Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe's Lockdown Parenting Hell

Oct 23 2020 41 mins 1.8k

Parenting....just not as you know it...

5 • 11 Ratings

Andromega Aug 25 2020
Loved it during lockdown, despite not even being a parent.

rmk42 Aug 21 2020
Really funny can be emotional and informative

OneArmedStrangle Jul 07 2020
Very funny, entertaining podcast. 2 great comics.

RobH Jul 02 2020
Keep these coming please!

emsmall Jul 01 2020
These two have helped me through lockdown. Absolutely hilarious!

NATPOT Jun 24 2020
I only found this podcast 3 days ago but blitzed through it in my three days that both kids are at school and I'm still not back at work so I feel I've come through the hell and back into a state of heavenly bliss. It's hilarious. It's that simple. You don't need to have kids to appreciate the comedy within and great to see so many funny women featured. I just hope this continues beyond the pandemic.

Frinster Jun 09 2020

ridley Jun 03 2020
Love this podcast, very entertaining

cockneyfox May 28 2020

Winckers May 17 2020
Great isolation listening for any and everone

Mr D Light May 16 2020
This is really helping me! After the first week of lock down I thought I was losing my mind suddenly looking after two children (2yrs and 6yrs) full time. These boys have done a top job of making everything feel a little better by hearing how bad everyone else is finding it. We are all in it together and we will make it out the other side laughing, in part thanks to Rob and Josh. Thank you!