ONSC Podcast

Jul 08 2020 18 mins

The ONSC Podcast brings infotainment directly to the travelers. Take a deep dive with our residents, leaders, and businesses to get the inside scoop on all things travel.

Commissioner Patrick Austin, City of Sanford - The effects of COVID-19 on Youth Sports
Jul 13 2020 18 mins  
What's going to happen to youth sports now that the pandemic has shutdown tournaments? What resources or partnerships are there for youth sports organizations? Patrick Austin has been involved with Youth Sports for decades. From the youth and collegiate levels all the way up to the professionals, Patrick has seen it all. Tune-in and listen to his unique perspective on the effects and opportunities.

Marcos Tamez, Senior Hispanic Market Consultant, Telemundo - Turismo Interno de los Latinos
Jul 13 2020 23 mins  
Conversamos con Marcos Tamez Villareal, ejecutivo de cuentas y consultor del mercado hispano para Telemundo. Marcos tiene una perspectiva única acerca de las tendencias de los latinos en Estados Unidos, incluyendo nuestras preferencias al viajar. En este episodio Marcos comparte una opinión acerca del turismo interno de los latinos residentes en Florida.

Christina Hollerbach, COO, Hollerbach’s Willow Tree cafe - COVID-19 effects on local business
Jul 08 2020 20 mins  
Christina Hollerbach is the Chief Operating Officer at Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café & the President of the Wayne Dench Performing Arts Center in Historic Downtown Sanford, FL. Along with her impressive collection of local leadership roles, Christina's hard work has proven to play an important part in highlighting some of Orlando North, Seminole County's travel destination hotspots. Listen along as she shares her experiences as a business owner amidst the challenges in uncertain times.

Barbara Karasek, CEO & Co-Owner, Paradise Advertising - The impact of Travel Marketing
Jul 06 2020 13 mins  
Barbara Karasek has circled the globe. Living in multiple countries has given her a unique perspective on the worldwide impact of Tourism. As the CEO and Co-Owner of Paradise Advertising, Barbara has a unique perspective on the influence of travel and how it affects more than hotels and restaurants.

Larry Meador, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Evok Advertising - Travel Marketing post COVID-19
Jul 06 2020 21 mins  
Larry Meador is a true marketing disruptor and entrepreneur. We will discuss what does post COVID-19 travel marketing look like from his perspective. How will brands try to capture the first wave of travelers? What are some of the new marketing technologies and strategies we can expect?

Caitlin Terry, Founder & Creative Director, CabaYoga - What's Horse Yoga?
Jul 01 2020 24 mins  
Orlando North, Seminole County is home to many unique niche destination experiences, like… Horse yoga! Caitlin Terry, Founder and Creative Director of CabaYoga, gives us a sneak peek into this outdoor practice that blends traditional yoga with the majesty of horses.

Mayor Art Woodruff, City of Sanford - A visitor's guide to Sanford
Jun 29 2020 16 mins  
Mayor Art Woodruff was born and raised in Sanford, graduating from Seminole High School in 1980. After fourteen years at Seminole High School as a science teacher and yearbook adviser, he transferred to Oviedo High School where he is currently a science teacher and technology coordinator. Visitors get the inside scoop from the new mayor. Mayor Woodruff gives insight on some of his favorite things to do in Sanford and the upcoming projects.

Perla Crosby, Fundadora & Editora Ejecutiva, My Sanford Magazine – Sabor de Sanford
Jun 24 2020 24 mins  
En este episodio conversamos con Perla Bello-Crosby, la fundadora y editora ejecutiva de la revista My Sanford Magazine. El tiempo residiendo en Sanford y a la cabeza de esta importante publicación, le han permitido a Perla tener un conocimiento acerca de la comunidad y comercios en Sanford. Perla comparte con nosotros un poco del sabor de Sanford y lugares que podemos disfrutar, especialmente durante este tiempo de pandemia.

Pasha Baker, Director & Chief Executive Officer, Goldsboro West Side Community Historical Association Inc. - Museum Update
Jun 24 2020 20 mins  
Mrs. Oliver began using her retirement check, from her 30 years of service as a school teacher to fund the Goldsboro Museum. As a second generation member of Goldsboro, Mrs. Oliver, has passed the torch of history and heritage to the third generation, her niece, Pasha Baker, who manages the daily operations and funding for the Goldsboro West Side Community Historical Association, Inc. Pasha gives us an in-depth look at all the new projects that are continuing to grow throughout the Goldsboro Museum. As a resident or visitor, the Goldsboro Museum is a can't miss opportunity to interact with Seminole County history.

Dana Young, President & CEO, Visit Florida - Back to the Future of Florida Tourism
Jun 24 2020 15 mins  
You may know her from her time served on the Florida Senate or from her three terms in the Florida House of Representatives. Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Dana Young, the first female President and CEO of Visit Florida. As a Florida native, with a family tradition ingrained in public service, Dana discusses how she become involved with Visit Florida, as well as some of the amazing contributions that Visit Florida provides to the Tourism industry.

Danny Trosset, Director of Sports Tourism, Seminole County Tourism - New safety measures at the Seminole County sports complexes
Jun 24 2020 16 mins  
Danny Trosset has over a decade of sports travel experience in Seminole County. Last fiscal year, the County’s sports events actualized an economic impact of $42.5 million, exceeding the previous year’s revenue impact by $2.9+ million. Seminole County Parks hosted everything from the ECNL national soccer events, to the NHFCA woman’s national field hockey winter showcase, to the All-American youth baseball and softball games and the NCAA men’s and women’s DII National Tennis Championships. In this episode, Danny will guide us through some of the new safety updates and changes to expect at the Seminole County complexes.

Alan Harris, Chief Administrator Emergency Management, Seminole County - Hurricane Season during the Pandemic
Jun 24 2020 10 mins  
Alan Harris currently serves as the Chief Administrator / Emergency Manager for Seminole County Office of Emergency Management. His first night on the job in emergency management was Aug. 13, 2004, the day Hurricane Charley hit the state of Florida. Alan has seen his share of disasters during his time and has always provided a very calculated, strategic, and effective response. This year's hurricane season provides a new challenge. Alan provides insight into the best ways to maintain your safety through this uniquely challenging hurricane season.

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