Real Dictators

Jan 26 2021 42 mins 7.1k

Real Dictators is the new podcast series hosted by Paul McGann (Dr Who, Luther, Withnail and I) that explores the hidden lives of history’s tyrants. Head to to learn more about Noiser shows. Also, check out our other podcast, Real Narcos. Out now!

4.7 • 9 Ratings

GibborCale Feb 11 2021
Great series! Highly informative with great narration.

this_was_the_sou Jan 21 2021
Devoured all the available episodes in a week. Can't wait for more!

Dowdy Jan 18 2021
Awesome. Tojo got off lightly.

podaddict Jan 11 2021
Great detailed podcast! Excellent narration and fascinating stories.

Eduardo Scharpf Jan 06 2021
Amazing podcast. It transport you really deep inside the history and gives a full picture of the world while explains san specific topic. Great music and externally good history telling. Thanks a lot guys, You rock on this one.

Caleb Jan 05 2021
Not a rip off of behind the bastards at all.

nosesoup Jan 02 2021
Amazing podcast. Just listened to the episodes of Stalin and it really gets behind the scenes and makes him recognisably human not a comic figure. You even feel for him amongst middle class dismissive intellectual communists like Troskey and Lenin who dislike him as a underling, but cannot dispense with his practical skillls. As future dictator I will have Paul Mcgann and his team in a case supported by human fluids from my purges piped in producing this content forever.

Reggae Jan 01 2021

unsaneusername Nov 24 2020
Rip off of Behind the Bastards by Robert Evans