Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

Oct 22 2020 34 mins 1.3k

For the past 6 years, someone — or some group — has been terrorizing a certain class of Hollywood workers. Strivers — day players and physical trainers and make-up artists and security guards — receive a phone call or email offering the job of a lifetime. A key role on a major film, or TV show. This offer comes from a powerful woman — one of the biggest producers or studio executives in the industry. All these strivers have to do is get on a plane, for Jakarta, immediately. But when they land, there is no producer. There is no movie. It’s all a fraud. This is the incredible true story of one the longest and strangest cons in history. Tag along as two long-time journalists untangle the story of the Hollywood Con Queen scam, and embark upon an obsessive quest to figure out who’s behind it.

5 • 2 Ratings

ideagirl Oct 04 2020
Intriguing and horrifying true story. I wish I didn't have to wait a week for the next episode!

Katpen Penkat Oct 03 2020
I don't normally rate podcasts after just two episodes but OMG. The story has me riveted and I'm kinda wishing I'd waited to start it until there were tons of episodes already released, because waiting a week between episodes is going to be torture. Very well written, narration offers just the right amount of background info. Stomach still in knots re Heather's story. Unless this podcast goes downhill fast (which seems unlikely enough that I'm willing to rate after just two eps), it's 5 stars