The Leviathan Chronicles

Nov 25 2020 33 mins 4.6k

The Leviathan Chronicles is a full cast audio drama about a race of immortals that have been secretly living in a hidden city called Leviathan, deep under the Pacific Ocean. For centuries, the utopian society has existed in peace, gently influencing world events on the surface. But soon, a civil war erupts between the immortals that wish to stay hidden, and those that want to integrate fully with the rest of mankind on the surface. A clandestine division of the CIA known as Blackdoor discovers the immortals’ existence and seeks to eliminate the perceived threat that they represent to U.S. sovereignty. Soon, a three-way war erupts across the globe as each faction fights for supremacy, leaving the fate of the world hanging in the balance. The Leviathan Chronicles is the ultimate science fiction and fantasy audio drama podcast utilizing over 60 actors with professional sound effects and an original soundtrack in every episode.

A Gift Horse
Jun 03 2008 31 mins  
Oberlin and Tulley jerry-rig a shaky connection of their diving equipment in attempting a recovery mission on the Cedar Elm, which lies deep in the Gulf of Alaska. Oberlin warns them that their oxygen is limited and backup power is nonfunctional. With hugs and thanks, Macallan and Tulley begin their descent to 10,000 feet under the ocean Back in New York, Seinshun meets with Anton and Othello, who represent the Special Forces Unit of Leviathan. Tension is high as Macallan has eluded them by deciding to drive to Alaska instead of fly. Additionally, she has engaged the Hail Mary, not the treasure hunting operation Seinshun had ordered. As such, her whereabouts are unknown to Seinshun and his team of immortals. Seinshun hints that Macallan may have been bred for a specific purpose in mind. But what? In the meantime, Tulley and Macallan pass the time during their lengthy descent to reveal more about each other. Macallan explains the bizarre circumstances that drove her to find his boat and what she knows about the Leviathan Group. Tulley recalls how he met Oberlin and his secret dream of building the most advanced treasure hunting boat the world has ever seen. Their conversation is interrupted by their arrival at the Cedar Elm. The shipwreck is enormous. They search the boat exhaustedly for Macallan's mysterious Key. Not knowing exactly what she is looking for, Macallan is attracted by a strange glow emanating from one of the front cargo holds. They send the ROV to investigate and are amazed by what they see. A strange sarcophagus is pulsing in green light. But to make things more bizarre, the face of the sarcophagus is almost identical to Macallan's. She thinks this must be the Key! Macallan and Tulley use the ROV to grab the sarcophagus and pull away from the Cedar Elm. But before they can get too far, time runs out!

An Unknown Ally
May 22 2008 39 mins  
After finding her boyfriend dead and being accused of murder, Macallan realizes she must escape New York City immediately. Not knowing who the real murderer might be, she decides she can only rely upon herself. Disobeying Seinshun's instructions, Macallan chooses not to head to Anchorage, but rather the small Alaskan fishing town of Homer. There, she meets Captain Jeffery Tulley and his First Mate Oberlin St. Clair, a pair of treasure hunters that are down on their luck. They both possess knowledge of the shipwreck, Cedar Elm, that Seinshun said might contain the Key that Macallan has been sent to find. Tulley and Oberlin are reluctant to return to the Cedar Elm because its remote location and because it has been slated for demolition by the US Navy. Suddenly, an assassination team pulls up and launches on assault on Tulley's boat. It is unclear if the target is Macallan or Tulley, as he has incurred significant debt with the Japanese Yakuza. Tulley, Macallan and Oberlin escape on their boat, Hail Mary, and head out to sea in the face of a monster storm. Shortly thereafter, Jason Sterling contacts Kasunori Tanaka to berate him over the botched attack on the Hail Mary. He reminds Tanaka that he owes much of his corporate success and wealth to the clandestine operations conducted by the Blackdoor Group. As a result of his failure, Sterling kidnaps Tanaka's only son, Toshi. His return will be dependant upon Tanaka completing another murderous mission for Blackdoor and currying favor with Jason Sterling. After battling the storm for twenty-four hours, the Hail Mary stumbles upon the Cedar Elm. Strangely, the shipwreck is located 500 hundred miles from its last reported location. Additionally, the Hail Mary's search and recovery equipment was badly damaged in the attack. However, after much deliberation, Tulley and Oberlin agree to help Macallan and launch a recovery mission on the Cedar Elm.

Mistaken Identity
May 12 2008 37 mins  
On her way to Rockefeller University, Macallan is intercepted by Whitt Roberts posing as a psychiatrist treating her grandmother, Amelia Orsel. She is suspicious of him, but he finally wins her trust when he provides some insight into her grandmother's mysterious affliction. Whitt explains that they need to obtain a blood sample from Macallan's grandmother as soon as possible because her time could be running out. But before Whitt and Macallan can make it to Amelia's apartment, their car is violently T-boned by Anton and Othello who grab Macallan and throw her into their car and speed off. In the getaway car, Othello grills Macallan about her interaction with Whitt Roberts. He also takes a sample of Macallan's blood. The three of them arrive at Sutton Manor, an enormous complex of almost 20 townhouses on the outside, but a single compound on the inside. A woman named Ikoro analyzes Macallan and her blood before she meets the leader of the compound named Seinshun. He explains that she is very special and that he has known of her for her entire life. He explains that he is her great-great-great grandfather and is over 400 years old. Macallan is highly skeptical but agrees to listen to what Seinshun has to say. He explains that the immortals are dying from an unknown illness. Macallan needs to find the Key that can save them. Seinshun informs Macallan that she must travel to Anchorage, Alaska to engage in a treasure hunting operation to search a shipwreck called the Cedar Elm. He gives her $5,000,000 to assist her in her journey. Macallan rushes back to Rockefeller University to tell her lover, Jimmy Saltzer, what has transpired during her unbelievable day. But instead, she finds a terrible surprise waiting for her in the laboratory.

A Secret Unfolds
Apr 30 2008 26 mins  
Macallan Orsel is a young genetic scientist working at Rockefeller University in New York City. She and her grandmother are the last remaining members of the Orsel clan, a wealthy New York family of intellectual adventurers. She and her research partner and lover Jimmy Saltzer are trying unlock the elements of the human genome that govern aging. Although talented, Macallan has grown a bit fond of breaking the rules and frequently marshals more resources than the University has allocated to her. When she is reprimanded by Head Medical Provost Rhiner, Macallan receives a call from her grandmother's butler Sedgewick. Her grandmother, Amelia Orsel, who has been ill for some time, has lost consciousness and is fading in and out of states of dementia. Macallan rushes to her grandmother's side. When she arrives, her grandmother is only semiconscious. She recognizes Macallan but begins to speak very strangely. She keeps saying how special Macallan is, and that no one is supposed to know about her. Macallan is puzzled and mentions the word "Leviathan" which causes her grandmother to become very agitated and complains about hearing voices inside her head. Soon, she relapses into unconsciousness leaving Macallan confused and worried. After Sedgewick convinces her to spend the night at her grandmother's lavish Fifth Ave apartment, Macallan discovers a secret staircase under her bed. She follows the staircase to a hidden room occupied by mysterious large sphere with a single word inscribed on it. Leviathan.

Evil Undertow
Apr 21 2008 40 mins  
A highly advanced Chinese submarine, the Hei Ten Shi, is on a mysterious mission to deliver an otherworldly cargo to the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the Earth's ocean. The Chinese vessel suffers damage while maneuvering through the tight oceanic canyons. Because the vessel is now sinking rapidly, it enters a race against time to reach its destination, deliver its cargo and rise to the surface. But before it can release the cargo that is weighing it down, the Chinese vessel is intercepted by an American submarine, the USS Dakota, on a routine patrol to Pearl Harbor. The Chinese submarine dives to over 21,000 feet to avoid engagement. But before the Chinese can escape, the cargo "activates" sending out strange pulses of radiation that cause both the American and Chinese submarines to have massive system failures. As the Hei Ten Shi separates the main components of its ship, the Dakota fears an attack and launches its torpedoes destroying a large part of the Hei Ten Shi. One year later, a CIA operative named Whitt Roberts is called to meet with Jason Sterling. Sterling is part of the Blackdoor Group, a highly clandestine arm of the CIA that acts in complete autonomy from the rest of the US Government and its laws. Whitt has been called upon to investigate the disappearance of the Dakota, but Jason Sterling seems to know more than he is letting on. Whitt explains that a powerful signal was sent out from the Marianas Trench. But what is even more unusual is that the signal appears to have been answered from a source in outer space. Jason tells Whitt that he wants him to abandon his search for the Dakota and focus on a new New York City.

Welcome To The Leviathan Chronicles
Apr 01 2008 1 mins  
The Leviathan Chronicles is a revolutionary science fiction audio drama podcast featuring the voices of over 60 actors, professional sound effects and an original music soundtrack. Think of it as a blockbuster movie for your ears! There are 25 episodes in Season 1, and 13 episodes in Season 2 as well as several Special Edition Episodes – all available for FREE. You can download each episode here on the website or on iTunes. You can listen to episodes on your iPod, your computer, your car or wherever! The story is centered around a hidden city called Leviathan that lies deep within the dark trenches of the Pacific Ocean. The city is home to a community of immortals that sought to create a utopia over 1,000 years ago. For a millennia, they lived in peace and secrecy, gently influencing world events to aid the advancement of mankind. But a terrible secret has been kept deep within the catacombs of Leviathan that threatens the existence of the immortals, and quite possibly the entire world. One woman named Macallan Orsel, a young genetic scientist in New York, discovers she is descended from a group of immortals that rebelled against Leviathan and are now waging a civil war around the globe. As the immortal war spills into the realm of mortal man, Macallan realizes that she holds the key to stopping the battle and bringing peace to Leviathan. But a clandestine government agency called The Blackdoor Group is trying to exterminate the immortal population and has identified Macallan as their critical target. The Leviathan Chronicles was launched on April 21, 2008, and is written & created by Christof Laputka, and directed by Nobi Nakanishi. More episodes are added on a periodic basis and the remainder of Season 2 is already in production. Over 3 million episodes have been downloaded by fans around the world. Download your first episode now and get started on an epic sci-fi adventure like you’ve never heard before.

4.8 • 4 Ratings

rufus Dec 11 2020
Top notch audio, great story.

OinkMcOink Nov 15 2020
Long running. Long wait.

daman9091233 Jul 29 2020
Best podcast I have heard. Its story is amazing. Narration provides a great feel of where you are and what's going on. The voice acting is perfect. It really is the best.

PaxBritannica Jul 15 2020
Excellent episode.