they also discovered a tuft of red carpet fibers -- threads of evidence which led them straight to the killer.

The List Murders
Mar 30 2020 20 mins  
For 18 years, a man who murdered his entire family eluded the FBI. Investigators used art and forensic science to find the killer.

Filtered Out
Mar 26 2020 20 mins  
When a teenaged girl goes missing, no one knows if she ran away or if she was the victim of foul play. Everyone's worst fears are confirmed when a body is found at the bottom of an isolated ravine. Police scour the crime scene, hoping to find enough evidence to identify the killer.

Catch 22
Mar 23 2020 20 mins  
A woman was ambushed in her driveway and shot to death. During their investigation, police learned that a co-worker half her age was in love with her, and that she'd spurned his advances. They now had to determine if love had turned into obsession... and a motive for murder.

Dressed To Kill
Mar 19 2020 20 mins  
A possible false confession forces investigators to reopen the case of a missing six year old. A decade later, a fresh look at new evidence leads them to someone hiding in plain sight.

Water Logged
Mar 16 2020 20 mins  
The bodies of three women were found floating in Tampa Bay. The water washed away any evidence, but police hoped a handwritten note found in the victims' car would lead to the killer - so they posted huge copies of the note on five highway billboards.

A Cinderella Story
Mar 12 2020 20 mins  
The victim had been sexually assaulted and stabbed to death on the beach, just ten yards from the hotel where she was staying. A pair of men's tennis shoes was discovered near her body. Police were sure that if they found the man who fit the shoes, they would also find the man who committed the crime.

Hack Attack
Mar 09 2020 20 mins  
A mysterious computer crash pushes a thriving manufacturing company to the brink of collapse, jeopardizing the jobs of hundreds of employees. There is no apparent cause and no obvious clues. Forensic investigators must determine if the crash was the result of a computer defect, human error, or sabotage.

Invisible Intruder
Mar 05 2020 20 mins  
A Texas woman claims an intruder killed two of her sons but detectives question her story upon discovering inconsistencies.

Brotherly Love
Mar 02 2020 20 mins  
When a young single mother was brutally assaulted and murdered, her brother promised he'd find out who was responsible and bring the killer to justice. It would take more than 30 years, but the young man kept his promise, and in doing so, brought closure to his family.

Bad Medicine
Feb 27 2020 20 mins  
A young woman suddenly becomes critically ill; her symptoms worsen over time, eventually leaving her unable to walk. Then a bone marrow test reveals the cause; arsenic. Investigators now had to determine if the poisoning was caused by groundwater contamination or something much more sinister.

Sole Searching
Feb 24 2020 20 mins  
Now it's not only a fingerprint which can link a killer to a crime; a shoe print can be just as telling. Armed with little else, police hoped the show impressions found at a Lansing, Michigan crime scene would put their investigation back on track.

Smiley Face
Feb 20 2020 20 mins  
The woman had been sexually assaulted, stabbed repeatedly, and left for dead. She survived and gave police a detailed description of her attacker. When someone who fit that description practically turned himself in, police were sure they had their man... until the DNA evidence proved them wrong.

Order Up
Feb 17 2020 20 mins  
A man is found shot to death in his home. Determining the time of death becomes critically important to solving the murder, and in order to do so, investigators need to know when the victim ate his last meal.

Screen Pass
Feb 13 2020 20 mins  
A 13-year-old girl went missing from her Colorado home, and the only evidence the kidnapper left behind was three fingerprints on a window screen. Two years later, a latent print examiner, new to the county and the crime lab, changed the course of the investigation by sharing a little-known fact with his colleagues.

A Welcome Intrusion
Feb 10 2020 20 mins  
A man tells police he shot an intruder who had attacked and murdered his wife. The husband is dubbed a hero for his valiant attempt to save his wife. Four years later, new evidence leads police to re-examine the motives of this so-called hero.

Chief Of Evidence
Feb 06 2020 20 mins  
A young couple was murdered during what appeared to be a drug deal gone awry. The victims' dog eventually led police to the killer.

Introducing "Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders"
Feb 05 2020 2 mins  
Abby and Libby - two young girls murdered. Investigators are searching for the killer using their biggest clue: a recording of his voice from one of the victims' phones ordering the girls Down the Hill. Almost three years later, it's a mystery that still haunts the small town of Delphi, Indiana...and the police say the killer may walk among them.

Frozen Evidence
Feb 03 2020 20 mins  
An investigator must think quickly to find a way to capture a shoe impression left to melt in the snow.

Jean Pool
Jan 30 2020 20 mins  
Police investigating the 1984 murder of a college student had plenty of suspects, but no conclusive evidence linking any of them to the crime. More than a decade later, sophisticated technology would breathe new life into a case grown cold with the passage of time.

If I Were You
Jan 27 2020 20 mins  
His daughter suspected something was wrong... and when she learned virtually everything had been removed from her father's home, she was sure of it. Even though she lived almost a thousand miles away, she took it upon herself to find out what happened and who was responsible.

Skin Of Her Teeth
Jan 23 2020 20 mins  
The teeth had been removed from a human skull retrieved from a grave so the killer could keep the victim's identity secret. But did he?

Jan 20 2020 20 mins  
The crime scene was especially violent; A husband and wife had been shot to death in their bedroom. At first, investigators thought their 16-year-old daughter was lucky to have escaped unharmed... but after awhile, they wondered if the reason she was alive had more to do with careful planning than good fortune.

Deadly Rebellion
Jan 16 2020 20 mins  
Even though their daughter had run away before, she'd always come back. Her parents were sure this time would be no different... but they were wrong. Workers discovered the teen's half-naked body on the other side of the road; her throat had been slit. Police hoped the single foreign hair found in a defensive wound on her thumb would lead them to the killer.

Treads And Threads
Jan 13 2020 20 mins  
A serial killer was strangling prostitutes then leaving the bodies in plain sight. The only clues were a tire impression and some threads.

Foundation of Lies
Jan 09 2020 20 mins  
When the wife of a noted doctor goes missing, authorities believe it may have to do with an allegedly shady adoption ring. But then her husband goes house-shopping with another woman claiming to be his wife, and a friend finds a strange pile of concrete in his backyard. Investigators use the concrete and the hazy recollections of a young child in an attempt to find the missing woman.

A Leg To Stand On
Jan 06 2020 20 mins  
When a severed leg is found in a dumpster, investigators are faced with the challenge of identifying the victim.

Photo Finish
Jan 02 2020 20 mins  
A beautiful model goes missing. No one can clue to her whereabouts until a park employee discovers photographs in a trash dumpster.

Accident or Murder
Dec 30 2019 20 mins  
A woman's body was found at the bottom of the stairs. When an investigator recreates the fall, the results are surprising. Was this just a freak accident, or murder by an angry spouse.

Quite A Spectacle
Dec 26 2019 20 mins  
It was one of the most unusual cases in forensic history. Investigators had to find a way to solve a murder case with evidence which consisted of a squashed tomato found at the crime scene, and tiny, pinpoint reflections of light in a photograph. Would it be enough to catch a killer?

Silk Stalkings
Dec 23 2019 20 mins  
The news of a flight attendant's brutal murder prompted the son of a victim who had been killed five years earlier to contact police. The MO of both murders was remarkably similar, and analysis of the biological evidence from the crime scenes proved that these were serial killings.

A Shadow Of A Doubt
Dec 19 2019 20 mins  
A woman is shot to death but the case's prime suspect has a solid alibi: a video of his activities the day of the murder. Police asked a local professor to help them verify the tape, and he enabled them to see the killer hiding in the shadows.

Journey To Justice
Dec 16 2019 20 mins  
Six-year-old Nicole Rae Walker was killed in a hit-and-run in her Ft. Lauderdale neighborhood. This was the first case in the United States where video animation was considered admissible to show to a jury.

House Call
Dec 12 2019 20 mins  
The murder of a surgeon in an apartment community left police in St. Petersburg, Florida baffled. Cell phone mapping, wiretapping and a host of other forensic evidence would uncover a conspiracy, and bring the doctor's killers to justice.

All Wet
Dec 09 2019 20 mins  
A woman's death in Pennsylvania triggers a investigation into another woman's death in North Carolina. The similarities in the cases were striking, and medical examiners must determine if the suspect's story about accidental drowning is all wet.

Smoking Out A Killer
Dec 05 2019 20 mins  
A college senior was found raped and murdered near an unpaved footpath used by students to walk from one side of campus to the other. Five years earlier, a student was assaulted and killed in her off-campus apartment, and a year after that, another student was killed in almost the same way. Police feared a serial killer was on the loose and they needed to determine what - or who - these women had in common.

Sworded Scheme
Dec 02 2019 20 mins  
When a student is reported missing, police believe she'd turn-up a few days later. But when they discover blood in her boyfriend's bedroom - which someone had gone great lengths to hide - they know this case is going to be different.

In Harm's Way
Nov 28 2019 20 mins  
A woman's dead body is found in a public park. When a knife through to be the murder weapon turned up, investigators had an opportunity which seldom occurs: to compare the microscopic marks on the weapon with the marks on the victim's body.

Dancing With The Devil
Nov 25 2019 20 mins  
The crime scene was awash with blood. Analysis showed it had come from two people, one of whom was female. The male DNA was the victim's, which meant the killer was a woman. Leads dried up and the case went cold... until a suspect arrested for drug possession offered police a deal, and told a bizarre tale of an exotic dancer who listened to voices in her head.

Smoke In Your Eyes
Nov 21 2019 20 mins  
The bodies of two women are found in the ashes of a fire, which appeared to have been set deliberately. Evidence found leads investigators to a suspect, but it would take a blood stain no bigger than the head of a pin to convict him.

Flower Power
Nov 18 2019 20 mins  
Two different men telephoned 911 to report a woman had been murdered; neither knew the other had called. Examination of bloodstains, a discarded candy wrapper, and a few tiny seeds enabled forensic scientists to determine who committed the crime.

Concrete Alibi
Nov 14 2019 20 mins  
An aspiring model turned up dead, and the prime suspect was her boyfriend. When he was eventually cleared, investigators had to dig deeper to find the perpetrator. With the help of a forensic geologist, they identified the most unlikely suspects.

Cloak Of Deceit
Nov 11 2019 20 mins  
For seven years, a trio of men robbed one bank after another. They always got away before the police arrived, and they left no evidence behind. But the way they stood and the clothes they wore told a story... a story that could be read by forensic scientists.

A Bag Of Evidence
Nov 07 2019 20 mins  
Painstaking forensic analysis of a murder victim leads police to a suspect, who turned out to be the same person who made what he thought was an anonymous 911-call.

Good As Gold
Nov 04 2019 20 mins  
Two young women were brutally murdered in Napa, California on Halloween night. The killer left his DNA behind, and a groundbreaking test revealed his race and even the color of his eyes and hair. Technology was able to tell investigators what he looked like... now all they had to do was find him.

True Lies
Oct 31 2019 20 mins  
A woman's body was found on a deserted road outside of San Antonio. After years, the victim's family hired a private investigator who finds her personal diary and uses its entries to find the perpetrator.

Second Shot At Love
Oct 28 2019 20 mins  
A heart surgeon is found dead in his home. Police assume suicide, but further investigation reveals his new wife was out for money.

Hell's Kitchen
Oct 24 2019 20 mins  
It appeared the victim had accidentally fallen and hit her head at the bottom of the stairs. But the odd position of her shows and the absence of blood splatter led police to suspect the scene had been stage... and Luminol proved they were right.

Haunting Vision
Oct 21 2019 20 mins  
A woman who survived a deadly childhood fire sends police a letter charging her father killed her mother 30 years ago.

Fire Dot Com
Oct 17 2019 20 mins  
A federal agency ruled a fire that killed a child intentionally set, charging the mother with murder. Were government officials wrong?

Low Maintenance
Oct 14 2019 20 mins  
A young college student is found dead in her apartment. There are no obvious signs of foul play, but skin cells under her fingernails yield DNA of an unknown male suspect, and petechial hemorrhages in her eyes prove this is a homicide.

The Music Case
Oct 10 2019 20 mins  
A 12-year-old's death shakes a suburban Minnesota town. Police have no leads until a string of burglaries months after the murder leads them to the victim's possessions, and to the killer.

Micro Clues
Oct 07 2019 20 mins  
After a day of fishing in a small village in Switzerland, a teenage boy did not return home as planned. His body was found in a cornfield, but investigators found microscopic one-cell organisms on him, which could only be found in water.

Tourist Trap
Oct 03 2019 20 mins  
In 1993, worldwide attention focused on robberies which targeted tourists in Florida. Some vacationers were killed in thee attacks; some fought and survived, despite severe injuries. A bite mark is the key used to convict a suspect.

Sep 30 2019 20 mins  
A pregnant woman is brutally attacked in her own home and her unborn child is killed. Was her husband wrongly convicted?

A Squires Riches
Sep 26 2019 20 mins  
The truck fell off the hydraulic jack, crushed the man working beneath it, and sparked a fire... or so it seemed. Investigators turned to forensic science to determine if they were dealing with a tragic accident or a carefully orchestrated murder.

Funeral Services
Sep 23 2019 20 mins  
A funeral director is murdered and his son, the sole beneficiary of his estate, is considered a likely suspect... until witnesses provide him with an ironclad alibi. When police find a mask near the crime scene, they hope it will lead to the killer.

Material Evidence
Sep 19 2019 20 mins  
Orange fibers may link a van and a murdered girl's body.

To The Viktor
Sep 16 2019 20 mins  
Three homicides on two continents look like professional executions. Investigators on both sides of the Atlantic needed to find out if they were related and, if they were, who or what they had in common.

Skeleton Key
Sep 12 2019 20 mins  
The woman was missing for a month. Police find her car but no evidence of foul play... only a fingerprint and a set of keys. There's a code on one of the keys, which they hope will unlock not only a door, but also the mystery of her disappearance.

Sign Of The Zodiac
Sep 09 2019 20 mins  
For six years, a serial killer prowled the streets of New York City. He wrote letters to police and "The New York Post," indicating he would kill twelve people, one for each astrological sign. Forensic astronomy, handwriting analysis, and DNA extracted from the flap of an envelope gave investigators a profile of the killer, and a stroke of luck enabled them to find him.

Naughty or Nyce
Sep 05 2019 20 mins  
The woman could have lost control of her SUV on the icy road, and plunged down an embankment into a shallow creed, But there were footprints in the snow leading away from the vehicle and bloodstains on both the inside and the outside. Investigators were convinced this was the scene of a crime, not an accident.

A Shot In The Dark
Sep 02 2019 20 mins  
When a woman is found dead of a gunshot wound, forensic scientists proved once again that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Picture This
Aug 29 2019 20 mins  
A Modesto, California teenager went missing. There was no sign of a struggle in her home, and police suspected she'd simply run away... until her naked, bruised body was discovered in a ditch 20 miles away.

Broken Promises
Aug 26 2019 20 mins  
When a gym teacher is found dead of what appears to be an accidental gunshot wound, his family is suspicious. When police find that the wife's previous husband died in questionable circumstances, they re-examine the crime scene.

Death Play
Aug 22 2019 20 mins  
While in high school, Marie Robards suffered the devastating loss of her father to cardiac arrest but Marie had a secret.

Unholy Vows
Aug 19 2019 20 mins  
War criminals who moved to the United States are captured many years later thanks to forensic technology.

Introducing "Hell And Gone"
Aug 16 2019 2 mins  
Now in its second season, Hell And Gone is a podcast from iHeartRadio and School of Humans that follows writer and private investigator Catherine Townsend as she investigates unsolved deaths in small-town Arkansas This season, she dives into the mysterious death of Janie Ward, a 16-year old high school student who died at a party in 1989 in Marshall, Arkansas. In the 30 years since her death, no one has been able to determine how she died even though there have been multiple investigations and her body has been autopsied three times. Season 1 investigated the cold-case murder of Rebekah Gould, a beautiful and popular college student who was killed in 2004.

Time Will Tell
Aug 15 2019 20 mins  
A Canadian scam-artist, Albert J. Walker, assumes the identity of co-worker Ronald Platt as part of a money-laundering scheme. Platt later turns up dead and the only clues to his real identity are a Rolex watch and a maple leaf tattoo.

Writers Block
Aug 12 2019 20 mins  
A brilliant young architect became ill and died just before she was to testify in a criminal trial. The autopsy revealed she'd been poisoned with arsenic; it was a slow and painful death, so suicide was unlikely. Investigators had to determine who among her family, friends and business associates had a motive for murder.

Aug 08 2019 20 mins  
A murder mystery theater performance turns into a real life whodunit when a badly burned body is discovered after the performance.

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