Red Web

Oct 26 2020 54 mins 4.1k

Red Web dives into the Internet's most intriguing mysteries, conspiracies, and supernatural events. With an appetite for the unknown, Trevor Collins and his co-host Alfredo Diaz analyze various unsolved incidents.

4.9 • 32 Ratings

Number11 Oct 19 2020
Great research and delivery

Ezekiel27 Oct 16 2020
I absolutely love this podcast. I am not typically drawn to the true crime genre as a whole, but gave this a shot due to RT producing it, and that a majority of the stories are based around internet culture. It does not disappoint. The dynamic between Trevor and Alfredo is wholesome and sort of rings close to an older brother telling stories to freak out his younger brother. It is informative and at times slightly unsettling in the best way. Keep up the amazing work!

NappingSl0th Oct 02 2020
This was a super cool episode about something I didn't think I'd be interested in. Trevor and Alfredo make things super easy to digest

NemoKeine Sep 30 2020
Suspenseful tales of internet mysteries, cryptic occurrences, and unnerving coincidences

mugi05 Sep 15 2020
This podcast how many things I don't know about the world

TenQuick Sep 12 2020
Love it

MandieHaze Sep 07 2020
The first episode hooked me. I love learning about sketchy and nefarious goings-on that I'm naive to! These guys are great too! Funny and interesting. Can't wait for more episodes since I binged them all yesterday.

corium Aug 31 2020
Mystery meets tech very enjoyable! BUT after a few episodes, the Scooby-Doo routine between the hosts and every second word is "like"! Becomes tiresome.

Corsair94 Aug 31 2020
Most of these episodes are so gripping and interesting. Can't wait for this final episode what a cliff hanger.

lhp Aug 14 2020
The spooky episodes are incredible!

Seclusion Aug 14 2020
I literally got goosebumps listening to the first episode, now I'm hooked. Keep them coming!

Haydensrus Aug 13 2020
Great stories

CunnyRunner Aug 11 2020
Pretty good but not as gripping as I'd hoped

DarkEpitaph Aug 11 2020
Love the intriguing plots for this podcast. Keeps me on my seat from beginning to end. I always look forward to when new episodes come out!

KitKat Aug 07 2020
I love the dynamic between Alfredo and Trevor! They play off of each other well! The topics they discuss are very interesting, and I can't wait to hear what they dive into next. Keep up the great work lads!

soot Aug 03 2020
So interesting. I'm no computer nerd but you don't have to be to enjoy this story. Clearly explained and a fairly deep dive. More questions than answers. Lots of theory. Loving it and keen to hear more.

fromshadows1734 Aug 03 2020
Very intriguing. Love hearing the different takes on the narrative and have the everyday person perspective in alfredo

limelizard Aug 03 2020
Love Rooster Teeth.

FranticallyPeace Aug 01 2020
This is a fantastic new podcast about true-crime and mysteries explored via the Internet. The hosts are articulate and the sound quality is very good. I highly recommend it!

rayq1124 Jul 27 2020
Funny. Hope they scare Fredo.

DaDinoSlaw Jul 26 2020
Achievement Hunter boys always provide excellent entertainment!

Deinonychus Jul 26 2020
Really good first episode. Captivating. Trevor does an amazing job hosting and Alfredo is a great foil. Good all around.

frostbite Jul 26 2020
This first episode had me hooked. I don't often listen to podcasts like this even despite loving conspiracy theories and hearing these stories because I don't normally have the ability to follow along without seeing visual evidence, but you guys made it easy to follow along and feel hooked. I'm looking forward to more episodes and have already recommended this to my best friend!

Flywithme Jul 24 2020

bbrrck Jul 23 2020
Great so far, loved the first episode, looking forward to the next one

Petty1 Jul 22 2020
Great podcast series, coming out of the gates swinging.

More2nerd Jul 22 2020
Fun and interesting

Viscotel Jul 22 2020
So far, lovely

pangan Jul 22 2020
Very interesting first episode. Hope the rest will also be this weird.

Alfcat Jul 21 2020
First episode was great. Very excited to see what else they'll discuss this season considering how crazy the first topic was.

dontbethatguy Jul 21 2020
This is very interesting! I'm excited to see what's to come.

autographsky Jul 20 2020
I love this podcast. Trevor really has the voice for this and it's fun having him explain the story to Alfredo.