Battleground with David Plouffe & Steve Schmidt

Jan 11 2021 38 mins 1.3k

David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt are friends, former rivals and two of the top strategic minds in America. They understand American politics better than almost anyone because, when they were running presidential campaigns, they had to make momentous decisions almost every single day. In Battleground, they'll draw on 50+ years of combined experience inside campaigns and in government to break down how the Democrats and Republicans are fighting for votes. They’ll dissect the opposing parties’ game plans to explain exactly what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and why it is – or isn't – working.

4.2 • 6 Ratings

jhoppy77 Nov 18 2020

Alan J McKenna Oct 26 2020
Great stuff. Support from Ireland.

Stable Genius Oct 25 2020
Two great analysts breaking down the upcoming election

KoosBrits Oct 22 2020
I loved every minute!

RobinK Oct 05 2020
Two experts from the centre-left and centre-right nerding about battleground states, plus competent guests from these states. Excellent podcast, highly recommended.

Doug Gilbert Sep 14 2020
This is a useful conversation, but I hope the producers will reconsider the idea of a soundtrack behind it.