Learning How to See with Brian McLaren, Jacqui Lewis and Richard Rohr

Oct 26 2020 30 mins 111

How do we transform and transcend our biases? From judgments made unconsciously to complacency in systemic evil, we must learn how to see if we are to learn how to transform. Center for Action and Contemplation faculty members Brian McLaren and Richard Rohr join Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis Ph.D. of New York’s Middle Church for this special six-episode podcast series Learning How to See. Listen as these three powerful public theologians discuss how seeing is social, political, and contemplative.

3: Seeing is Political
Oct 19 2020 38 mins  
On this episode of Learning How to See, Brian, Jacqui, and Richard talk about the next three biases that look at the social-political dimensions of seeing: Conservative/Liberal bias: Conservatives and Liberals see the world differently. Liberals see through a “nurturing parent” window, and Conservatives see through a “strict father” window. Liberals value moral arguments based on justice and compassion; conservatives also place a high value on arguments based on purity, loyalty, authority, and tradition. Our brains like to see as our party sees, and we flock with those who see as we do. Consciousness bias: A person’s level of consciousness makes seeing some things possible and others impossible. Our brains see from a location. Competency bias: We are incompetent at knowing how incompetent or competent we are, so we may see less or more than we think. Our brains prefer to think of ourselves as above average. Resources: The transcript for this episode. Brian's e-book: Why Don't They Get It? Connect with us: We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or feedback. Send us an email at [email protected] Center for Action and Contemplation: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Brian McLaren: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Rev. Jacqui Lewis PhD: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Richard Rohr: Twitter | Sign up for his Daily Meditations here This podcast is made possible, thanks to the generosity of our donors. If you would love to support the ongoing work of the Center for Action and Contemplation and the continued work of our podcasts, you can donate at cac.org/podcastsupport Thank you!

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