Travel People: Living Authentic Lives, Finding Kindred Spirits, Fulfilling Dreams

Dec 24 2020 57 mins 1

Wondering how the pandemic is affecting people around the globe? Has it made you rethink priorities? Are you seeking a new adventure? A new life? Sometimes we have to get lost for awhile to live found and free. Here we talk about essential journeys that lead us home to the people we were created to be. My guests, masters of reinvention and growth, will share their travel go-to places and give insider tips on where and how to take timeouts in their backyards. They’ll inspire and empower you to take the next step to planning YOUR new adventure, to living YOUR best life. I’m Cindy McCain, travel writer and blogger at Southern Girl Gone Global where I share my journey as an empty nest survivor and former expat. After living 3 years in Morocco and the Caribbean, I’m back in Nashville teaching university English, telling travel tales from 27 countries, and coaching others as they write theirs. I’m so excited to introduce you to some of the colorful cohorts I’ve met from around the world whose heads and hearts push me to press on in growth, live by core values, never settle. Hear how they followed their bliss using Joseph Campbell's stages of the hero's journey and how their lives have changed since. Music Credits: Carole Edwards, "Come and Run Away with Me," Chris Haugen, "Casablanca Caravan," Dan Lebowitz, "Mysteries" Photo Credits: Cindy McCain and Guests

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