The Lost Mountain Saga

Oct 22 2020 44 mins 561

There's something rotten in the state of Falun, Sweden. Crops are dying, dark creatures attack at night and eery, unsettling whimpers seem to spawn from the town's church. Three friends, all who are blessed with The Sight, an ability to see and sense the Vaesen - mysterious and ancient creatures of the North - decide to investigate the matter, but little do they know that there are far darker secrets waiting to be uncovered.

5 • 11 Ratings

Ekzekeal Oct 20 2020
A great story, with the perfect mix of comedy and horror. Anne Sydney and Elli work so great together. Can't wait for more to come out

YakFaceKillah Oct 19 2020
Great story telling with a superb cast! A fascinating world that I can't wait to explore with my ears! Thank you Ellinor, Sydney and Anne for kicking so much audio ass!

LordPodcast Oct 17 2020
Love the table top game and the role playing is top notch. Come for the tits stay for the talent.

wbk501 Oct 15 2020
Great so far. Can't wait see where this goes. Elli is a great GM and Syd and Ann are great PCs and play off each other well.

Allerseelen Oct 13 2020
Ellinor, Sydney, and Anne crush it in this new Scandinavian gothic horror actual play! Feels like Stephen Sondheim's show A Little Night Music had a love child with the Brothers Grimm, Troll Hunter, and the TV series Taboo. Can't wait to hear more!

iammetaluna Oct 09 2020
Great podcast. I love the dynamic of Elli, Anne and Sydney. This episode introduced the characters and you can tell they are well thought out and going to have a great "rivalry".

ihilate Oct 09 2020
Fantastic. I like actual plays that both tell a good story and sound like people are actually enjoying playing the game, and this podcast definitely does both.

Gimptastic matt Oct 09 2020
Fantastic podcast, very funny, Eli IS amazing

tinycatsamurai Oct 08 2020
Was happy to hear Elli again. So far we have a great mood being set by the cast with lots of chuckles and an intriguing setting. Looking forward to more episodes!

t00manygoats Oct 08 2020
Super fun and I can't wait for more.

J4k0b42 Oct 08 2020
Very fun so far.