The Megyn Kelly Show

Oct 26 2020 59 mins 1.7k

The Megyn Kelly Show is your home for open, honest and illuminating conversations with the most interesting and important political, legal and cultural figures today. No BS. No agenda. And no fear.

5 • 13 Ratings

Dani B Oct 22 2020
I've loved Megyn Kelly since I watched her at Fox during the last election. I'm so glad to see her back in action. She asks the tough questions with no apologies. She's helping to redefine feminism from the very toxic scenario it has become. I look forward to each new episode and I value her take on politics greatly.

lavenderjdb Oct 20 2020
I absolutely love the hard hitting questions done in an amazing thoughtful and kind way. This is real and powerful. As a new fan of Megyn Kelly, I look forward to hearing more from her.

The Cruzer Oct 19 2020
Possibly one of the greatest lineups ever. If I had to choose a top 10 of controversial, interesting, compelling people and subjects. Everyone of Megyns guest/subjects would be on that list. Megyns, ability to be strong never back down ask challenging questions is unparalleled. If your interested in a fluff interview watch ET. Megyn, has begun a new pop culture phenomenon. Binge Listening!!! Cruzer

MLJ 47 Oct 12 2020
Excellent interview with one of the most intelligent and balanced thinker out there.

z3o Oct 12 2020
Wow you're awesome Megyn. This was a riveting interview. Love your demeanor in not accepting BS and I see fairness in your treatment of your guests. I don't always agree with what you say but not many others I've seen or heard recently call it like they see it (instead of pander to one side or the other). Reminds me of what journalism was supposed to be when I studied it. Bravo! Best to you always.

johnpadilla Oct 09 2020
Wonderful to hear you again. They podcast format fits you very well. Great conversations with thought provoking guests. Best stuff I've heard in a long time. Adults having meaningful discussions. I remember Firing Line with Bill Buckley reminds me of that format . I personally won't miss an episode. Best of luck.

mamamerph Oct 09 2020
If only such candid talk was available everywhere.

jdub Oct 06 2020
Megyn is back, and does a great job doing interviews and making great commentary. Definitely more political commentary than news. The podcast has high production quality really enjoying the show so far.

jbolton04 Oct 02 2020
Great intelligent discussions. Love having Megyn on a platform I can get to.

DodgerFanJeff Oct 01 2020
Awesome podcast!! Really missed hearing her updates on Fox. Clear concise analysis is rare these days.

mjstonecipher74 Sep 29 2020
Listened to her on rubin report liked her reporting before it is just as good as if not better now.

curt922 Sep 28 2020
Great show. Megyn tells it like it is without the spin of cable tv news.

Swearus Sep 28 2020
A new refreshing take on today's world.