Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers

Oct 27 2020 36 mins 4.3k

It’s the most powerful position in American politics—and arguably, the world. But behind the oath to preserve, protect and defend, lie dark secrets posed to leave some legacies in disgrace. Uncover the most damning details surrounding history’s most high-profile leaders in the Spotify Original from Parcast, Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers. Every Tuesday through the 2020 election, host Ashley Flowers shines a light on the darker side of the American presidency… From torrid love affairs and contemptible corruption to shocking cover-ups and even murder, she’ll expose the personal and professional controversies you may never knew existed.

3.1 • 7 Ratings

cparishjr Oct 20 2020
The podcast covers some interesting topics but the reader and/or writer does little to hide her personal biases . That makes me question the accuracy of the stories being told. I unsubscribed in the middle of the Andrew Johnson episode.

Jga001 Oct 20 2020
Just another liberal hack. Terrible research. Poor production values. Has no clue about actual history.

pod addict Oct 14 2020
Very interesting incite not typically discussed about Presidents great research work done in getting under the surface of historical figures

Facial Oct 13 2020
Bad ass podcast

susie_rosa_ Sep 06 2020
Good production value, but the content is so so. They say the podcast is historical, not political, but their politics are loud and clear. They sensationalize and make guesses based off of theories and evaluate men with the standards of today, not of the times. I find that to be pretty self centered and lazy, from a historical perspective.

BIllowing Ember Aug 31 2020
Really wanted to like this podcast, I tried twice to listen to it but the host spends the first half of the first episode being so ableist it was unbearable to listen to. There is so much worth critiquing about JFK but she emphasized him being ill as if it were some deep character flaw. The reason people don't disclose their illnesses is primarily because of this kind of unbridled ableism. What a terrible way to start podcast.

1uscgwifey Aug 26 2020
😳eye opening. This is such a great podcast I love how engaging Ashley is and how insightful these episodes are. She uses clear facts reported in story telling fashion which made binging this series a breeze. I patiently await the next episode ❤