All-American: Tiger Woods

Oct 22 2020 32 mins 1.2k

Tiger Woods is one of America's most awe-inspiring icons. He's been world-famous for decades and his story has many chapters: a phenom's rise, a shocking fall from grace, and debatably the greatest sports comeback of all time. But few people have really gotten to know Tiger Woods - it's been largely left to the media to define who he is. On this season of All-American, Jordan Bell and journalist Albert Chen revisit Tiger's journey to find out what the media got right, and what it didn't.

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laraf Sep 27 2020
I'm trying to finish but the ads are really annoying. Some sponsor choices offend me, others have just been the subject of ridiculous pandering conversation-style ads. I subscribe to 20 podcasts; I know the sponsors make each production possible. I just can't stomach the choices made by this podcast's producer(s).

podcoster Aug 25 2020
Not worth your time. You learn very little and the delivery is incohesive and lacks structure. This podcast is the equivalent of click bait for your ears; catchy title but not rewarding.