Crime Countdown

Oct 26 2020 38 mins 2.1k

Who’s the worst serial killer? Where’s the creepiest cult? What’s the coldest of all cold cases? If you’re a true crime fan, you’ve probably asked yourself some of these questions. Well, Parcast thinks you deserve answers… or at least some passionate opinions. And they’ve enlisted co-hosts Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart from the hit podcast Morbid to get to the bottom of things. Welcome to their Parcast original series, Crime Countdown. Every Monday, Ash and Alaina discuss ten unsettling true crime stories centered around a common theme. With the help of the Parcast research gods, they’ll try to shock, surprise, and one-up each other—debating each case and their rankings with a hint of humor to lighten the mood. These best friends may not be experts. And they may not always agree. But… they’re counting down anyway.

3.2 • 5 Ratings

Lynda Aug 03 2020
I packed in Morbid when they giggled the whole way through a case about a Tyler Hadley like idiots. Then they mentioned a couple of dogs and I deleted fast before it got nasty. I was happy to still try this one, though, but again it isn't serious enough for me. They laugh about this stuff too much while saying how nasty it is !! Just isn't for me. I do like their relationship, though.

Beebe Bear Jul 23 2020
Annoying. They mention the parcast research gods so much it just points out that they don't do any themselves. On a countdown of 10 cases, they mentioned then at least 10 times. Not sure if I can handle another episode..

Hunter Jul 21 2020
What did I just listen to? Those two were so unprofessional and obnoxious to listen to. They come across as teenagers playacting, not bothering to take it seriously. There is only the bare bones of information that I could have seen on any internet top 10 list. Poor taste and poorly done.

Fermosalua Jul 20 2020
Give us more than one episode a week! Love it!

walbyni Jul 13 2020
How could I say no to ask and alaina