The Dr. Lynne Santiago Show

Sep 22 2020 50 mins

17th century philosopher, René Descartes, concluded, “I think therefore I am”. Join Psychotherapist, Dr. Lynne, as she takes you on a journey of self-discovery. How do you define you “Self”? Are you your ‘personality’? Are you the various roles you have in your life—all the hats that you wear? Are you the inner dialog, that inner chatter you have streaming through your mind all the time? Are you ‘always becoming’? This podcast explores “I AM”. With over 26 years of experience as a psychotherapist and educator, Dr. Lynne shares with you her unquenchable curiosity with the theories of psychology, and the power of the mind. Dr. Lynne, and her thought-provoking guests, examine how striving for self-awareness and raised consciousness connects you to who you are at your core, strengthens your connection to others, helps you heal from past wounds, and guides you to life changing growth.

EP013: Danielle Sweet’s Becoming Story: “I Needed to Feed my Soul”
Sep 22 2020 50 mins  
From a profitable career in advertising, to 20 years as a public school teacher, Danielle’s career path evolved into becoming a yoga instructor and owner of Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness studio. Danielle says “we are always becoming the next version of ourselves”, and that Becoming is both painful and rewarding. Danielle has experienced challenges to include being diagnosed at 47 years old with the life threatening disease myeloproliferative neoplasm. And she didn’t let a pandemic get in the way of becoming the owner of a yoga studio.Danielle is having a Grand Reopening Open House & Ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday Oct 3rd from 1 to 3pm. Tampa’s Mayor Jane Castor will be there to cut the ribbon. There will be tours of the studio, vegan food by the Independent, and other food by La Carachita’s Tacos. Beverages include Craft beer from Angry Chair brewery. And there will be some craft vendors.Danielle insures safety measures and social distancing will be in place for the event.Grand Reopening House & Ribbon Cutting CeremonySaturday October 3rd from 1pm-3pm5610 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, Florida 33604Learn more about Danielle and the Jai Dee Yoga and Wellness studio at www.jaideeyoga.comCall or text Danielle at 813-231-2300Email her at [email protected] her:Instagram @jaideeyogaandwellnessFacebook jaideeyogaandwellnessTwitter @jai_dee_yogaPlease email your questions and relevant experiences to [email protected] contact me if you have a “Becoming Story” you would like to share.Follow Dr. Lynne on her new podcast Instagram @ becoming_with_drlynne Keywords:

EP011: Sarah Bober’s Becoming Story: Overcoming Trauma and Self-Limiting Beliefs
Sep 16 2020 56 mins  
Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor, Dr. Sara Bober, shares her personal lived experiences that includes overcoming family trauma and her own self-limiting beliefs. As she speaks it becomes clear that she is also very proud of her parents ‘Becoming’ process. She tells how it was always assumed by her family and herself, that she would become a pediatrician, and even majored in pre-med in college. But after being introduced to chiropractic care to treat her severe headaches, she realized her true authentic path was to become a chiropractor herself.I have been watching Sarah’s more recent “becoming” unfold on Instagram, and was impressed with her positive energy and enthusiasm. I also found out after our interview that she is good friends with my niece/God-daughter. It truly is a small world.UPDATE: Wow. I just found out Sarah is a friend of my beautiful niece and God-daughter, Josie S. We had no idea until after the interview. Just another example of how small the world really is. Learn more about Dr. Sarah on:Facebook: drsarahboberInstagram: /dr.sarahboberWebsite: and www.mylutzchiropractor.comBusiness Address Full Life Chiropractic, 1003 Dale Mabry HwyLutz, FL, 33548813-428-5648Please email your questions and relevant experiences to [email protected] Dr. Lynne on her new podcast Instagram @ becoming_with_drlynne Give Dr. Lynne a “LIKE” and SHARE the new “The Dr. Lynne Santiago Podcast” Facebook page the-dr-lynne-santiago-podcast

EP010: Gary Teeney’s Becoming Story: Helping Clients “Gain Access to Their Power”
Aug 26 2020 84 mins  
Owner of Transformational Consulting and author, Gary Teeney, shares with us his career journey, as he evolved from working in advertising and becoming the owner of two radio stations before 30 years old, to 30 years of experience as a business consultant assisting well known clients, such as Disney and Coca-Cola. Gary says he helps clients “gain access to their power”, “illuminate the path toward their goals”, and supports them as they manifest their goals. Gary tells us that his own transformational shift occurred when he stopped being a salesperson and started partnering with his clients. He attributes his success to having mentors that helped him see “the bigger picture”. Gary was my business coach a few years back. He helped me create a vision for how I wanted to grow my therapy practice, but also started me on the path of writing a book “Conscious Partings – Ending Your Relationship from a Place of Love”, which I am still in the process of writing. Gary and I talked about me doing a podcast one day, so he has played a pivotal role in my own personal ‘becoming’ story. Please email your questions and relevant experiences to [email protected] more about Gary Teaney his website www.consultantstcb.comContact Gary [email protected] follow him on facebook @transformationalconsultingforbusiness Follow Dr. Lynne on her new podcast Instagram @ becoming_with_drlynne Give Dr. Lynne a “LIKE” and SHARE the new “The Dr. Lynne Santiago Podcast” Facebook page the-dr-lynne-santiago-podcast

EP 003 : Dr. Lisa Martin’s Quest: The effects of Racial Trauma and Intersectionality the process of Becoming
Jun 14 2020 48 mins  
Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa Martin, talks about “marginalized identity”, “intersectional identities”, and the, often traumatic experiences of being “pushed to the edges” of society. Dr. Martin explains that minority groups are often defined by others, leading to shame, oppression, and disempowerment. She explains how the power of words, that label and try to define groups of people, are harmful to the person’s sense of self identity. Using a strength-based approach in therapy, Dr Martin helps her clients find new words and language to describe their own identities. Words that are validating and empowering, and that express the true resiliency of the individual and the marginalized groups that he or she identifies with. This episode was recorded prior to the murder of George Floyd, whose death shed more light on the effects of Critical Racial Trauma and racism that is real in in the US and globally. Martin offers free consultations.Learn more about Dr. Lisa Martin on her website and email her at [email protected] email your questions and relevant experiences to [email protected] Dr. Lynne on her new podcast Instagram @ iam.always.becoming Give Dr. Lynne a “LIKE” and SHARE the new “The Dr. Lynne Santiago Podcast” Facebook page the-dr-lynne-santiago-podcast

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