Newcomers: The Lord of the Rings, with Lauren Lapkus and Nicole Byer

Oct 20 2020 60 mins 4.5k

Sometimes we miss things. For Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus, those things are most every deeply popular sci-fi or fantasy series out there. In Season 1, Nicole and Lauren got a crash course in Star Wars. For Season 2, they’re venturing into The Lord of the Rings. Join Nicole and Lauren as they get to know the ins and outs of elvish, hobbit feet, and some all powerful ring.

4.8 • 12 Ratings

StevieWicks Oct 13 2020
Was a fan of these two ladies individually before this, so not surprising that this was awesome, I only wish I'd learned of it sooner as I'm still catching up, just now about to get to the LotR movies. And because I think they actually do read their reviews- keep up the awesome work!! I'll keep listening if these keep coming out.

Nicole Byer's Bi Sep 26 2020
Did I need another podcast from Nicole Byer? Abso-fucking-lutely. I've never binged a podcast this hard, but I canNOT stop listening to this.

louisianab Sep 22 2020
Im married to a huge Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fan, while I cannot follow the movies at all. The Newcomers podcast is EVERYTHING I want to know about these fandoms and movies, while not actually having to be a fan. Thank you!

paraclete-pizza Sep 06 2020
Lauren and Nicole are both hilarious, and I love the fresh and funny perspective they bring to these (to me) very familiar pop culture properties. Like Mary, I audibly gasped when they said they were coming back to do LotR, and I've been really enjoying those episodes.

Djdogmanfish Aug 04 2020
Lauren and Nicole are funny and charming, but all their charms and wit last only so long. I don't mind that they misspell character names, or that they don't like certain movies in the franchise, that's their right. My problem is they say they hate or don't understand something and then nonchalantly admit they were on their phones the whole time or not paying attention. It's so obvious you're not trying

Spamsolo Jul 20 2020
This podcast is so fun and light. Hearing these two hilarious women explain Star Wars from their POV is so refreshing, it breathes new life into what can be a toxic Fandom. They get to the heart of the universe while lovingly mocking it. I can't wait for season 2!

BananaBeth Jun 14 2020
I'm in the middle of the Rogue One episode and I had to pause and take a break, because I was laughing so hard I almost threw up. I would love a copy of Nicole's Pronunciation Guide to Star Wars. These ladies are absolutely hysterical. Their incredible journey from obstinate indifference to trivia nerds is infinitely more compelling than Hayden Christensen's emotionally-wooden journey from Jake Lloyd to chewed bubble gum head.

WookieMonster Jun 06 2020
Super fun listening to these two learning to love Star Wars.

jdubya Jun 04 2020
Absolutely hilarious take on lots of star Wars content. I would like more fanfic from Lauren and Nicole.

JDAX311 May 07 2020
Amusing, sexualized Star Wars fan fiction read by the hosts and guest. Pretty funny

timbasco sauce May 04 2020
Absolutely awesome podcast. I love both these gals from their various other programs and appearances. I enjoy star wars and they hit the nail on the head for what's to like and what not to.

Vim Apr 15 2020
Absolutely FUN! As soon as i see a new episode, I watch the movie reviewed and then enjoy the comic banter. Would love to know beforehand what movie is coming up though. Also, after finishing Star Wars, i hope there will be other franchises they binge! For example "Newcomers: Scream" (i havent seen those movies but i wanna) or "Newcomers: Harry Potter"? Idk but would love for this show to continue FOREVER!!