The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

Aug 04 2020 28 mins 1

Join hit paranormal author and magician - G. Michael Vasey - as he explores through interviews and book readings - all things supernatural and paranormal including - true hauntings, poltergeist, ghosts, the occult, faery, earth energies, reality and magic. Dare you take it to the very edge of reality? Listen in for...Scary true stories of the paranormal,Compelling interviews focused on investigating the supernatural, occult and magic,Haunting tales and poetry,Investigations of magic, the occult, esoteric and strange.Join G. Michael Vasey and discover his magical world!

Episode 7 - Synchronicity with Anthony Peake
Jul 20 2020 37 mins  
I welcome Anthony Peake, a writer who deals with borderline areas of human consciousness. In what turned out to be an extraordinary interview, we discussed Anthony's areas of interest before getting into the topic of synchronicity. The entire interview ended up feeling like pure synchronicity as we discussed the recent paranormal investigation show - Hellier - and its impact upon us both. Even more compelling was the tie in to Anthony's own work as well as my own. Listen in for a true treat of synchronicity at work.You can learn more about Anthony Peake at his website - You can also find out about his books on his Amazon authors page at and even interact with him at his facebook page - the books mentioned in the podcast are the following - please do take a look -Is there life after death? - Daemon - A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self - Hidden Universe - Michael Vasey, Chasing the Shaman and The New You (How to Create Your Own Reality) are also available on Amazon.Intro music - It's not right by G. Michael VaseyOutro music - It's my Life by G. Michael VaseyAll music - G. Michael VaseyMusic available at iTunes, Spotify and other music stores.Read my review of Anthony's first book - Is There life After Death at© G. Michael Vasey

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