The Pleasure Is Ours

Oct 22 2020 31 mins 85

We’ve all been led astray by bad advice — whether from a misguided parent, an ignorant mentor, or common misconceptions gossiped in high school hallways. Thankfully, The Pleasure Is Ours, the new comedic podcast from Trojan and iHeartMedia, is here to blow up the worst life tips. In each episode, host CODY KO invites a special guest on board to act as the older brothers (or sister) you never had, picking apart the dumbest notions that a young man or woman might be exposed to as they come of age, with topics ranging from work, to sex, to entertainment, to social media. And even if their countering advice is of no actual help, their biting analysis is undeniably funny as hell.

5 • 1 Ratings

BlizzardFenix Oct 24 2020
Good podcast. It feels a bit overproduced, but I like the premise and I like Cody from all his other stuff