Two Degrees Hotter

Feb 23 2021 51 mins

Making the transition from college to adult life can be tough. But what even is “adulting” anyway? Join recent college graduates and longtime friends Anya and Kylie as they give honest, unfiltered updates on what post-grad life is really like. Whether you’re attending university, starting a full-time job, or matriculating into grad school, this is the podcast for you. They might be two degrees hotter, but Anya and Kylie are still trying to play it cool as they figure things out. Subscribe for new episodes on Tuesdays, and follow the @twodegreeshotter Instagram! Cover art by

All About Law School Applications
Jun 02 2020 40 mins  
It's the first solo episode of the pod! In this week's episode, Kylie walks you through exactly how she applied for law school. She gives you her best tips, answers your questions about the application process, and lets you know what resources she used when applying. Kylie also gives you an update on what post-grad life has been like for her and on how she's been keeping busy with her time off. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode, and follow us on Instagram @twodegreeshotter! If you have any suggestions for topics you want to hear us cover, feel free to send them using this link: Resources Mentioned in the Episode: LSAT Trainer- LSAT PrepTests- PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible- Khan Academy LSAT Prep Tests- Personal Statement Examples- We plan to address the death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests in a later episode (we record out of order), but in the meantime, please visit this link to learn what you can do to help:

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