Critical Role

Oct 20 2020 157 mins 19.1k

Welcome to Critical Role, where a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons! Join Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and an all-star cast of world-class performers each week as they travel through imaginary realms for more adventure than you can shake a magic staff at. Need a deeper dive? Be sure to catch Talks Machina with Brian W. Foster, the official Critical Role companion show, right here on Critical Role.

4.9 • 22 Ratings

ShesAZombie Oct 08 2020
The real-play show gold standard.

SplitLetters Sep 28 2020
The best D&D show on the internet, featuring everyone's favourite nerdy-ass voice actors sitting around and playing Dungeons and Dragons

AFurrer Sep 26 2020
Why does it start from Campaign 2, ep 19??

TIGERHEART Sep 25 2020

Elflein Sep 11 2020
I love it. You'll cry so much it hurts, you'll laugh so much you'll cry. The different characters and the need to know their backtory draws you in but also this amazing voice actors whose real life friendship is in my eyes the secret to this amazing game plus a mindblowingly good Dungeon Master who leads through the game. They are storytellers, every single one of them, and they create this epic tale together

Kasper Sep 07 2020
Touching, funny and epic. You couldn't write this shit!

Jrak1204 Aug 22 2020
People have probably already said everything I would say. But this is the result of amazing voice actors and people in entertainment putting on a show. Is it perfect? No. Is it something I can do in my groups on a weekly basis? Hell No. But there is rarely an episode I don't love.

DaRC_Fantom Aug 13 2020
I used to listen to other podcasts but now I'm an addict. They gild the lily of my youth, 1st edition DnD in 1977, with great stories, role playing and the the shared joy of adventuring with friends. For an ex TTRPG'er, in 1984 sacrifices had to be made to get laid, these podcasts show a world where nerdy geeks are cool.

Alex R Aug 07 2020
Amazing DM Matt Mercer is qhat inspired me to get into DnD and even tackle DMing. Great set of players that will draw you into DnD. The first campaign was great and the second is even better and closer to the rules of DnD. A unique feature of this podcast is Matt Mercer creates his own worlds and campaign so its all new to everyone!

[email protected] Jul 27 2020
OMG! What a DM! love your work all!

Dadderrath Jul 23 2020
Way better to watch. But I don't got the time. It's been amazing to listen to. Brightens my mood Everytime they put out a new ep!

Noy Jun 23 2020
THE greatest DnD podcast.

Pokabrows Jun 20 2020
Amazing D&D podcast. Engaging story full of really cool characters. They make you feel like you're their beloved friend.

KveruLars Jun 08 2020
If you thought you didnt like DnD, listen to this and be proven wrong. The cast of Critical Role is an awesome group of people that will entertain you for months on end.

binaryblitz May 25 2020
Truly amazing. This is modern day story telling. The CritRole truly feels like family.

orangepowered May 10 2020
This is an excellent podcast for anyone who has even a light interest in dungeons and dragons.

Kingkiller_Azoth May 08 2020
Amazing players, immersive storytelling, and inspiring for any writer or player.

spericksen0613 Apr 28 2020
This is one of the definitive podcasts for live play 5e D&D, for sure. Each player plays an integral and involved part of the story, and the work put into their skill and writing the story is apparent. If you like mutual, good quality, improvisational storytelling, this series is a must.

sm827yn Apr 16 2020
Great live d&d game, best one out there! Campaign one and two are both amazing and the level of detail in the podcast makes listening a pleasure

TheZombieKnight Apr 15 2020
The gold standard of d&d actual play.

NoelDarling Apr 12 2020
The best imo D&D podcast.

SturmTrouper Apr 12 2020
See the older Geek & Sundry Critical Role podcast for older episodes. Wonderful live-stream playing of Dungeons & Dragons by professional voice actors. With amazing acting, story and production quality, Critical Role has become a global phenomenon.