Oct 19 2020 31 mins 3.7k

Witness Docs presents Unfinished, an investigative anthology series digging into America's unfinished business. Season one of Unfinished, Deep South, produced in collaboration with Market Road Films, brought us on a journey into the Arkansas Delta to investigate the lynching of Isadore Banks. Season two takes us to Short Creek, a community on the Utah/Arizona border divided by much more than a state line. On one side are fundamentalist, polygamous Mormons who believe the town should be run by God—and his prophet. On the other are ex-believers who want democracy—and the right to believe (or not believe) as they want. When the prophet, Warren Jeffs, goes to prison for sex crimes, the community has to face its painful past...and struggle to define its future. From Witness Docs and Critical Frequency, hosts Ash Sanders and Sarah Ventre move beyond the headlines and embed in the community to bring you Unfinished: Short Creek, a very American story⁠ about the battle between freedom of religion and freedom from religion that asks whether people on two sides of a deep divide can rediscover common ground. Hear more great stories about complicated people from Witness Docs at witnesspodcasts.com.

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Katpen Penkat Oct 12 2020
With the exception of one episode, I have loved this series so far. The interviews are well done - she does a good job getting answers by not antagonizing interviewee. I feel zero sympathy for polygamists (though I agree that children shouldn't be taken away), regardless of their "faith." So Short Creek E4 was infuriating - it seemed like I was supposed to feel sorry for people who had to keep moving and were raided because they wanted to be polygamists. It's illegal for good reason.

zvipardes Oct 05 2020
This podcast is nuanced, sympathetic, and really well curated. Kudos!

tmoyn Sep 23 2020
I was interested until they started talking about George Floyd.