The Tom Green Interview

Sep 24 2020 200

Tom Green is bringing his groundbreaking and innovative interviews to you, via a brand new podcast from the back of a state-of-the-art van, as he zig-zags his way across America. A long-time broadcaster and podcaster, Tom has decided to take the show on-the-road in his enlightening, informative, and often funny, in-depth show.

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Paterwabe Sep 25 2020
It's hard to express how much I appreciate everything Tom Green did in his life. He basically reinvented media. So I really hope he sticks with this podcast and I hope this podcast sticks with the public. We're now one episode in and I think we can expect new things from Tom, as he always finds a way to innovate. Like he did on MTV and later with Webovision. Let's go on the journey with Tom Green and let him lead us to a place full of positive craziness. Put your bums on that subscribe button!