Oh No Ross and Carrie

Oct 19 2020 70 mins 65.7k

Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life's biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to.

4.8 • 25 Ratings

aftanith Oct 18 2020
I am always on the hunt for skeptical podcasts that manage to be both intelligent *and* fun, and Oh No Ross and Carrie is one that I am so grateful to have found! Ross & Carrie's deep dives into kooky cults, zany tech, miracle cures, and similar ilk are funny, informational, and very fair. There's no bullying here and no lack of compassion or empathy; there's just common sense, science, skepticism, and curiosity. Everyone should be listening to this. Everyone.

nataliazon Oct 12 2020
This podcast is the reason I got into listening to podcasts in the first place. It's definitely my favourite show.

FunnyGroundhog Oct 11 2020
I have no idea how I heard about this show, but I know I was directed to it because of the flat earth interview with Mark Sargent. After binging all those related episodes, I'm going to go back and visit the series in its entirety. I love this open minded deep dive into this (ultimately futile) topic.

LoriJeanne Sep 13 2020
Great podcast! Right up my alley

Joseph McGrath Aug 19 2020
Easily my favorite podcast, OH NO features a funny pair of skeptics who do stuff like join cults, visit psychics, alt healers, & fringe conventions or try out niche "wellness" or "cleanse" programs. The hosts' personalities balance perfectly: Carrie is more irreverent but with a sharp eye for pseudo-science while Ross is affable & generously open-minded with a robust knowledge of Scripture.

BarnyTrubble Aug 17 2020
In cas intoe no m hi sis a. 6*.

Carl from WV Aug 17 2020
A thoughtful exploration of spirituality, fringe science, and claims of the paranormal. Ross and Carrie go to all sorts of events to understand then later dissect the beliefs and practices of a very wide array of groups. Some investigations are brief, while most look deeply into belief systems and groups. Ross and Carrie are funny and thoughtful. Their pods are long, so I "save" them for longer trips, and I look to enjoying them as I drive. Highly recommend!!!

WearyExile Aug 16 2020
Ross and Carrie bring a skeptical stance to spiritual life and find exactly what you would expect. I do think what they do is occasionally interesting and they often hone in on issues with various spiritual practices, but they also spend actual hours dissecting the trivial minutiae of their experience. If you are still interested listen on the fastest speed possible.

seczgnj Aug 14 2020
Very good

Jazzquatch Aug 12 2020
more like, oh yes ross and carrie

hdesmarais Aug 04 2020
This podcast is hilarious, intelligent, educational, and SO entertaining. Ross and Carrie are a couple of funny, sharp-witted skeptics and their podcast is endlessly fascinating. They always find themselves in the most bizarre situations. If you're interested in the paranormal, spirituality, science, alternative medicine, or anything else outside of the mainstream, this podcast is for you. Their coverage is thought-provoking and never fails to make me laugh. Thanks, Ross and Carrie.

1337samtheman Jul 31 2020
Love these guys. Funny and educational

chloe7473 Jul 18 2020
I'm new to Oh No, having heard them as guest hosts on another podcast I listen to. I like to start at E1 with new-to-me podcasts so I can follow the evolution of the show. This podcast is a lot of fun. The back catalog goes back a long time and even very early shows are well done! I do hope as I get farther along in episodes, yelling into the microphone is an early growing pain that gets worked out.

Finch Jun 26 2020
They have done so much hard work to protect us from nonsense and I'm very grateful!

MyNinjaWay May 25 2020
One of the best podcasts around! Very interesting investigations with a range of fun to more serious. Their empathy and compassion is so admirable and the attitude towards people making dubious claims emphasizes safety and kindness, rather than calling people dumb for believing in an out-there claim. Very relistenable too, I'm so glad I found them through maxfun!

alevmo May 24 2020
One of my favorite podcasts!

DanBennett May 24 2020
I love this show! Ross and Carrie are smart, funny and kind. There's a huge back-catalog worth listening to as well

ER24 May 23 2020
This podcast is so great! Ross and carrie explore so many interesting topics with kindness and humour and I've learned loads from it

drno May 11 2020

Indrid May 10 2020
Ross and Carrie are fair, funny, and thoughtful hosts as they tackle pseudoscience and quackery in a hands-on way. I love that they approach their subjects with humor without punching down. We need this podcast now more than ever! This is my all-time favorite podcast and I would give it a hundred stars if I could.

James c May 09 2020
Great podcast!

scmodstyle May 02 2020
Student hat

MDB May 02 2020
Recommend it. Ross and Carrie are delightful.

mulebeatsdrums Apr 13 2020
Ross and Carrie always jump to the top of my playlist but second a new episode drops. Far and away one of my favourite podcasts. Informative, funny, and at times surprisingly thought-provoking.

thewiggins Apr 13 2020
Amazing show. Ross and Carrie dive into the world of fringe religion, pseudoscience, and the paranormal, not just talk about these groups but actually take part. They've taken scientology classes, gone to a UFO conference, and done ayahuasca in Costa Rica, to name just a few things. Their accounts if their experiences are witty, skeptical, and surprisingly compassionate.