Dec 25 2020 33 mins 2.2k

Resistance is a show about refusing to accept things as they are. Stories from the front lines of the movement for Black lives, told by the generation fighting for change. Hosted by Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr.

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m.stroet Jan 09 2021
I just binged the first 8 episodes, loved them all. This series artfully blends the personal with a series of raw and authentic voices.

yeardley Dec 21 2020
Same ole, same ole. This country is terrible. Blacks have it so bad. Whites are awful. If only people would listen to their great ideas

Skiddybop Dec 14 2020

Happy Nerd Oct 27 2020
I have had a hard time hearing the hope in a lot of protests messaging. After hearing this I feel a lot better about this moment in time.