Clean Beauty Scene

Oct 20 2020 22 mins

The green movement is growing. Women are realizing that toxins harm their health and the planet but misleading information makes it overwhelming and confusing. Join me, Kelly Bonanno, Eco Wellness Coach, each week as I help you clear the confusion and bring you the latest tips, trends, and advice to help you green your beauty routine without giving up glamour or going eco freako. Clean beauty, wellness and intermittent fasting for the real world with exclusive interviews with industry leaders, inspiring trendsetters and experts sharing skincare secrets, wellness methods and recommendations.

10. Mental Health And Coping In The Face Of Uncertainty During The Pandemic And Any Challenging Time With Integrative Health Coach, Lori Kearney
Oct 20 2020 49 mins  
2020 has been intensely stressful for many people. This episode is all about healthy methods, habits and strategies to help you cope and become more resilient. Integrative Health Coach and Wellness Educator Lori Kearney gives us very helpful advice and practical tips that you can implement right away to help you cultivate a resilient mind-body. Lori shares how to cope during the health and economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These tips will also help you during any time in your life when you are dealing with adversity, transition or simply having a tough day. What you’ll glean from this episode will also help you deal with challenges that may arise during the upcoming holiday season. Lori goes deep, I know you will find this episode extremely beneficial. We know that stress can wreak havoc on our health as environmental toxins do. In fact, stress is considered a toxin according to environmental science. The mind-body connection is extremely powerful. Stress is the primary cause of disease and aging. Learning and implementing strategies to deal with stress, anxiety and adversity plays a huge role in your overall health and longevity.  As Lori points out, resilience is something that can be taught, it is possible to grow our emotional intelligence. Vibrant Life Method Group Program: Free 30-minute breakthrough session with Lori Kearney:  Workshops Done with Lori Kearney: 1:1 wellness coaching sessions with Kelly:

9. What Are Xenoestrogens, How Do They Increase Your Risk Of Breast Cancer And How Do You Avoid Them? (And - Don't Get Pinkwashed)
Oct 13 2020 23 mins  
Breast cancer awareness is important but prevention is the key. Xenoestrogens are toxins commonly found in conventional beauty and personal care products as well as many other items. They mess with hormone balance and increase your risk of not only breast and other cancers but also obesity, infertility, diabetes, miscarriage and more. Discover why they are harmful, how they increase your risk of breast cancer by creating estrogen dominance, and more importantly how to avoid them. We dive into tips to help you reduce your risk of having a breast cancer diagnosis as we put the focus on illness prevention and healthy, fun living. I also illuminate a deceitful little practice known as Pinkwashing that you don’t want to fall for.     Links and resources mentioned:   Vibrant Life Group Program:    1:1 wellness coaching sessions with Kelly:  Breast Cancer Prevention Partners Breast Cancer Freebies More on Xenoestrogens and tips to reduce breast cancer risk:  Episode 4. Clean Beauty Products That Work:   

8. How To Decipher Food Labels To Detox Your Body And Lose Weight: Which ingredients And Additives Are Harmful And How Do We Avoid Them? With Holistic Health & Life Coach Brianna Wilkerson
Oct 06 2020 24 mins  
Do you wander grocery store aisles trying to choose healthy options but find yourself confused by food labels filled with hard to pronounce ingredients you've never heard of? It's tough to know which ingredients are truly healthy and which have that false ‘healthy halo’. Food labeling regulations are complicated. Sugar, for example, goes by several different names.  Sugar, along with many other ingredients and additives can cause premature aging and skin issues that do no favors for your beauty routine. What you put in your body will show up on your skin. What shows up on your skin is often a result of what's going on inside and what you’re putting in your body. It all goes hand-in-hand it all goes hand-in-hand. Beauty from the inside out.  Just as it is with conventional beauty and personal care product labels, food labels can be confusing and manufacturers are often dishonest and mislead consumers intentionally. Claims made on the front of the package do not always reflect what the ingredients reveal. Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach, Brianna Wilkerson shares tips on how to read food labels and decipher which ingredients and additives are harmful and how to avoid them to help detox your system and release unwanted weight. FREE Masterclass: 3 Surprising Secrets To Lose Weight & Keep It Off Without Counting Calories or Reducing Portions: Brianna’s free Whole30 40 day e-Course: Healthy Eating + Happy Living Summit: Sustainable Weight Loss Podcast Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss Community Facebook Group: Fooducate app:

4. Clean Beauty Products That Work - Sharing Some Of My Favorites To Help You Kick-start Your Clean Beauty Routine
Sep 08 2020 19 mins  
One of the questions I’m asked most often is what clean beauty products should I use? There are many options, it's not always easy to know what lines are best. In this episode, I share some of my favorite clean beauty products from various categories to help you kick-start your green beauty routine and make the transition easier. Whether you're just starting out or further along in your green journey, these are high quality items at all price points. Links mentioned:  *FREE Masterclass* Introduction To Intermittent Fasting: Lose weight & keep it off, even if you're over 40:    Savvy Girl’s Organic World Facebook Group:  The Savvy Girl's Top 12 Toxins To Avoid In Beauty & Personal Care: 100% Pure Juice Beauty Indee Lee Andalou Naturals Odacite  Mad Hippie Honest Beauty Jane Iredale Schmidts  Pure Haven   Lauren B. Beauty use code kellyb20 for 20% off   Zoya More Clean Beauty Recommendations:

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